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Deep Blue Love by CandyTheDragon
Deep Blue Loveby SheepDragon /Candy the Dragon
Love is a force that can fix everything to someone......But that's not what this tale is about. This is where Love is the force that shatters you, makes you into somethi...
  • horror
  • seamonster
  • suspense
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Capiche by Abigail-Lynn0
Capicheby Abigail Lynn
For twenty-four years, Joss lived with her family in the small country of Madagascar. In fact, she had her whole life planned out before her. She was going to marry the...
  • monsters
  • romance
  • thriller
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Subnautica: The Reaper [Fanfic] by Greywolf_WoF
Subnautica: The Reaper [Fanfic]by greywolf
[Major Spoilers] After the Aurora crashed on Planet 4546B, an SOS was broadcast to Alterra Co. Although initially, a rescue mission was not sent, Alterra later sent the...
  • aliens
  • seamonster
  • fanfiction
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The Daring Adventures of Darwin and Cecile by krazydiamond
The Daring Adventures of Darwin Kristin Jacques
***Winner of @JessicaBFry's Fantasy Writing Competition: Terrifying Creatures of the Deep*** ***Winner of The Under the Sea Writing Contest @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCh...
  • steampunk
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • undertheseawritingcontest2015
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Loch Ness Monster Explained by TonyHarmsworth
Loch Ness Monster Explainedby Tony Harmsworth
Have you ever wondered whether or not there was some truth in the stories of monsters in Loch Ness? Here are all of the answers. Loch Ness Monster Explained & Loch Ness...
  • lochnessmonster
  • highlandsofscotland
  • nessmonster
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The Sleek Skin of the Leviathan by Di_Rossi
The Sleek Skin of the Leviathanby Berengaria di Rossi
Holland, 1730. A young boy haunted by nightmares is captivated by the drawing of a Leviathan on his uncle's sea chest. But when the Leviathan begins to invade the boy's...
  • versenovel
  • nightmare
  • octopus
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Night Swimming by thewileymancan
Night Swimmingby Steve Wiley
Short, nostalgic, fantastical tale of night swimming.
  • siren
  • mermaid
  • night
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Mervellous Creatures by talesofthedeep
Mervellous Creaturesby Tales of the Deep
In these pages you will find the most treasured secrets that's been hiding under the sea for centuries now. Are you ready to dive right into the world of monsters, merma...
  • ocean
  • fables
  • nymph
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YACUMAMA | fdtd by richiegeckos
YACUMAMA | fdtdby R Y L E E
  • mexican
  • jacobfuller
  • carlosmadrigal
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Dark Seas (ON HOLD) by AmyMarieZ
Dark Seas (ON HOLD)by Amy Marie Z
Leigh and Dakota are spending their summer sea-term on board the Jupiter Seas, a containership on route between California and Hawaii. At first, the girls are ecstatic w...
  • sci-fi
  • monsters
  • creepy
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Depths by EchoeOtto
Depthsby Echoe Otto
[Sci-Fi Short | Complete] "Down here, life was scarce, and the creatures outside her bunker grew larger, lonelier, and hungrier." A girl faces the darkness o...
  • escape
  • depression
  • underwater
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Mysteria  by _oh_hey_its_jessica_
Mysteria by _oh_hey_its_jessica_
It's strange. It's happy. It's sad. It's complicated. Three friends all of different species are enjoying their life. Their not supposed to even know each other it had...
  • mysterious
  • seaside
  • creaturesofthenight
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Afraid of the Water? by EternalNova
Afraid of the Water?by EternalNova
He's there. I know he is. Lurking in the deepest, darkest of water...Always following, His deep cerulean and blue orbs glaring through the shadowy waters. I whimpered...
  • merman
  • mystery
  • ocean
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TWISTS AND TURNS by Masquerade
#105 in Fantasy #591 in Romance Winner for the Awkward Press Statement by @sport 1.What happens when you enter into a forbidden relationship? Can lawyer David Anderso...
  • lawyer
  • temptinghades
  • prison
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The Savage Blue (Book 2) by ZoraidaCordova
The Savage Blue (Book 2)by Zoraida Córdova
A storm is coming... The ocean is a vicious place. Deeper and darker than Tristan could have imagined. Beneath its calm blue surface, an ancient battle is churning —and...
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • mermaids
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Gorgeous Monster by ParadoxLightYears
Gorgeous Monsterby ParadoxLightYears
Gorgeous Monster Yes, I wanted to discover more different living forms beneath the sea, because that’s my dad's dream. My scientist dad will be proud of me if I bring h...
  • seamonster
  • vulgaris
  • scienceinvention
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Half-breeds by franiecraze
Half-breedsby Inconsistency
Half breeds are dangerous, when several join together they are capable of destroying entire kingdoms, their ability to morph into a human somehow enhances their reflexes...
  • connor
  • troyesivan
  • seamonster
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Age of kaiju: a pacific rim based story by GriffinDog_writing
Age of kaiju: a pacific rim Griffin Dog
In the year 2045, some strange weather patterns start happening. A dragon named Shiro Takahashi knows what's really happening. He and his friends must stop the kaiju fr...
  • jeager
  • robots
  • monster
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For Here There Be Monsters by jesswesleybooks
For Here There Be Monstersby Jess Wesley
When Nan finds a boy washed up on the rocks, she discovers there are monsters not only in the deep but among us. This is my entry for the National Geographic #PlanetOrPl...
  • shortstory
  • ocean
  • seamonster
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Beneath the Surface by GoldsteinReach
Beneath the Surfaceby CosmicRain
Max is dragged by family go up to the lake, even after hearing news about the kidnappings that have happened there.
  • mystery
  • lake
  • summer
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