sugar and spice (everything nice) by dearmerde
sugar and spice (everything nice)by dearmerde
"holy fuck, i love your cookies." "they're macarons, dumbass." «---» (where kim taehyung is a world-famous artist, and hidden baker that gifts cookie...
  • bighit
  • btsjin
  • vkook
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A Starship Called Starsong by CrystalScherer
A Starship Called Starsongby CrystalScherer
Space. The final frontier. We have always relied upon technology to travel through space, but sometimes that very same technology has a mind of its own... This story was...
  • tyndel
  • traders
  • starship
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Divided by krlockheart
Dividedby krlockheart
The year is 4400. Aliens have invaded Earth with one purpose only: to destroy all human life. All countries have banded together to defeat them. The aliens are evil and...
  • future
  • apocalypse
  • womanpower
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A RESISTÊNCIA by priscilavalette
A RESISTÊNCIAby priscilavalette
Em uma realidade pós apocalíptica, onde uma guerra virtual devastou o mundo, os seres humanos abdicaram de sua maior singularidade: as emoções. Consideradas perigosas e...
  • odio
  • amor
  • romance
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Daughter of Nox by scottclemons
Daughter of Noxby scottclemons
[WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] Hot Off the Press List Founders have it all. Beautiful homes, prestigious schooling, extraordinary wealth -- it's all part of the life guarantee...
  • youngadultreads
  • sciencefiction
  • spacecraft
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Crossing To The Future, It's Not Easy To Be A Man by PazoWritter
Crossing To The Future, It's Not PazoWritter
After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and...
  • ageprogression
  • soldier
  • modern
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The Shards of Hope by Light808
The Shards of Hopeby Light808
A world different to ours, inhabited by creatures that only appear in our most vivid fantasies. A prophecy, spoken to plague the hearts of all its readers. Hope, a word...
  • stars
  • prophecy
  • air
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To Infinity by triciabird
To Infinityby triciabird
Some said Mars was our only hope. Others argued the moon. One thing we can all agree on: Earth is on the brink of a nuclear holocaust, and unless we mastermind a way for...
  • future
  • dystopian
  • colony
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Lone Survivors  by Kodbro
Lone Survivors by Kodbro
**Book two of the Infinitude Trilogy** There was a time when the world was at peace. But until now, things have been far from perfect. Will is still an Old Soul. And no...
  • postapocalyptic
  • fantasy
  • drama
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Trumptopia: The United States of Walmart by dj_troxell
Trumptopia: The United States of dj_troxell
In the future...EVERYTHING will be Walmart! In this science-fiction comedy, Jonathan Savage's painfully average life is shattered after an assassin travels back in time...
  • fahrenheit451
  • satire
  • political
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Never Look Back by jayyreads
Never Look Backby jayyreads
What do you get when you cross a betrayal, an imposter, and the most dangerous person? Definitely not a good time. ⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ In a world where technology has exceeded, Olive...
  • imposter
  • homicide
  • betrayal
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Pandora by Cameron-R-Lewis
Pandoraby Cameron-R-Lewis
🌟 Highest rank in Sciencefiction #309 (4/19/2018) 🌟 It's the year 2284, twenty-one solar cycles after the world was reduced to nothing but ashes and dust after a nucle...
  • science-fantasy
  • scifi
  • pandora
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Day 700 by MidnightRenegade19
Day 700by MidnightRenegade19
It's been almost two years since the initial start of the outbreak. The virus has ravaged most of the planet. The team must find a new settlement after a recent intake o...
  • apocalypse
  • fiction
  • outbreak
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In the year 2135 the Earth is rapidly dying, leaving all life on the planet, human or otherwise, threatened with certain extinction. The world's governments have been tr...
  • time
  • elon
  • scifi
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The Academy by JSmidt
The Academyby JSmidt
Nicholas Stryder is finally leaving the space colony he grew up on. He has passed the mysterious exam, and gained entrance into the illustrious Academy. Do well at the...
  • adventure
  • youngadult
  • school
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An Alien's Love by TheEdgeOfSanity
An Alien's Loveby TheEdgeOfSanity
Disclaimer... "Please, sir," He stared at her with glittering eyes, his fingers once again steepled. He appeared to take pity on her a second later and rose fr...
  • adult
  • romance
  • employer
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The Voice by gladhaven
The Voiceby gladhaven
Stuck with a mysterious voice in his head, Brian Walker finds himself pitted against forces he never knew existed. He must decide whether the voice can be trusted, and i...
  • voicesinmyhead
  • artificialintelligence
  • random
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The Never Ending Escape by NerdHart
The Never Ending Escapeby NerdHart
Imprisoned on a planet full of thousands of heroes like themselves, one team's mission is to free the world's prisoners in the hope that they can return to Earth in ord...
  • guns
  • enemies
  • romance
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