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Matched for Life TessaT
648K 29.7K
I'm a Cyborg's Pet The-Scrivener
541K 36.6K
The Famoux famouxx
1.4M 83.4K
Expiration Date MikaelaBender
3.8M 175K
The Last She HannahNelson809
388K 24K
Enhancement #Wattys2015 WINNER! scifiwriter
347K 28.8K
Breeder Nation KaraMichelleBooks
153K 9.7K
Infinite AnniesBooks
69.7K 4.6K
We Survivors: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel ljthomas
19.1K 1.8K
The Deathless Trilogy SarahPerlmutter
167K 10.4K
Experiment 51 natnat13
147K 5.7K
2136 - A Post Apocalyptic Novel [Featured Story] genk01
151K 14.5K
The Kitten & The Cloud {FEATURED} OtherEvilTwin
18.7K 1.2K
Uglies scottwesterfeld
2.6M 61.4K
Perfect [Editing] TheyKallMeNorthcoast
88K 7.4K
Parallel (A Sci-Fi Virtual Gamer's Story.) Renoe_K
399K 20.6K
Injection Issue 1 Nanomyte
11.4K 460