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Queen Of Ash(Warriorpunk Contest Entry) by Passionfruitandfigst
Queen Of Ash(Warriorpunk Contest E... by Passionfruitandfigs
After watching her village going down in flames, Princess Lilleth's desire for war against the Union has doubled. With the help of the remaining survivors of her town, s...
Paradoxo Turner by LuanVictor3t
Paradoxo Turner by LuanVictor3
A imensidão do espaço-tempo. As linhas do tempo e suas complexidades. Joseph Turner é o único que pode consertá-las. Fissuras no tecido temporal em busca de um objetivo...
the wasteland by beastboy8213t
the wasteland by beastboy8213
a man that fights in the war for the u.s becomes a high ranking general but when the chines realise a secret weapon he and his family take shelter in a deep span of unde...
TITAN X by ericdabbst
TITAN X by ericdabbs
The year is 2077. Phoenix Drake is one of the best pilots in the Navy and a scuba diver in his free time. His goals for the future aim even higher with a lifelong aspira...
What Lurks Beyond The Wall by lauryngracebutlert
What Lurks Beyond The Wall by lauryngracebutler
America is the biggest world power, and has been for a while, but what if that became to be no more? What if another country discovered our secret to success? What if o...
Emotions ⚬ Jacksepticeye x Reader AU by GallyGotEyeBrowGamet
Emotions ⚬ Jacksepticeye x Reader... by GallyGotEyeBrowGame
❝I show emotions because I am tired of being controlled.❞ He smiled brightly at me. I looked at him, with no emotion. ❝That is good for you-❞ I stop, signaling him to t...
No Mind Of My Own by SwinginOnAStart
No Mind Of My Own by SwinginOnAStar
"How would you feel if you didn't own your thoughts? Every precious memory, theirs to take away. They say it's better for us, that, it's for the safety of everyone. My n...
Entity by Casserockst
Entity by Casserocks
Alma Ruiz is a 16-year-old girl, and she's everything but ordinary. Ever since she was born, after The Nuclear War, inexplicable things have been happening from strange...
My Life Among the Stars (#ProjectRefresh) by DontJudgeOtherst
My Life Among the Stars (#ProjectR... by DontJudgeOthers
It's a little story I wrote for #ProjectRefresh. Contest: Write a novel that takes places in outer space.
The Final Days by WildChildWildt
The Final Days by WildChildWild
Its the end of the world, and Me Nicolas, I'm the only person that can stop it, I can see the future make portals to go to places, and I can stop time and go back in ti...
Sebastian's Baby by BryanAiellot
Sebastian's Baby by BryanAiello
The end of the world came and skipped past Sebastian . He was crazy already the apocalypse didn't help him out any.
Percy Jackson and the Avengers by Adora_Wintercrisst
Percy Jackson and the Avengers by Adora_Wintercriss
Percy Jackson is living the dream. He has an amazing wife, world famous architect Annabeth Chase, waiting at home for him each night. Although he wouldn't necessarily ca...
United by Purplewatergirlt
United by Purplewatergirl
United, she was weak. Alone, she was strong. That's how she worked, that's how it was with everything. Nothing forced them all to work together, they were all better off...
Afterlife by calebwhite13t
Afterlife by calebwhite13
The world ended 25 years ago. It was the fall of trust, decline of love, and everything went to nothing. We called in the Fall, the time when everything happened all at...
Sane by Claire_the_book_beart
Sane by Claire_the_book_bear
When a specific medication for curing pain goes wrong, the world takes a sudden turn. The cure erases the host's memories, causing them to go insane. So insane that they...
Stars Above  by Misty_Roguet
Stars Above by Misty_Rogue
Carlos Lopez lives a seemingly average life. Spending his days living off of cheap coffee and Ramen Noodles. But when a little girl shows up on his doorstep, frantic to...
I'm Not Crazy by sparkleeclipset
I'm Not Crazy by sparkleeclipse
Blake Nelson is a senior at Clover High School. Her father thinks she's crazy ever since her mother died three years ago. After her mother died, she started having heada...