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Matched for Life #Wattys2015 TessaT
407K 21K
Expiration Date #Wattys2015 MikaelaBender
1.4M 65.9K
Unleashed #wattys2015 ddonohue78
75.6K 3.5K
Enhancement #Wattys2015 scifiwriter
155K 16K
I'm a Cyborg's Pet The-Scrivener
41K 2.7K
Someone's In My Head (Wattys2015) StevenSteel
85.4K 5.6K
The Famoux famouxx
813K 43.6K
The Last She HannahNelson809
18.5K 1.3K
Ruined: Web of Lies (Book Two) Mander_Pander
30.4K 2.7K
The Scarlet Effect crimmsyn
15.7K 1.2K
I am Deathless (Deathless Trilogy, #1) [Wattys 2015] SarahPerlmutter
107K 6.6K
A City in the Air #Wattys2015 LyndseyLewellen
12.7K 770
Flawed bnlfan
2.7M 71.1K
Engines & Demons - The Undestined MattParker0708
25K 1.7K
Mutant 74 (wattys2015) KDLohr
64.4K 5K
Children of the Void AJackHalls
17.2K 835
The Infinity Trilogy writeon27
902K 36K
All Is Silence - Deserted Lands #1 robertlslater
1.1M 59.2K