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Scent (Scomiche) by luckyenough19
Scent (Scomiche)by ✌
Scott owns a bakery. Mitch is a loyal customer. Scott is happily married, and Mitch can't change that. But fate can.
  • love
  • scones
  • mitchgrassi
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Purrfectly illogical by Froyduhr
Purrfectly illogicalby M. R. Northway
When Spock, Scotty and Sulu return from a visit to a strange planet, they wind up with developing a few...strange assets.
  • chulu
  • trekkie
  • startrek
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How to be British by Ele10fantastic
How to be Britishby Rachel Wood
This book will teach you how to be British. Book contains Etiquette Tea Scones and more
  • scones
  • british
  • tea
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The Chef And His Beloved (FrUk One-Shot) by SirDuwang
The Chef And His Beloved (FrUk Slug King
Francis has always been an amazing chef, though the one he loved, Arthur, was always disastrous in the kitchen. Francis makes it his goal to teach him how to cook, and...
  • cooking
  • scones
  • france
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The Young Mage (Snowbaz /Carry On Fanfiction) by Alpha_Ash_147
The Young Mage (Snowbaz /Carry Procrastinating
Simon finds a young mage in need of help from the vampires that killed her parents. Both Simon and Penelope wish to help find the vampires that killed the child's parent...
  • wattpride
  • basilton
  • fluff
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marty and sanoc  by gooeyratsalsa
marty and sanoc by gooeyratsalsa
they in luv!!!! but ones a carpukate and the other a moonyboy so they forbidden😔✌🏻 little do the two sauces know- they has a babies named soookranol. the family will h...
  • marties
  • scones
  • truluv
Britain Discovers FrUK Fan Fictions (Hetalia) by MemoriesOfTheFlame
Britain Discovers FrUK Fan Heather Moczydlowski
This a random idea that I had one time and decided to write. Be warned, this is completely crackish and I was high on air when I wrote it. Disclaimer: Sadly Hetalia does...
  • kirkland
  • france
  • fruk
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Sealand is bored... by TheGermanPotato6547
Sealand is TheGermanPotato
Shhhhhhhhh... let sealand have his own story.... (made by a dork of course)
  • sealand
  • hetalia
  • scones
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Fuck All by h0m0frenzy
Fuck Allby FrickleFrackle
DONT TAKE ANYTHING IN THIS ONESHOT BOOK SERIOUSLY. This oneshot book is just stupid fucking ideas that were made by pedo bear (THATS HER NICKNAME) and some by me innocen...
  • septiplier
  • scones
  • gay
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Libby's Cook Book 👩🏽‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳 by fangirl_phoebe
Libby's Cook Book 👩🏽‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳by Phanic! At the disco
I'm an angry chef like Gordon Ramsay. i'm sorry Libby if i missed anything out 😂
  • cooking
  • fun
  • mess
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A Snowbaz AU: At the Library by FanFictionGirls_221
A Snowbaz AU: At the Libraryby Emily and Jess
Simon Snow loves the library. Even more than the library, he loves the novel Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and when he notices a mysterious boy in possession of it...
  • love
  • teen
  • library
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(Hetalia fanfic)The New Student by LiaKirkland
(Hetalia fanfic)The New Studentby LiaKirkland
There are rumours that had spread around Hetalia Academy that there will be a new student and that student is a relative of a certain student that would be France...who...
  • russia
  • scones
  • paris
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The Boy Who Called Me Songbird by LauraMadison
The Boy Who Called Me Songbirdby Laura Madison
Hello there! My name is Willow. I'm almost 16 years old and if Jon Lennon and Avril Lavigne got together and created a musical child, that would be me! My mom and Aunt W...
  • date
  • storm
  • dresses
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UsUk ~The Last Scone~ One shot by BrokenPentagram
UsUk ~The Last Scone~ One shotby BrokenPentagram
England hates America talking bad about his scones so how will America react when England....
  • america
  • hetalia
  • yaoi
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Modern  age classic A tale of Granger Stewart: Common age Sherlock Holmes by Sadiegirl5
Modern age classic A tale of Sadiegirl5
Book 1: The scone theft My Great-great-great-great- grandfather the great Sherlock Holmes is long past and my male family members all went into the law career to keep t...
  • reallife
  • food
  • family
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The story of the cherry scone by richardthehorse
The story of the cherry sconeby Tina Irving
The first in a series of love stories... about the cherry scone.
  • dreams
  • love
  • marriage
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*Usuk*Cakes & Kisses by magicmonkey115
*Usuk*Cakes & Kissesby Court
Arthur has agreed to make scones to sell in order to improve Greece's economy. However Arthur being British that doesn't exactly bode well for him.
  • usuk
  • anime
  • scones
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The Exploding Bookshop by JohnKing1
The Exploding Bookshopby John King
  • scones
  • bring
  • gets
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The Whitby Bakery Tales by dlawb01
The Whitby Bakery Talesby dlawb01
A series of bakery stories staring Harry Styles of One Direction if he would never have been a star, and continued his interest in working in a bakery. Kind of a parall...
  • direction
  • storyofmylife
  • faces
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Hetalia Drabbles (Country x Reader - Editing) by _Belarus_
Hetalia Drabbles (Country x Natalya Arlovskaya.
Just a bunch of Hetalia Drabbles, on different Countries, just extreme fluffiness :D
  • italia
  • quiet
  • scones
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