Specimen 22 (1/2) ✔ by MermaidsAndStarfish
Specimen 22 (1/2) ✔by 🌟 Mermaid 🐟
My eyes snapped open. The cool liquid of my tank encased me once more, blue lighting from above my cage making glimmers of water dance over my pale blue skin in small sl...
  • science-fiction
  • fruitawards2018
  • trapped
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Shadows by hannah_roi
Shadowsby Hannah Roi
"They did it," I whispered as the building of flames and smoke swam before my eyes, "They really did it..." Mackenzie (or Kenzie, as she prefers to b...
  • underdog
  • teens
  • scifi
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Truth or Dare (Complete) by MademoiselleSinge
Truth or Dare (Complete)by MademoiselleSinge
Four friends decide that their life need to be more interesting and end up getting involved in a highly competitive game of Truth or Dare against their worst enemies. Th...
  • wattpride
  • truthordare
  • friends
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A is for Aden Hamilton: Vol. 1 by Poppypantherlee
A is for Aden Hamilton: Vol. 1by Poppypantherlee
This Novel is based on the Netflix original Anime and novel, Violet EverGarden. Before Violet was named. Before Violet became a auto memories doll. Before Violet was fo...
  • historical-fiction
  • science-fiction
  • violet-evergarden
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Rebel by JaxieHunter
Rebelby Jaqueline Hunter
It's the year 3000 and "They" have been running our government for as long as I can remember. They showed up not too long ago and no one could stop them. Not t...
  • strong-lead
  • romance
  • aliens
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Men are Left Over by esekielo
Men are Left Overby Esekielo
What would happen if society were integrated only by women? Would they adapt to live without men? How? Alexia inhabits a world in which the males became an excessive bur...
  • sci-fi
  • science-fiction
  • dystopian
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The All-Stars by jespah
The All-Starsby jespah
It was a time for new beginnings, for a woman who had over half of her adult life stolen and for her cousin, a new job and new challenges. It promised a new life for a y...
  • mirror
  • laforge
  • startrek
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The Secret Sea by Dugnin
The Secret Seaby Nathan Goldschot
Novella / short story - fantasy / adventure Why read The Secret Sea? Thrill to a gun battle between Jesus Christ and vampire cultists... Witness rampaging, shapeshifting...
  • mythical
  • mythology
  • legends
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Escape Velocity by tessaract87
Escape Velocityby tessaract87
Seventeen year old Miriam has always struggled to fit into her home of Christhaven, a small community established during the chaotic and fearful years of the Disruptions...
  • solarpunk
  • lgbtlove
  • science-fiction
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A Hero's Tale by DamienRemington
A Hero's Taleby Damien Remington
Shane Scott is normal in a world where abnormality is king, and being normal is almost like being an outcast. But then, by chance, Shane is revealed to be different, and...
  • powers
  • science-fiction
  • super
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[Pax Europæ] - Merci de votre collaboration by PaxEuropae
[Pax Europæ] - Merci de votre Pax Europæ
2008. Cela fait déjà deux ans que l'Europe s'est fédérée pour résister au Millenium Crash. Pourtant, la fédération n'a pas tout résolu comme par magie, et pour Pieter Op...
  • science-fiction
  • anticipation
  • paxeuropae
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Red Crimson by Epiphanly
Red Crimsonby Epiphany lisa
Joslyn Crimmes had been anything but ordinary since the very day she had been born. Not only was she the oldest daughter of the infamous Crimmes family but also blessed...
  • school-life
  • romance
  • slice-of-life
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Iron Sisters: The Abomination Engines by SolZen321
Iron Sisters: The Abomination SolZen321
An exercise in absurdity. Amazon space marines against marauding murderous mechs with the face of Thomas the train, while a giant dinosaur demon tries to eradicate them...
  • absurdity
  • science-fiction
  • parody
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Darlings Past by ValenWulf777
Darlings Pastby Alec Myers
Brothers Productions Official: Rook Valen and Sibrena Wulf in "The Academy" The depths of our past, our childhood... this is my story. Where we came from and...
  • science-fiction
  • future
  • anime
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  Divine Minds 🔼9 by DemetriusEllis
Divine Minds 🔼9by Whizzartz King
The Ending Of The Old World And Its Ways & The Beginning Of A New One Through A Divinely Source Of Energy Merged By Planets Stars And Suns Into A Variety Of So Called Hu...
  • religious
  • metaphysical
  • science-fiction
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System Overload by _KeoT_
System Overloadby KeoT
A science-fiction short story set in a near-future timeline, where connected mechanical physical augmentations became the new big trend in consumer technology. Bringing...
  • cyber
  • cyberpunk
  • technothriller
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The Diary of Jane Lowe by zaliengirl23
The Diary of Jane Loweby Christine H. Albert
(Might change the name of this story later on. Based on a reading prompt. Will add cover picture later on.) A universe where the world is split in twin dimensions; as ab...
  • assassination
  • twin
  • dystopian
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Syntax Error by ChristinaBohbina
Syntax Errorby Christina Leann Busch
{ throw new SyntaxError('Hello', 'someFile.js', 10); } catch (e) { console.log(e instanceof SyntaxError); // true console.log(e.message); // "H...
  • software
  • controlled
  • love
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The Creature Within by Nhacaluis
The Creature Withinby Nhacaluis
This is what the book is basically about. There will be a lot of twists and turns so I hope you enjoy!!!.
  • first
  • youngadult
  • book
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