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Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓ by mikkiandnackk
Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓by kinda here
"Where there is love there is no sin... unless you're in love with Theo Raeken." Entering her senior year alongside the pack, Kendall Argent is reminded exactl...
  • isaaclahey
  • allisonargent
  • theo
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Pup~ Teenwolf by ortizmia34
Pup~ Teenwolfby ortizmia34
Scott McCall finds a pup
  • alison
  • derek
  • scottmccall
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Luna Krasikeva Hale by redqueen216
Luna Krasikeva Haleby redqueen216
What if Paige and Derek had a daughter? Luna Krasikeva Hale. After Paige's death, Derek was heartbroken, he made a promise to her that he'll protect their little Luna...
  • scottmccall
  • teenwolf
  • allisonargent
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• Bullet Proof • by Mimi_Writess
• Bullet Proof •by Mimi
"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" **** She is beautiful. She is kind. She is smart. She cares a lot for others, j...
  • stilesstilinski
  • theoraeken
  • wattys2018
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Bite |Scott McCall| by PIERCCE
Bite |Scott McCall|by PIERCCE
Alaia Pierce is best friends with Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall, but what happens when Scott gets bitten and Alaia finds out she's a kanay. How will they cope with t...
  • stilesstilinski
  • kanay
  • anchor
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The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. M by Lokitty101
The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. Mby Lokitty101
*Editing* Astrid Freydis Mikaelson is an original vampire who moved to Beacon Hills to get away from all her supernatural problems. Little does she know, beacon hills is...
  • crossover
  • scottmccall
  • comedy
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Single Mom - Liam Dunbar by authenticmiya
Single Mom - Liam Dunbarby Imagines❄️
Nadine McCall is a teenage, single mom to her daughter, Aria. She is a hybrid, mixing between a werewolf and a witch. Aria was also part of the supernatural world. Nadin...
  • mom
  • teenwolfimagines
  • teenagers
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Full Moon ― 𝐃. 𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐄 by Coldemortt
Full Moon ― 𝐃. 𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐄by 𝐩𝐞𝐲𝐭𝐨𝐧
Katherine's life gets thrown into a whirlwind after she figures out that her best friends a werewolf. She's pulled into a world that no one believed to ever exist. Add t...
  • tylerhoechlin
  • hunters
  • stilesstilinski
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FallingForYou •Liam Dunbar• by lowkeyahorendale
FallingForYou •Liam Dunbar•by Elizabeth Rose
"Who is that?" Liam asks, pointing to a girl sitting on the bleachers. "That's Isabelle McCall." Mason replied. "I think I'm in love with her...
  • lydiamartin
  • masonhewitt
  • melissamccall
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anchor » scott mccall by purestilinskii
anchor » scott mccallby milena
"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the pe...
  • tyler
  • scottmccall
  • hollandroden
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Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Story by mrsamgreer
Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Storyby Amber Greer
"I'm drawn to you. I don't know why I am but I am. It's like there is this anchor or something pulling me to you. It's like I love you. I'm not supposed to but I th...
  • mccall
  • hale
  • wolf
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Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCall by theprophet-chuck
Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCallby grimmons trash
Sawyer Hale's family burned to death in a fire when she was ten years old. Her uncle, Peter, was the only other survivor - but even that came at a price. Six years late...
  • teenwolf
  • alpha
  • scottmccall
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❝It's time for me to take it, I'm the boss right now, not gonna fake it, Not when you go down.❞ Kareena Fazil, a half Spanish and half Arabian girl that lives in Beacon...
  • scottmccall
  • lydiamartin
  • stilesstilinski
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The McCall Twin  by Musicismylife1238
The McCall Twin by Skyvolt20134
Skylar McCall is twin sister of Scott McCall. Girl Best friend of Stiles Stilinski. She has a secret that not even her twin brother and best friend knows about it. And s...
  • jacksonwhittmore
  • finnmikaelson
  • scottmccall
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Hybrid  by Bee9018
Hybrid by Tribrid ❦
Riley Marshall just moved from New Orleans to Beacon Hills to start over with her mother. Little did she know that she will be entering a world of the supernatural such...
  • stilesstilinski
  • boyd
  • corahale
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From Ashes ✗ Stiles Stilinski [Book One] by anarchxst
From Ashes ✗ Stiles Stilinski [ A. J. Newton
VAM·PIRE SLAY·ER ˈvamˌpī(ə)r slāər noun → a young woman bestowed with powers that originate from the essence of a pure demon, which gives her superhuman senses, streng...
  • btvs
  • dylanobrien
  • stilesstilinski
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salem ➳ l. dunbar by -charmed
salem ➳ l. dunbarby ・゚:* 𝕝 𝕚 𝕒 *:・゚
"That's a wolf pack?" In which a young witch gets herself in bad situations. (season 4) (liam dunbar ☓ fem oc)
  • shellyhennig
  • dylanobrien
  • melissamccall
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OUTLAW.  (liam dunbar) by Exposal
OUTLAW. (liam dunbar)by ❝dumb bitch.❞
❝Bro-❞ ❝Liam, you had your tongue down my throat five minutes ago, don't call me bro.❞ In which Derek Hale's daughter falls in love with a blue eyed beta. (ON HOLD) (...
  • scottmccall
  • stilesstilinski
  • liamdunbar
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Isaac's little brother  by -spideystark
Isaac's little brother by alfie( HIATUS )
"I'm the nicer more adorable version of Isaac." [season 2]
  • mamamccall
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenwolf
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Fangs ⊰ d. hale ᴮᴼᴼᴷ¹ by hellocreation
Fangs ⊰ d. hale ᴮᴼᴼᴷ¹by create me
Sarah Stilinski is only a few years older than her brother, and she's been living far from home for college. That is, until she suddenly returns to Beacon Hills without...
  • stilinski
  • paigekrasikeva
  • derekhale
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