Thousand Years by YoungandChildish
Thousand Yearsby JackFrost
LOTS OF YAOI SEX WARNING there is no Klaus x Stiles fanfuc with sex so i am changing that Klaus and Stiles have been in love for years, but Stiles gets pregnant and runs...
  • klausmikaelson
  • kolmikaelson
  • topklaus
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Love Triangle? (Stalec TMI/TW) by megantxl_
Love Triangle? (Stalec TMI/TW)by fandomsss_
Stiles and Allison are shadowhunters. Izzy is Stiles's parabatai. Everyone knows that Alec's in love with Stiles except, well, Stiles. Allison's dead, Kira doesn't exis...
  • alec
  • stalec
  • scott
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Nouvelle a Beacon Hills by Only_Cindy
Nouvelle a Beacon Hillsby Only_Cindy
Moi c'est Émie. Je vit avec mon père Raphael. Je n'ai jamais connu ma mère car elle est morte. Mais une découverte va tous changée. Qui sont Melissa et Scott Mccall ? Qu...
  • surnaturels
  • lydia
  • beaconhills
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goodnight, love ( scott mccall ) by vernonboyd
goodnight, love ( scott mccall )by alex!!
TEEN WOLF ❝ every morning i open my eyes hoping, wishing that i will remember something, anything! and i look into your eyes, and i can see that it's killing you...
  • stilesstilinski
  • wolf
  • mtvteenwolf
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Loyalties [3] ~ Teen Wolf / The Vampire Diaries by that_one_writer_chik
Loyalties [3] ~ Teen Wolf / The that_one_writer_chik
With the pack facing changes and people once thought to be dead showing up in Beacon Hills, the McCall alphas can only do so much to keep their friends and family safe...
  • gilbert
  • family
  • scott
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Alpha pack by IWriteStuffWowNoWay
Alpha packby IWriteStuffWowNoWay
Stiles' life has been...interesting. Ever since sophomore year when Scott got bitten, everything got a little bit crazy. And by a little I mean a lot. Then Derek came in...
  • jackson
  • boyd
  • lydia
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•Baby Blue• by VikkiWarby
•Baby Blue•by VikkiWarby
Gayyy❤️ Smutttttt🥰 Don't read if you're homophobic👏🏻 THIAM💞
  • sterek
  • mccall
  • thiam
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Elements //  by AshleyKless
Elements // by AshleyKless
Elements. The word could mean many things. But to these three girls it only meant one thing. Who they were. Each and every last one of them was the build up of their gro...
  • marvel
  • fire
  • elements
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Thiam au compilation  by hpgotdcTAYLOR
Thiam au compilation by hpgotdcTAYLOR
This a compilation of au that I found on Instagram about Thiam
  • théo
  • loup-garous
  • thiam
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Truth be Told by i_said_no669
Truth be Toldby Nova Otaku
Dianne Lena Contel, 17 year old girl who is very strong, independent, mature, and lonely, struggles to stay at her feet when she reaches high school. Not only that, but...
  • plot
  • random
  • dlcxsrt
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What If The Storm Ends? by kilielXscalia
What If The Storm Ends?by kilielXscalia
La bataille ayant fait des dommages collatéraux immenses, les elfes ainsi que les nains vinrent en aide aux habitants de Lacville, eux qui demeuraient les plus démunis a...
  • kiliel
  • elfe
  • loupgarou
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Popuko Vs. The World (Ramona Flowers x Popuko) by EnderPixel
Popuko Vs. The World (Ramona VioMan
hi i'm ramona flowers i'm just your average kid that no one understands. mom and dad and scott are always giving me commands the doom and gloom up in my life is broken i...
  • epic
  • pop
  • team
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dangthatsalongname x Alex from the pals by IVlovesBTS
dangthatsalongname x Alex from IV
This is an very uncommon ship which is why I'm doing it
  • denis
  • oli
  • joel
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Bruises [ TVD X TW ] by serenitystans
Bruises [ TVD X TW ]by serenitystans
"The bruises will not heal, if you were the cause of them" Kol Mikaelson x Ellie Stilinski
  • scott
  • wolf
  • lilycollins
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Os Originais em Beacon Hills by LoveDamon22
Os Originais em Beacon Hillsby LoveDamon22
Niklaus Mikaelson nunca pensou que poderia ter filhos mais depois de quebrar a maldição colocada nele por sua se envolveu com a humana Angeline Devon. 15 meses depois...
  • sobrenatural
  • kol
  • niklaus
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In love with the enemy (Aiden) by siaki13
In love with the enemy (Aiden)by siaki13
what happens when the alpha pack arrive at beackon hills and Olivia Mccall fall in love with Aiden and he does too.. what happen when she doesnt know anything about supe...
  • mate
  • sister
  • aiden
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