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Scars (Scömìche AU) by PentaholicLiar
Scars (Scömìche AU)by ~
When Kirstin moves to a new school, she immediately notices Mitch, a boy standing quietly in the corner, wearing all black and not bothering to cover the scars lining hi...
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Unknown Source | {Superfruit} by HomeFreePtx
Unknown Source | {Superfruit}by MeauIsMyDrug🖤
(Sent at 9:31 PM) From: Unknown source To: (*** *** ****) Hi (Sent at 11:47 PM) From: Unknown source To: (*** *** ****) I'm really sorry for bothering you. It was a dare...
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scomiche; arranged marriage (omegaverse) by hoyingxo
scomiche; arranged marriage ( hoyingxo
Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who ha...
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fanboy [scomiche] ✔ by supahfruit
fanboy [scomiche] ✔by anna (aka john green???)
[completed] - au - if you asked mitch grassi to define the word "perfection", he'd give you his answer in a heartbeat. "scott hoying." to scott, mitc...
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Mishy (Scomiche) by scoootieboi
Mishy (Scomiche)by scoootieboi
Scott loves his little girl, Bailey, but being a successful manager for a major music label calls for a lot of hours at work. He hires a nanny, Mitch, who is perfect for...
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The Teacher by Tony_Perry_Is_My_Bae
The Teacherby Calum Thomas Hood
"Hello students my name is Mr.Hoying and I'll be your teacher for the rest of the year"
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Model by TalentlessTrash
Modelby •? ? ?•
Scott is an average guy with an average job. He's a photographer for a modelling company that only employs women. But when his sister-like best friend, convinces his bos...
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Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | First Book in the 'Stare' Series | *COMPLETED* by ScomicheForevs
Stare. (Scömìche) | *BOOK 1* | That_Emo_Fangirl
Scott is straight. Scott hates gays. Scott loves his girlfriend. However what Scott doesn't know... He loves to stare at the little brunette in the coffee shop... The ma...
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Quiet & Riot (Scomiche) by QueenTellTales
Quiet & Riot (Scomiche)by [QueenTellTales]
They say opposites attract, so what happens when innocent, introverted and homeschooled Mitch Grassi, who dreams of being in show choir, clashes with Martin High's popul...
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Witness Protection by Boyprincess_2
Witness Protectionby Broqué
After Mitch is involved in a violent encounter with his baby daddy, he is put into witness protection due to his baby daddy's track record. Agent Scott Hoying is assigne...
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Scomiche Sick/Hurt Fanfics by Emmypaige9147
Scomiche Sick/Hurt Fanficsby Emily Fothergill
The following stories are about Scomiche/Pentatonix! This is a sickfic book because I (The writer) Want to be a nurse, in the future. I've just always loved medical show...
Daddy? || s.h by -anxieteh
Daddy? || s.hby darlin'
"just call me daddy little one." #12 in action 1/12/18 #1in Stockholmsyndrome 7/15/18
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An Unfortunate Turn For The Better by youtubes_my_oxygen
An Unfortunate Turn For The Betterby youtubes_my_oxygen
When Mitch gets his heart broken, will Scott take his chance to sweep Mitch off his feet like he's been wanting to do since they were only 16 years old?
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Small Stories by alyssamwarren
Small Storiesby alyssa w
A collection of one-shots written by @horsedancer123 and @alyssamwarren
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The Wolf's Hunter (Scomiche) by AnaTaurus
The Wolf's Hunter (Scomiche)by AnaTaurus
Mitch does not get along well with his family. They are masculine and straight, but most importantly, they have a horrible hobby: they hunt wolves. Mitch doesn't want to...
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Your Biggest Fan [scomiche] by jaceistrash
Your Biggest Fan [scomiche]by Jace
Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi or as most people know him 'Mitch Grassi' is a world famous singer with three platinum albums, a Grammy, a documentary and a lot of fans. Sc...
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Halo by Superfruit_IsLife
Haloby Mama Alpha
"Angels have no philosophy but love." -Terri Guillemets-
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Crash Landing (A PTX Fanfic) by jojislonglostbelt
Crash Landing (A PTX Fanfic)by blue
When Pentatonix is going on a trip to New York City, their plane takes a detour and crash lands in a forest in Manitoba, a place where most of them are unfamiliar with...
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Power Rangers (Pentatonix) by smoshptx
Power Rangers (Pentatonix)by Christy/Emi/Court
A Group of Young Adults face challenges to save the world, they didn't know that they're lives would be so important to the world. But then two members find themselves f...
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Falling - A Pentatonix Story by morningthunderstorms
Falling - A Pentatonix Storyby Sami
"I really really love you, and I don't think I will ever be able to stop saying that. Just so you know." "Well, I really really love you, and I think you'...
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