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Necrocide by JaCrispy_Jamaine
Necrocideby Jake Linas
This is not your average zombie story. This isn't the beginning of an outbreak. There's no group of survivors trying to find a supposed sanctuary. And worst of all, ther...
Stella the Zombie Killer by AlistairWilkinson
Stella the Zombie Killerby Alistair Wilkinson
Stella is three years into the apocalypse and there are too many zombies to kill. Three years since the crash; three years since she was the Cynosure, champion of the Ga...
Scrappers Part IV by konnlavery
Scrappers Part IVby Konn Lavery
The Harvesters are closing in. The beast is about to break free. Angie and Ruggie can't outrun them. Their only hope is to venture into The Lost, the remains of civiliza...
Project Lazarus  by OnyxSparrow
Project Lazarus by Onyx
A short sci fy horror story I have yet to decide to keep as is or turn into a book. Depends on feedback and motivation
The Revelations of the Nibiru Society by ImperatorMarduk
The Revelations of the Nibiru Erica Ciko Campbell
Take a mind-bending journey from the shores of the Nile to the far reaches of space with this Lovecraft-inspired tale of far-future Earth.
Scrappers Part III by konnlavery
Scrappers Part IIIby Konn Lavery
After encountering a Harvester, Angie and Ruggy are wrapping up their scrapping mission. They question why the operator sent them here. Unfortunately, there's no time to...
Harvesters by konnlavery
Harvestersby Konn Lavery
Technological advancements has allowed humanity to join the stars under a single civilization known as The Society. We left out violent nature behind, continuing to deep...
3.5 by GarbielStringfield
3.5by Gabriel Stringfield
An ill poor forgotten scientist creates a way to bring humanity to the next level, inter dimensional travel.
Shadowtear by alphascifi
Shadowtearby Hannah Buchanan
Endlessly lusting for adventure, Angel finds herself on the far end of the cosmos. Running low on fuel, she is forced to land on a suspiciously ominous looking planet wi...
Into The Darkness  by missglockenspiel420
Into The Darkness by R. Isabella
Blue Maxwell is a young man living in New York, he has a simple life and a simple job. But everything changed that one morning, never was he to be the same again
The Violent Bear It Away by The_Queen_Of_Elves
The Violent Bear It Awayby RG
Evelyn is the last human being alive on the entire planet. The only thing she can communicate with is the tattoo on her wrist that shows her thoughts, if you wanna count...
Human is Being by LSbooksandnovellas
Human is Beingby LSbooksandnovellas
It's been four years since the Outbreak started. Join Michelle Olsen and a group of friends and acquaintances on the long hard journey of survival, this includes powerf...
Predator and Prey by MichaelBrockbank
Predator and Preyby Michael Brockbank
Scientists aboard the space-bound vessel Conja attempt to create the perfect killing machine. However, the experiment goes awry when one of the lab creatures escapes and...
The Event by Redjess84
The Eventby Redjess84
The first chapter of my story is for the sci-fi writing contest "Beacon". This entry will be the first chapter of many to come and my first time writing scifi...
Mindless by Ghost-Of-Hooxie
Mindlessby The Discount Author
Welcome to the United States of 2056, where one Council runs the country, technology has advanced through the roof, and freedom is limited to just a sliver. Every teenag...
Spatium Austero by BeyondSol
Spatium Austeroby BeyondSol
A science fiction anthology from only the best BeyondSol featured authors and contest winners! Cover by @shadednights
Red Skies by JacksonBrooks2
Red Skiesby Jackson Brooks
A Lovecraft story set in 2019. A strange weather event in Sydney, Australia sets into motion a series of unexplained events.
Sinukuan Diwata and the Arayat Masters by MorukLapramiz
Sinukuan Diwata and the Arayat Michael Rene D. Kanoy
A modern sci-fi take on the legend of Maria Sinukuan, diwata keeper of the enchanted fruit grove on Mount Arayat, saviour of townsfolk, and calcifier of wayward souls
Creature 3850 by ConnorRaven13
Creature 3850by Connor Ravenshaw
Frank joins a mission headed by FrankenCorp to find a missing scientist in the sea of the flooded New York City. As he begins his journey with a new love interest, this...