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The way I found you by Seana_memories
The way I found youby Lia
Taking care of Sean's children was meant to be a simple favor from Lana, but turned quickly into much more, after Sean's life took an unexpected turn. __________________...
The way I love you by Seana_memories
The way I love youby Lia
After Lana and Sean's life got turned upside down, they finally managed to settle as a newly formed family, learning how to enjoy life together even with all the strugg...
Lana Parrilla is my mom! (I never thought i'd find you) by lana_parrillastories
Lana Parrilla is my mom! (I Lana_parrillastories
This story is about a girl named Lily. She's 14 years old and lives with her adoptive parents and her little brother. She doesn't know she's adopted until she finds her...
Lana Parrilla's daughter?! by lparrillax
Lana Parrilla's daughter?!by lparrilla.xx
Allison is a 15 year old girl and finds out that Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire are her parents. How will her life be with her real parents back in her life?
Teasing//Outlawqueen by lanasparilla
Teasing//Outlawqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills is the assistant of Robin Locksley at 'Locksley industries'. She thinks she'll have a great time there-until she actually meets her boss. How will her life...
Life's a bumpy road by oncer2523
Life's a bumpy roadby oncer2523
What if Lana was married to Sean? Jared was an orphan? Read as they all become one family. Best ranked (ouat wise): #seana number 1 #outlawqueen number 1
Seana Oneshots by seanasthief
Seana Oneshotsby seanasthief
the title says it all! this'll be a collection of seana oneshots. feel free to leave some prompts and feedback, I'd really appreciate it! || seana fanfiction
never leave me ~ miniminter {1}  by YouTubeGirl7
never leave me ~ miniminter {1} by YouTubeGirl7
Danielle Jones has been best friends with Simon minter since the second grade when she moved from America to England. Even through the worst of times, they're always the...
The way I made you my wife  by Seana_memories
The way I made you my wife by Lia
After 20 years of marriage, Sean and Lana's children prepared a special present for their parents which sent all of them on a roller-coaster of emotions.
Innocent or guilty for stealing my heart? #Wattys2016 by ShayLynnCarverLohnes
Innocent or guilty for stealing Shay
Regina Mills - A suspect for murdering her husband Robin Locksley - A lawyer and detective from New York Robin is in town looking for Regina to take her to New York wit...
VENUS [ON GOING]  by nuerawq
VENUS [ON GOING] by dhydis💗
Setelah kematian sang Mama, hidup Seana hancur, hidupnya tidak berwarna lagi. Hari hari yang dilalui nya pun terasa hampa. Selama ini hanya Mama nya yang selalu ada untu...
Me and you against the world; by babymaguire
Me and you against the world;by giulia
One-shot about Seana; They have just confessed their love...
It Just Happened by Just_Obsessed1
It Just Happenedby Just_Obsessed1
After every season the cast and crew of Once Upon A Time throw a party to celebrate. At the end of season 5, Lana Parrilla leaves early and Sean Maguire is quick to foll...
Unexpected by _jlover13_
Unexpectedby 💕 Bella 💕
What if... Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire dated back when they were 20 and broke up but Lana was left with an unexpected surprise. Find out what happens 15 years later w...
•Rebirth• by lanatheregall
•Rebirth•by lanatheregal
And during a difficult period, an angel comes to mend every wound
Seana <3 by whosThatFF
Seana <3by whosThatFF
Two actors with amazing chemistry and secrets.
Let's Fall In Love [Sean & Lana] by LanaParrillaEQ
Let's Fall In Love [Sean & Lana]by LanaParrillaEQ
Sean e Lana si incontrano sul set di 'Once Upon A Time' ma ancora non sanno che cosa il tempo ha in serbo per loro.
Seana One Shots by MoxieLuver17
Seana One Shotsby Hannah
After talking with some fellow Seana shippers, I decided to start writing one shots of Sean and Lana every once in awhile. First one: what I envision happened on the pla...
Forbidden Love by Sugar_Honey_Lemon
Forbidden Loveby 🌸IM CREATIVE BOI🌸
They always have said "There's no way! You can't love her! It's impossible!" Well, guess what? It's possible.
Outlaw queen one shots  by lanaparrillamylove
Outlaw queen one shots by lanaparrillamylove
Here are some one shots of my favorite ship from ouat outlaw queen. I hope you all like it.