Artefacts - Le Livre Des Mémoires by FaerDerr
Artefacts - Le Livre Des Mémoiresby FaerDerr
Le Livre Des Mémoires est un outil merveilleux pour quiconque souhaite connaitre les Artefacts créés par les encapuchonnés. Pour ceux qui souhaitent travailler avec nous...
  • artefact
  • histoire
  • fiction
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Mission Possible (Book Two) by ItzBreezyShit
Mission Possible (Book Two)by Mark Aspillaga Bon
Emma and Carter finally discover the cure for the virus and they find out that all infected are not dead they're just sick but It's time to go back to the safe zone befo...
  • mystery
  • blood
  • brutal
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The adventures of Rick and Morty by AwkwardTurtle1122
The adventures of Rick and Mortyby AwkwardTurtle1122
You've seen the adventures of Rick and Morty with the rest of the Smith family, but did you know there was another sibling. No, well this sibling had inherited Rick's br...
  • siblinglove
  • rickandmorty
  • youngpregnancy
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Chickens are Smart by kairules2
Chickens are Smartby kairules2
A boy gets a chicken during a spelling bee. He must hide it from his parents. Eventually, he has to tell them. They are not mad. They get a coop for the chicken. But...
  • math
  • spelling
  • smart
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Blood & Glory by Real_UselessGoddess
Blood & Gloryby Real_UselessGoddess
Derrick, a boy living in the town of Rockton. Never had the greatest of luck, first of all, his sisters ruined his school life before they graduated, he had become a tar...
  • supernatural
  • detective
  • vampire
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Created for Christmas by JoySchultz9
Created for Christmasby Joynell Schultz
Need the perfect man? No problem-simply create him! Ivy wanted nothing more for Christmas than to have someone to come home have a companion to chat about her da...
  • chicklit
  • romance
  • scifi
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Experiment: J  || Taekook || by SKflower
Experiment: J || Taekook ||by ~ R ~
❝ W-What are you? ❞ ❝ I'm what they call Experiment J. ❞ _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Taehyung is a scientist who is assigned to a top confidential experiment.
  • boyxboy
  • taekook
  • experiment
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MODIFY | AFby ham | 般若
"What you choose to be is who you are, and who you want to be." MULTIFANDOM APPLY FIC! made the cover myself im so proud~
  • yixing
  • war
  • peace
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hacked! by spoopymemechiild
hacked!by ˗ˏˋ тσℓˎˊ˗
oh wow interesting-
  • random
  • maybe
  • is
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Ascension  by PatraTheDreamer
Ascension by Patra
She's different. She always been. Everything was fine right before the dreams began. With each passing dream, she becomes more and more determined to figure out what the...
  • superpowers
  • apocalypse
  • youngadult
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Adventures of the Introvert by curlytina
Adventures of the Introvertby Tina
Sophia has been living a quiet ordinary life, cluttered with books and food - just as she liked it. But an unexpected event completely shakes up her subsistence. What a...
  • comedy
  • cute
  • urbanfantasy
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The Shift by LexiSprague
The Shiftby Lexi Sprague
Genetically enhanced humans with godlike powers were created to save Earth, from natural disasters caused by climate change. Earth's plates still shattered and now they...
  • growth
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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I'll Always Remember  by ABeautifulStart
I'll Always Remember by ABeautifulStart
Cole Cooper is a broke scientist who has this one aim to make a pill that erases memory. Riley Mosby is the girl who lives next door. Cole doesn't believe in having atta...
  • couple
  • iloveher
  • book
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Bus 139 by Anisha20165
Bus 139by Anisha555
When Eritrea finds out that her best friend Ashley dies of a fast spreading virus, killing almost all of America's children, her whole world turns upside down. Everythin...
  • betrayal
  • darkest
  • science
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Invasion by Leeleeace1
Invasionby Lien A
Try not to get too attached to these characters... This is an alien invasion. Some are bound to die. ~~ Somewhere in the suburbs by Cooperstown, NY, a 17 year old girl...
  • pain
  • horrorfiction
  • thriller
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Destiny is not determined (an original roleplay) by russetfox12345
Destiny is not determined (an SkepticStoat
Earth; some time into the future. To answer your questions, yes: flying cars do exist, hover boards are still in progress, and enlargement machines are almost perfected...
  • prejudice
  • science
  • city
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Ants - The Science behind them by Ticci-Tasha
Ants - The Science behind themby 🔪Katie🔪
Here I will write my questions, guesses and anything I learn about Ants.
  • antscanada
  • biology
  • science
The Monster Within by Scarlet-The-Fox
The Monster Withinby Mason
What is life like for a simple person? Depression? Happiness? For Mason, a 14 year old, he doesn't know, not until.. He got kidnapped, but these weren't the average kidn...
  • tf
  • fiction
  • science
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The Void by MNGJ19
The Voidby WiseGirl19
Nicole Anderson thinks she's a normal regular teenager who knows a lot of stuff. Her family has been hiding a secret that Nicole doesn't even know about. Then something...
  • action
  • otherworld
  • thevoid
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Astral by stardustingstudio
Astralby ˗ˏˋzeranˎˊ˗
in which astral is a girl who loves the universe, but the universe doesn't seem to love her back. © 2018 stardustingstudio, all rights reserved
  • shortchapters
  • universe
  • stars
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