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Meet The Siblings [ Hetalia ] by mavisisntdead
Meet The Siblings [ Hetalia ]by amy
The meeting hall is under construction and the countries have to find some where else to hold their meeting. England's home is close by. They head there but when they ar...
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Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
  • rusame
  • hetalia
  • spamano
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Rabbit Arthur's Adventure Durring Mating Season by gay-tea-cake-boy
Rabbit Arthur's Adventure Oliver Kirkland
Arthur is just a rabbit who doesn't want to go through the mess of mating season, but a few predators have other plans for him. |this is purely smut with 4 different shi...
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  • fruk
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Grounded (USUK)  by AlexanderPhillipps
Grounded (USUK) by ♠ALEX♠
Arthur Kirkland was left with his three older brothers eversince their parents died. His brothers took care of him and spoiled him; but when Arthur became 15, his broth...
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  • action
  • waleng
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Cross The Line Again by PaintedRogue
Cross The Line Againby Bυrɴ Me
Despite his well known tittle of "asshole" Scotland has been there for England when he needed it the most. He shows just how caring he can be when Arthur has a...
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[Hetalia fanfic] [ScotEng,UsUk] Endless Love by NgcKhnh130
[Hetalia fanfic] [ScotEng,UsUk] Ngọc Khánh
Tên truyện : Endless Love ( Tình yêu không hồi kết ) Hường, ngọt, ngược, đủ thể loại :). Hint USUK văng tung tóe. Arthur luôn nhớ nhung đến người anh trai vũ phu của mìn...
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My Little Man by Alistair-Kirkland
My Little Manby Alistair-Kirkland
Screw it if their love is taboo. Live is love and god doesn't get in the way of that. Alistair and Arthur Kirkland are in a romantic relationship. They may be brothers...
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The Machine by Steampunk-Arthur
The Machineby Arthur L. Kirkland
Curiosity. That's all it took. And a wrong gear.
  • arthur
  • portugalxengland
  • fruk
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Big Brother Of Mine... by IzHsLiNk2-Aka-Glitch
Big Brother Of IzHsLiNk2-Aka-Glitch
Scotland x England Allistor Kirkland x Arthur Kirkland Boy x Boy Allistor has a- Not so normal relationship with his wee brother, Arthur. The rest of his brothers usuall...
  • family
  • mpreg
  • yaoi
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Brotherly love? by ThyGoldfish
Brotherly love?by Wikipedia
Artur is in love with allistor. Allistor wants to check how much. Warnings : britaincest, scoteng BoyXboy mpreg .
  • maybempreg
  • england
  • scotland
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Big Brother Of Mine... ( CONTINUED ) by ICHIngForYaoi
Big Brother Of Mine... ( TrashedRaccoonReject
"So in your piss drunk state you brought up the fact that you felt lonely and thought it would be a great idea to have the whole family over for a family get togeth...
  • family
  • scoteng
  • yaoi
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Songs for ships and characters  by not_my_division666
Songs for ships and characters by Iggy brows
This is based off of a fanfic I read called stony songs and I really liked the idea so I decided to apply it to all of my favourite ships
  • sabriel
  • music
  • stony
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Something About Him by IAmFreckledEngland
Something About Himby IAmFreckledEngland
Arthur has never needed anyone before. He has always been independent, and he liked it better that way. However when fate pairs him with the main object of the schools r...
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  • 2pengland
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The Family Reunion  (ScotEng) by oh_my_nerd
The Family Reunion (ScotEng)by Moe 🤘🏼
The Kirkland family decide it high time to get together and catch up! The first family reunion in four years, some family members haven't seen each other in over eight y...
  • boyxboy
  • scoteng
  • hetalia
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Something about Us by IAmFreckledEngland
Something about Usby IAmFreckledEngland
(Sequel to Something About Him) Two weeks after Arthur and Oliver confess their fairytale-like love for one-another, things are going well. But, people at school still b...
  • kirklandfam
  • cute
  • scotfra
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Bro Holiday To The USA by BoiJustLetMeBe
Bro Holiday To The USAby TeaQuila
The Kirkland brothers decide to go on a holiday to America. Summary: Arthur is going on a trip to America with his brothers, not so happy aboot it at first thought ever...
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The Scottish Dragon Tamer  by AIastair
The Scottish Dragon Tamer by Alastair J. McPhail
When Arthur Kirkland goes on a trip to Scotland to relax for while, he gets lost is a large forest. While there he runs into something most didn't believe to exist, a dr...
  • england
  • scotland
  • arthur
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[Doujinshi/Hetalia] Loo-li, Loo-li, Lai-lay by RinnyWind
[Doujinshi/Hetalia] Loo-li, Windy RW
Doujinshi về Hetalia Pairing: ScotEng Nhân vật thuộc về bác Hidekazu Himaruya. Nhân vật: Allistair Kirkland (Andrew)- Scotland Athur Kirkland - England Nguồn: Internet M...
  • uk
  • hetalia
  • scotland
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Novocaína by morriguh
Novocaínaby morriguh
Sucios, enfermos, drogados. Los humanos corrompieron a sus madres patrias. El gemido de Inglaterra lo comprueba. Britaincest.
  • aphengland
  • aph
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