The Approval  by Ocktober_Sky
The Approval by Eponinè
Even after everything Kazuto, better known as Kirito has done for Asuna her parents still don't approve of him. What will it it take to win her parents trust? And what...
  • fanfiction
  • fancic
  • kirito
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Villains among Heroes by CobaltTheSeaWing01
Villains among Heroesby Cobalt The SeaWing
Spare doesn't remember anything about the first 16 years of her life. She doesn't even know her name. She woke up one day to find herself with bird wings and a tail that...
  • awesome
  • dc
  • sparrow
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Together by the0fandom0addict
Togetherby Dusky Dawn
-Your not'll never be friends. You'll be in love until it kills you both- -Glory and Gore go hand in hand- Lucas and Adelina have many things in common, de...
  • love
  • good
  • rebel
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Where's Earth? by Stoiwarmoore
Where's Earth?by Stoiwarmoore
This is no regular apocalyptic, end of the world, something takes over Earth, plague, nonsense. This is my story. I'm Sade. ••• This is what happens when the world pop...
  • mystery
  • futuristic
  • newperspective
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Letters To The Sky by clearskyes
Letters To The Skyby clearskyes
In a future where more than half of our planet's population is killed by a mysterious disease, and our lack of natural resources has deemed Earth unsuitable to live - Ca...
  • scyfi
  • teenfiction
  • love
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Interstellar Travels by dravenmartinez
Interstellar Travelsby -D R A V E N-
Follow Astral and his copilot Artemis in their travels across the universe in search for alien life and habitable planets. All art used from Pinterest. See bio for inqui...
  • scyfi
  • action
  • action-romance
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