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the Rise Of the Demon King Izuku by Blaze_nagashi
the Rise Of the Demon King Izukuby Blaze_nagashi
Izuku yagi has been neglected and abused by his family and friends. He is powerless in this world and goes into a forest until he is meets with someone who will change h...
son of sins by Yeetedsweater
son of sinsby Yeetedsweater
A BNHA and seven deadly sins crossover . Izuku is found and raised by the sins. Follow the story of izuku midoriya as he journeys to become a hero. (I don't own bnha or...
The Family of Commandments by Remene_
The Family of Commandmentsby Mop
Izuku was a child born into the Midoriya household. Each sibling born in the exact same day, it wasn't just one or two, it was a total of Ten children. Watch as Izuku an...
The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midorya by ThatBlackMan
The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midoryaby Squigga Squiduington Negro Th...
In a world where only females have quirks and men are disregarded as weak and useless only meant for breeding two twins are born but one is left the die by there family...
|| The Executioners Sin || SDS & BNHA  || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| The Executioners Sin || SDS & Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
*I don't own Seven Deadly Sins, or Izuku Midoriya from Boku No Hero Academia. This is like a cross over. These are two of my favorite Animes so in this book they take pl...
A Whole Other World by aceofcloveres
A Whole Other Worldby horny ass bitch
A young, quirkless boy runs through a strange portal while running away from some bullies. He meets a boy named Meliodas who turned out to be the king of... wherever he...