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A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AU by stydia524
A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AUby Rose :) ange 🥀
Stiles, Lydia and the rest of the pack have gone their separate ways since they graduated from high school. Ten years after they have graduated they get invitations to...
Teen Survivors 💰 S.S. by twstorylover
Teen Survivors 💰 divineoverseer
Whenever Stiles brings out his new blue eyes, Scott flinches and looks away. After Allison's death they are starting to drift apart, right when assassins begin coming in...
The Fox and The Wolf #Scira by donttouchmyjeep
The Fox and The Wolf #Sciraby meli
After two years of mastering her power, the thunder Kitsune, Kira Yukimura returns back to Beacon Hills. In hopes to live a normal life again, she returns to her friends...
Unexpected by Sciralover
Unexpectedby Sciralover
Scott and Kira's relationship has been going well but what happens when Kira is late.
Hypothermia ⤷ 𝐋𝐢𝐚𝐦 𝐃𝐮𝐧𝐛𝐚𝐫 [ ✓ ] by Uncharted_TLOU_13
Hypothermia ⤷ 𝐋𝐢𝐚𝐦 𝐃𝐮𝐧𝐛𝐚� Estrela
❝It feels like I don't know you anymore, I don't understand why you're so cold.❞ ••• Zahra Stilinski. She was kind, caring, curious, and cold. She had a disease that ne...
leave me lonely | void stiles by badbloodecisions
leave me lonely | void stilesby oliwia
descriptions are awkward, just read // REWRITING • there is no y/n in here, the mc's name is CAMILLE so if you don't like that just move on • CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL ON MY...
Teen Beasts 🐾 S.S. by twstorylover
Teen Beasts 🐾 divineoverseer
Senior Year is here and Stiles fears that he'll lose his friends after graduation. Suddenly, Theo Raeken, a guy from his and Scott's past and now a werewolf, arrives cla...
The Fire Within by paris_girl22
The Fire Withinby paris_girl22
"I could have hurt you. I could have killed you without even meaning to." "I'll never leave you, Stiles. You could never hurt me." Stiles Stilinski...
Panic  { sterek } by destielinski
Panic { sterek }by -_-
Set after 5A: Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to see his old friends in ruins. He tries to pick up the pieces as best he can, whilst trying to figure out his feelings f...
Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf AU by frostydia
Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf AUby lili
48 hours. 48 hours is the timeline when someone is taken. After 48 hours, the percentage of finding them alive is greatly decreased. It's been over a year. (The rescue i...
If your going through hell. Keep going (teen wolf: stiles stilinski) by notactive_acc
If your going through hell. Keep notactive_acc
When stiles is injured badly in a car accident new alpha scott has no choice but to give him the bite. this story is about stiles, and the rest of the pack, fighting the...
Higher Ground  by stilesandderek142400
Higher Ground by stilesandderek142400
Inspired by the Tv show of the same name. This is the story of 9 high school students from around the country, who have been sent to Beacon of Hope, a boarding school fo...
Corrupted Lies ▻ Sciles by obsessedstiles
Corrupted Lies ▻ Scilesby taylor
Stiles Stilinski has lived in Beacon Hills for his whole life. He has become friends with many people, who he later joined with to fight against the supernatural. Little...
SICKNESS (Teen wolf) by notactive_acc
SICKNESS (Teen wolf)by notactive_acc
Well a colony of vampires have moved to beacon hills seaking a way into Scotts pack. These vampires are anything but friendly. They infect stiles with a weaponized virus...
TeenWolf •Ship• OneShots by BeautifulLittleLiar
TeenWolf •Ship• OneShotsby BeautifulLittleLiar
This was deleted a while ago, I'm bringing it back. Basically any ship in the show will be written here! Doing mostly requests So sciles scira stalia stydia sterek et...
Green Means Solved:A Stydia Story by kiwii3628
Green Means Solved:A Stydia Storyby kiwi
Lydia Martin. Aka goddess. Stiles Stilinski. Aka head over heels nerd for goddess. There's a new threat lurking in Beacon Hills, and Lydia has to figure it all out. Wi...
Love me everywhere, I'll fuck you anywhere by hxophilia
Love me everywhere, I'll fuck hxophilia
Stiles always had a crush on Lydia, when she started developing feelings, it was too late.. he was with malia, but a couple of drinks can really bring out the truth.
Stydia One Shots  by lybiamartin
Stydia One Shots by maddy
just some cute one shots of the one and only lydia martin and stiles stilinski -i do not own any of these characters, all credit to the creators of teen wolf
close - pennig. by leosmessi
close - emi ☘︎
- a very dramatic story of how tyler and shelley become a couple.
The Past Saving. by KenderBender
The Past KenderBender
"I'm proud of us." <><><><> Stiles Stilinski goes back into the past as a twenty-three year old teenager to prevent Allison Argent's de...