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Leather Jacket [Rosa Diaz] by NoiceParker
Leather Jacket [Rosa Diaz]by .。.:*☆
Detective Y/N Y/L/N, a talented and adventurous cop with the best abilities, has been away from the Nine-Nine working undercover. Now being back Rosa Diaz, a girl with n...
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incorrect brooklyn nine-nine quotes  by byers-99
incorrect brooklyn nine-nine k
yeah so i've seen these incorrect quote books going around so i'm gonna do one. also i got most of these off of incorrectquotesideas on tumblr!
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Pray With Me by AnaBastow
Pray With Meby Ana Bastow
This is a fill-in-the-blanks fic. It starts with the moment I think Scully starts to think about motherhood again. I placed that happening after Milagro for reasons you...
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Lovehearts|Jake Peralta|b99 by mrselizaschuyler
Lovehearts|Jake Peralta|b99by Mia Miranda
"I hate you Peralta!" "I love you Martinez!"
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THE SPY KIDS PROGRAM. ── brooklyn nine-nine by voidboris
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xFiles fanfiction, highschool Sculder // Look Scully... by IllBeBackSoon
xFiles fanfiction, highschool TheVanillaEffect
Sculder fanfic , a cute and romantic story of Scully And Mulder's adventures in highschool! I do not own the characters Fox Mulder or Dana Scully, they belong to Chris...
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Jake peralta X reader oneshots by danielleH2005
Jake peralta X reader oneshotsby danielleH2005
Jake peralta X reader one shots Based on seasons 1-5 Copy right I don't own anything
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Jake Peralta One Shots {English} by AndySambergx
Jake Peralta One Shots {English}by Lisanne
One chapter stories about the funniest and cutest man alive. Cool cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt, no doubt.
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Left Alone {The X Files} by PsyberPsych
Left Alone {The X Files}by Ashlyn E. Reed
After Lindsey was found in the woods two days after being abducted, after she finds out her parents were killed, after she turns into a sweet girl who loses all her feel...
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Single Word Prompts (X-Files) by ufobby
Single Word Prompts (X-Files)by An.
So there's a writing challenge: for every chapter you have to write it based around one word. The chapters to come: 22. Children 23. Thunder 24. Dinner ...
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Brooklyn Nine Nine One Shots by Rebel0316
Brooklyn Nine Nine One Shotsby Rebel0316
Title says all. I don't own anything...
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If X-Files was a Chatroom  by IWantToBelieve_x
If X-Files was a Chatroom by Charley Taylor 🍁
Ever wondered what text conversations would be like between Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krycek, Spender, and everyone else? Well here's your window to the X-File's digital...
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Ocean Eyes ► Rosa Diaz [HIATUS] by peachiejm
Ocean Eyes ► Rosa Diaz [HIATUS]by . ♡
"show me your world, buttercup." "i swear if you call me that ever again, i'll make sure those ocean eyes won't see anymore." in which a flirtatious...
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The X-files: reunited by Lilly_Brownie
The X-files: reunitedby Brilliant_Brown22
Mulder and scully have got on with their normal lives, not a mystery or abnormal activity in sight. Until Scully kept seeing things about her daughter Emily that died ye...
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differences | rosa diaz by MegpoidGumiBear
differences | rosa diazby Meggy
despite all differences, two women are brought together by a violent crime. brooklyn 99 rosa diaz x ofc
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Rosa Diaz Imagines by itsmenormally
Rosa Diaz Imaginesby itsmenormally
Some random Rosa one shots. GxG
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the adventures of spooky and starbuck by phancifiles
the adventures of spooky and ✨
mulder and scully college au *:・゚✧ Miss Dana Scully decides that this year would be a good one. That means no drama, no annoying siblings and no distractions. Sadly, w...
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Diaz and Valentino by Izabella_petrova
Diaz and Valentinoby Izabella Way
Detective Diaz meets FBI agent Aurora Valentino at a bar and soon enough romance ensues
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Already In Love by jeongsnabong
Already In Loveby t ~
A High school fanfic. Mulder is an alien believer that everyone at school bullies, Scully is a new girl that hangs out with the most popular girls. What happens when the...
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As vague as sand by Amorfatie_
As vague as sandby Amorfatie
Scully is married but not everything is rosy for her. Mulder is a witness to this, at first impotent ... but it will prove invaluable (complete)
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