HIDEOUT - Kim Taehyung [김 태형] by raspberrymerkk
HIDEOUT - Kim Taehyung [김 태형]by ✖️ I S S U E ✖️
After a little accident in Seoul's largest research association, a young adult, Kim Taehyung, finds himself being chased by authorities after he had gained some mysterio...
  • fiction
  • yoongi
  • bangtanboys
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Floral Contests by frjohnson
Floral Contestsby F. R. Johnson
In association with "Floral Critiques and Covers," a tandem service offered on the wattpad forums (, I present to you the Floral Contests bo...
  • werewolf
  • contests
  • fanfiction
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Godzilla: Planet of Monsters by BraedimusSupreme
Godzilla: Planet of Monstersby Braedey95 2.0
A/N: since I had seen the anime 'Godzilla' trilogy, I thought I'd give a crack at making my own version of the trilogy, and this one, I wanted to think more human life h...
  • ocxoc
  • monsters
  • anime
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Moebius 2157 | Open Novella Contest 2019 by taivaan_sininen
Moebius 2157 | Open Novella A. C. Evans
Special Agent Alyssa Caine has been tasked with the most important mission of her life: the assassination of the man who would bring about the end of the world. The only...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • science
  • assassin
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Race Against Time (going to edit/rewrite this)  by Fladrin
Race Against Time (going to edit/ Richard Frank
In a fading timeline of just only a female population after the "Rise of the superior race, "taking place in the year 2020. 1000 years later, their very timeli...
  • action
  • dark
  • timetravel
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WILDFIRE ◼peter parker/mcu◼ by mikaylamtorrence
WILDFIRE ◼peter parker/mcu◼by mikayla
Kenna Norman had powers bestowed upon her years ago, and she made the choice to use those powers to help others, instead of hiding in the shadows. These powers bring alo...
  • ninadobrev
  • steverogers
  • infinitywar
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Unknown Number by alex6376
Unknown Numberby AlexandriaTheGreat
From Unknown Number: Is this Emilia Richards? When twins, Ethan and Emilia Richards were 12, their older sister, Anna, went missing. Four years later, they are both sti...
  • lgbt
  • siblings
  • death
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Andromeda [BTS] by -sugarfree-
Andromeda [BTS]by sugarfree
I met a girl once, a girl who glowed like the moon. If you see her, can you tell us she has come home? ~~ (a bts love story, but not as you know love stories.)
  • grief
  • goddess
  • namjoon
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More Than Just A Competition by kkakkankanykanya
More Than Just A Competitionby nya
Ternyata, perlombaan matematika tingkat nasional tidak hanya berisikan rumus matematika dan juga bodrex extra untuk meredam sakit kepala. Di dalamnya terdapat persahabat...
  • science
  • sumbar
  • palembang
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When the war is over by Tatumxh
When the war is overby Tatum :)
The last thing i could remember was a huge bang. A nuclear war, thats what everyone was afraid of. well it happened, it not only happened: it ruined our planet. America...
  • survivor
  • science
  • warrior
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Saintis by pinusavenue
Saintisby pinus
Seorang kimiawan jenius, Genta, didiagnosa terkena penyakit paru-paru yang mempersempit waktu hidupnya. Napasnya hanya terhitung 40 hari. Di tengah penerimaannya terhad...
  • mystery
  • grasindo
  • fantasi
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Knight & Rosé(Rosé Blackpink x Reader) by KagemushaX
Knight & Rosé(Rosé Blackpink x KagemushaX
Y/N born with special gift and become orphan since accident because Y/N parents didnt make it and pass away.After becoming 25 years old, he retire from his father organi...
  • parkchaeyoung
  • dramatic
  • supernatural
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The Castle of Indolence by Ariador
The Castle of Indolenceby Séraphiñus Fëanáro Eldír
Welcome to The Castle of Indolence: where weirdness meets intelligence, and the Quantum Gods dwell in their natural habitat. This is another random collection, this one...
  • science
  • elves
  • relatable
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Free covers! {Allowing new customers for now} by LlamasarecuteX0X
Free covers! {Allowing new 👽SLenDeR Is YoU👽
Do you hate the way Wattpad makes covers? Or do you don't like to be fun and creative? or just in general, you suck at making covers OwO well then you came to the right...
  • dragons
  • fiction
  • dokidoki
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|| I Am Alive || by brightrainydays
|| I Am Alive ||by 𝒜𝒷𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶
┍━━━━━━━✿━━━━━━━┑ What does it take to be alive? I want to be alive. I want to feel. I wan...
  • hank
  • jessewilliams
  • deviant
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Unapologetically Muslim by velvet-red
Unapologetically Muslimby مريم
Why do I choose to be a Muslim? Why do I believe in Islam? All the answers you need can be found in this book.
  • islamic
  • holy
  • women
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The Golden Suits: Myth or Legend by ryanbmogul
The Golden Suits: Myth or Legendby Ryan A. Browne
In a time where your path is pre-determined and confined by social boundaries, one individual will rise up and not only alter his destiny but that of everyone. While on...
  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • family
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Endless Road by littlebitofyas
Endless Roadby ∴ yasmin ∴
In a word of too many fallen trees, collapsed buildings, broken homes, and too little locations of safety and survivors, the only thing anyone has is each other. Veronic...
  • environmental
  • romance
  • postapocalypse
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SCIENCE GEEK. | nomin by sadistfilms
SCIENCE GEEK. | nominby ― 𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬
❝ i can't believe that dumb pick up line actually worked- ❞ in which jaemin slides into jeno's dms with a nerdy pick up line. © sadistfilms 2019 fellas
  • gay
  • jaemin
  • nomin
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Jiog Saegon (Hell Case) by Taehyung_Jennie_Son
Jiog Saegon (Hell Case)by Kim Taehyung
Triplets that move to another school that was unknown. As time goes by family secret's will be revealed, can they hide who they truly are or will they be revealed?
  • mystery
  • mothers
  • best
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