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It Hit Like A Wave (Sterek/scisaac) by Mr__Brain
It Hit Like A Wave (Sterek/scisaac)by Mr Brain
When the desire to mate hits, what happens to the pack?
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Scisaac One Shots! by marge228
Scisaac One Shots!by m
A collection of shots about the beautiful Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey. Requests/prompts welcome! Please DM me instead of posting it in the comments though. (cover...
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Plus One Roommate [A Scisaac Fanfiction] by boyb1ue
Plus One Roommate [A Scisaac boy blue
Isaac comes to Scott after being kicked out by Derek
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The Mystery Pup by Teenwolfmk55
The Mystery Pupby Mak
Izzy, a werewolf, but she's in the form of a wolf. And she's been in the form of a wolf forever. She's 7. What happens when she saves a boy from getting killed, but she...
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Unexpected Love {Scisaac} by fire_ocean
Unexpected Love {Scisaac}by fire_ocean
Isaac just moved in with his mother in Beacon Hills. Thinking he left the past behind. He is a closed up person who doesn't trust very easy. But he will come across good...
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Panic  { sterek } by destielinski
Panic { sterek }by -_-
Set after 5A: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings f...
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| The Story Of Us - Thiam | by IsabelleWritesx
| The Story Of Us - Thiam |by 🌹 isabelle 🌹
- in which Theo discovers feelings he never even knew existed, aimed toward a certain blue-eyed beta. Little did he know, the beta could easily return them - • Strong La...
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Teenage Heartbreak  by kirsty_D2004
Teenage Heartbreak by kirsty_D2004
Twist on two ships from teen wolf. Sterek and scisaac. Issac and his two friends Scott and stiles are joining beacon Hills High school for their first day when something...
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Pack Mom by Fangirl-Queen1
Pack Momby Lilith
When you're the mother of a pack of werewolves and any other supernatural that's been thrown in, you get used to people climbing through your window, clingy pups, and be...
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Never Ending (Teen Wolf) by sinepgib
Never Ending (Teen Wolf)by sinepgib
Derek was the most popular kid in school but one incident happens and he ends up transffering. This new school is nothing compared to his last one, all the kids here are...
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Scisaac Shots by Sapphire_Nightwright
Scisaac Shotsby Sapphire_Nightwright
stories from archive of our own! (Note: I do not own any of these one shots)
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Pack mom by fandomsobsession
Pack momby Fandom_fanatic
"Isaac what did you just call me?" "What are you talking about?" "You just called me mom" In which stiles is Derek's mate but nobody knows...
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Tears Don't Fall - Sterek by rainbow_hersh
Tears Don't Fall - Sterekby Court x
'So tell me how do you know? How do you know if you're still dreaming?'
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Shooting Stars (Sterek/Scissac fanfiction) by rusmthgx
Shooting Stars (Sterek/Scissac rubén
Yet another fan fiction about Teen Wolf, Sterek and Scissac. I love Teen Wolf and I ship these couples so I decided to write about what their lives would be like if this...
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You love him. by Duchaaamp
You love Duchamp
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I Need Help: Sterek by EvilAffliction
I Need Help: Sterekby EvilAffliction
Summary: Stiles is loosing hope for himself after his father starts getting drunk and abusing him. Derek finds out and tries to help but Stiles keeps pushing him away. B...
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Fox Tails and Nursing Majors (Sterek AU)  by adult_disneyprincess
Fox Tails and Nursing Majors ( Stale Hale
Derek Hale is just a nursing major in college when one night on his way home from his job, he accidentally hits someone with his car. What happens when this "someon...
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STEREK ONE SHOTS by stylesapril
STEREK ONE SHOTSby stylesapril
This is a boyxboy story. So if you don't like it don't read it. Sterek is real. I don't own Teen Wolf. Because if i did, Sterek is real would be a universal truth.
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Let's Be Birds (Stackson) by queentoriofslytherin
Let's Be Birds (Stackson)by Narcissa Astoria Malfoy
"If you feel like you're trapped in this town, then why'd you come back?!" I scream at Jackson violently. "Because of the Nightmares, Stiles! Because ever...
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Stale Hale's Teen Wolf Fan Art Drabbles by adult_disneyprincess
Stale Hale's Teen Wolf Fan Art Stale Hale
I will be writing any teen wolf ship drabbles based off of works of fan arts. More details inside. *I do not own any of the fanart that is used. That belongs to the rig...
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