The Toxic Masquerade by the_SkeletonKing
The Toxic Masqueradeby the_SkeletonKing
Life is hell for humans. Life is hell for everyone, wars tore humans apart, sent them underground. Literally. No human has seen the sun in over a century, aside from wha...
  • drugs
  • action
  • roleplay
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R O G E R  by LittleVee
R O G E R by LittleVee
[Highest #122 in Science Fiction!] I chewed on my lip as I looked out the broken windows, "Roger, the world's ending, isn't it?" "Unfortunately, Clara, I...
  • host
  • featured
  • scifi
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Two Rebels And A Droid(Stormpilot) by EmeraldEruption
Two Rebels And A Droid(Stormpilot)by EmeraldEruption
OCCURS AFTER TLJ! The resistance is heading to a base after their base on Crait was destroyed. They seek to go the planet Sullust in the outer rim territories in sector...
  • stormpilot
  • finnxpoe
  • finnpoe
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The Yuthara Pact by Mstachitus
The Yuthara Pactby Mstachitus
He was never given a name, only a purpose; to "catalogue" all things the Yuthara Pact deemed necessary, a job that often meant delving into the far reaches of...
  • spaceships
  • planets
  • assassin
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Out Time by K-A-R-L-O-T-A
Out Timeby K-A-R-L-O-T-A
Madisson Clark, una chica común con una vida común que ama la fotografía y a su guapo vecino Alex cooper quien no sabe que ella existe. Madisson jamas hubiese pensado q...
  • amorjuvenil
  • familia
  • ficción
Gifted by velcrowisawful2
Giftedby velcrowisawful2
Gael Lancing is a single father living alone with his young son Dalton Lancing. But unlike most kids Dalton's age he's different... For years doctors have struggled to f...
  • bloodandgore
  • action
  • adventure
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Phantom's Wave by Pixaline
Phantom's Waveby Pixaline
The water ninja. Samurai X. Kai's sister and Jay's girlfriend. Nya's been called a lot of things, but for once, she wants to be called by her own name. Nya. That's wher...
  • nya
  • skylor
  • nyxal
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The intergalactic adventures of the S.S. Starcruiser by CinnamonSoup
The intergalactic adventures of CinnamonSoup
This is a story about a small crew of adventurers in the year 3017. The crew first meets up on the 17th moon of Jupiter in the Russian empire. In this time the known spa...
  • ongoing
  • longstory
  • scifi
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016 The Awakening by book_addict02
016 The Awakeningby book_addict02
Subject 016 is an experiment in Akerman Laboratories. His memory has been wiped, leaving him with nothing to call his own. Samuel Akerman is trying to create a virus th...
  • mystery
  • mysterious
  • pageturner
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It Only Takes A Day by Beitel4201
It Only Takes A Dayby Beitel4201
Bombs have fallen everywhere. You follow six kids as they try to survive in there now post apocalyptic world.
  • apocalypse
  • zombieapocalypse
  • endoftheworld
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I hate the Middle Ages! (completed 17/17) by Captainleon_English
I hate the Middle Ages! ( Captainleon_English
Hermione is transported to the Middle Earth. will survive in this misogynistic and brutal world? Fanfic retelling/crossover from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
  • unitedkingdom
  • elfs
  • dwarfs
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     DUSK 'TIL DAWN by ultknj
DUSK 'TIL DAWNby ultknj
once upon a time, a boy ran away from the love of his life to stop the war of time and space. © ultknj + MYG/KTH + #378 in sci-fiction????? i'm fuckin dead holy shit [ 1...
  • bts
  • robots
  • kimtaehyung
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De Nieuwe Wereld Specials by CIRaccon
De Nieuwe Wereld Specialsby CIRaccon
Korte verhalen, fragmenten en documenten over de wereld(-en) van de serie De Nieuwe Wereld. LET OP: boven elk hoofdstuk staat na welk deel je het fragment kunt lezen. Ne...
  • denieuwewereld
  • elodie
  • sciencefiction
Adventurers of a Stranded Space Engineer by Kingkiara789
Adventurers of a Stranded Space Kingkiara789
Sparking grounds mining corporation sends a ragtag group of individuals in a ship called (the Atlas) to mine and explore the astroids fields in an new and barely explore...
  • space
  • building
  • stranded
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YAPRAK YEŞİLİ #watty2018 by zehzehcan
YAPRAK YEŞİLİ #watty2018by zehzehcan
Sarı+Siyah=? Sarı+Siyah=YAPRAK YEŞİLİ.. Yaprak, ne kadar herkese gülümsesede içindeki kırıklara ördüğü duvar olarak kullandı aslında. Sarı gibi görünen hayatı simsiyahtı...
  • watty2018
  • siyah
  • sari
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Minți luminate by FlaviaCaprariu
Minți luminateby FlaviaCaprariu
Jocuri de putere, minți diabolice și puteri supranaturale. Un cerc destul de vicios și foarte periculos, ar spune JO. Ce te faci atunci când trebuie să alegi între a sal...
  • ura
  • creaturi
  • supranatural
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Dark Matter - The Mors Mortis Trilogy Book 2 by KillYourDarlings7
Dark Matter - The Mors Mortis KillYourDarlings7
SEQUEL TO BLACK STARS Leah Azemar has returned to the life she lost. Back with her family, she hopes to finally feel a sense of belonging; but as war rages and Leah figh...
  • love
  • survival
  • youngadult
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L : Love (Coming Soon) by Lena-Presents
L : Love (Coming Soon)by Lena-Presents
In 2025, the world-renowned android, LM2, was mysteriously terminated, launching a series of conspiracy theories amongst the public and scientific community. Sean, on th...
  • freethelgbt
  • gay
  • drama
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