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Scalia Au {completed} by minahyun95
Scalia Au {completed}by Hyun Mina
A alternate universe where the teen wolf cast are normal teenagers. Scott is the king of high school along side his best friends Lydia and Jackson. Lydia has always had...
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Teen Wolf One-Shots by MissySaysHi
Teen Wolf One-Shotsby Killer Cupcakes
(Mainly/All boyXboy) The tittle explains enough!
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I Love Him But I Can't (Scallison) by lexim325
I Love Him But I Can't (Scallison)by Lexi M.
Allison Argent is new to Beacon Hills. She comes from a normal family, or at least as normal as a family can be when they sell firearms to the law enforcement. Quickly b...
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Stydia One Shots  by lybiamartin
Stydia One Shots by maddy
just some cute one shots of the one and only lydia martin and stiles stilinski -i do not own any of these characters, all credit to the creators of teen wolf
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•~Teen Wolf Oneshots~• by xholllandx
•~Teen Wolf Oneshots~•by xholllandx
This book is purely Teen Wolf Oneshots. Just a bunch of my favourite ships, some chapters angsty and other fluffy. Includes a lot of BxB and I can't promise there won't...
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Pretty Little Teens by StallisonOTP
Pretty Little Teensby StallisonOTP
Someday (Scydia One-Shot) by Scottslydia
Someday (Scydia One-Shot)by Scottslydia
Lydia has had feelings for Scott for quite some time the only problem.. he's dating Kira.
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Letters {Scydia} by petrovasangel
Letters {Scydia}by Petrovasangel
Dear Scott, I see you with her in the halls. The look you give her, I can't explain how much I wish it was me. I've always wanted it to be me. Why can't it be me? -L...
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I know it's always been you by teenxbanshee
I know it's always been youby Stydiasdawn
A few weeks after Scott and Allison break up she gets together with Isaac. A new girl called Lydia joins the school and Scott has a crush on her but she seems interested...
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The Most Beautiful Girl (Scydia One- Shot) by Scottslydia
The Most Beautiful Girl (Scydia Scottslydia
Lydia was driving up to Beacon Hills.. it was a typical summer for her, at least that's what she thought.
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 TEEN WOLF (Scydia) by luv_gmw
TEEN WOLF (Scydia)by Alexis Hart
This is Scallison and Stydia book at the beginning but then it slowly turns into a Scydia book. Lydia gets pregnant with Stiles, right before he died in her arms and s...
Scydia- In another World ( One shot) by 1D_5SOS_TW_TVD
Scydia- In another World ( One 1D_5SOS_TW_TVD
What happens if Scott never dates Allison? What if stiles was never in love with Lydia... What if Lydia and Scott have this unbreakable connection
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In Our Heads - teen wolf by stydiaslayings
In Our Heads - teen wolfby "I'm something!"
seven years. seven years since they found Alison alive. seven years since stiles left. seven years since they last saw Kira. seven years since high school. seven years p...
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Tremors (Teen Wolf Au) by dargentate
Tremors (Teen Wolf Au)by dargentate
"Malia, you don't have to tell me but, what happened that day? With your friends?" Asked Theo sincerely. "We got in a huge fight, I don't even remember w...
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We Might Fall by ezrias
We Might Fallby Kai
"They came together at a time of desperation and sorrow; both searching for the same answer as to why the person they loved most was now gone. It's Scott and Lydia'...
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Unexpected Love by _LibraLife06
Unexpected Loveby _LibraLife06
Scott and Lydia find themselves falling for each other after Allison's death, Kira's departure and Stiles' new relationship.
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and all i need is next to me by aliensamba
and all i need is next to meby devon380black
"Just follow my lead." Scott smiles and nods enthusiastically. He doesn't say it, but it's nice to not be in charge for once.
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Dylan Finstock | Coach's Daughter | Stiles Stilinski by MissySaysHi
Dylan Finstock | Coach's Killer Cupcakes
Dylan Finstock has been the third wheel to Scott and Stiles since kindergarten. She's always had the biggest crush on Stiles, who's obsessed with Lydia. A few weeks afte...
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Teen Wolf One Shots by ThatOneBoyNicholas
Teen Wolf One Shotsby ;p
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