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Rogue Alien's Escape: Alien Abduction Romance by katerudolph
Rogue Alien's Escape: Alien Kate Rudolph
Six years after being abducted from Earth, Andie Munster has carved out a life for herself on her new home planet of Ixilta. Not the life she wanted, not the life she'd...
Captured and Captivated by TiaDalo
Captured and Captivatedby Tia Dalo
HARPER On the run. Abducted. Rescued by the sexiest alien in the universe. One moment I was falling asleep under the stars in the open trunk of my pickup. The next I wa...
May Time Never Take You (May You Never Series) by clstone
May Time Never Take You (May You C. L. Stone
Clara is heartbroken when she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, and on a stormy night, she goes up to the rooftop to try to take control of her raging emotions. A...
The Romance Addicts Directory by TheRomanceAddicts
The Romance Addicts Directoryby The Romance Addicts
In order to keep everything organized and have an intimate community where all members can find each other easily, this Directory has been created.
A Potion and A Wish by Whirlingstorm
A Potion and A Wishby Raine
Jade just wanted to be seen by her crush, Raver. "... my heartbeat starts speeding up quickly making me feel quite dizzy." She begs Nate, her genius best frie...
Intergalactic by oceanagrey
Intergalacticby Oceana Grey
In the year 3078, life has become possible on every terrestrial planet. Even Pluto! People often travel to other planets to visit or even to live. Interaction between di...
stardust in our veins  by Rsusanne
stardust in our veins by Rsusanne
Kari never knew her mother and barely knew her father. She just knew fighting in the Resistance. All of that changed on the day she ran into Castor and his little brothe...
AWAKEN: A Love Story by ElizabethMueller
AWAKEN: A Love Storyby Elizabeth Mueller
WHAT GOOD IS perfect WITHOUT LOVE? There is no crime in the Balance. No aging. No death. Living on the outskirts of society, Daemos escapes his prison with dark secrets...
StarDazzle's Romance Awards 2021 by StarDazzleProfile
StarDazzle's Romance Awards 2021by ✨Star Dazzle✨
{ } Open { } Judging {🌹} Closed What is that sweet scent lingering in the air? *Sniff, sniff*... Is that- .. *sniff* ..Is that love I smell? But, of course! We...
Back to First by Devfuhrer
Back to Firstby Devfuhrer
This short story is a fictional narrative. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Please don't freak out. Espe...
Right On Time by ReturnOfTheTheorist
Right On Timeby Return Of The Theorist
It is a story about a time traveller who finds love in the past. Hope you like it😊😊 All Rights Reserved
Time Masters Book 1, The Call by TheTimeMistress
Time Masters Book 1, The Callby Geralyn Beauchamp
Get ready for one wild ride! The year is 3698 and an unknown instigator has the threat of civil war not only brewing, but near boiling! Dallan MacDonald, Time Master Kw...
Riley and her Tigreshan by ksjones80
Riley and her Tigreshanby K.S. Jones
Riley, on her 20th year, embarks on a new adventure of sorts. She departs Earth on a shuttle bound for Osauri. She is set to run an all-night cafe/coffee shop on the col...
Andromeda by mackenzienoellemoore
Andromedaby ~ mack ~
take your time to hold your breath and take that step to save the world and yourself.
Loving Hope, GenTech Rebellion Book Four by AnnGimpel
Loving Hope, GenTech Rebellion Ann Gimpel
Hope's had her eye on Charlie for a long time, for all the good it's done her. He's not even aware of her existence-other than as a fellow agent working Black Ops for th...
The Unmasked (Book One) by oliveec
The Unmasked (Book One)by oliveec
When you're stripped of your humanity, what remains of your being? Is your soul ultimately good or essentially evil? 17-year-old Alexa was living a normal teenage life i...
A Heart for Copper by SharonLynnFisher
A Heart for Copperby Sharon Lynn Fisher
An automaton created by an inventor's son, Copper has finally been given a heart by her young master. Her choice of whether to keep the key or give it to him will decide...
Fallen... by love_addict_31
#18 love_addict_31
May would rather jump off a cliff than put up with Aaron. The way he teases her, always knows exactly what to say to get under her skin, and his aggravatingly handsome f...