R O G E R  by LittleVee
R O G E R by LittleVee
I chewed on my lip as I looked out the broken windows, "Roger, the world's ending, isn't it?" "Unfortunately, Clara, I don't have answers to everything.&q...
  • artificialintelligence
  • scifi
  • future
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Adventurers of a Stranded Space Engineer by Kingkiara789
Adventurers of a Stranded Space En...by Kingkiara789
Sparking grounds mining corporation sends a ragtag group of individuals in a ship called (the Atlas) to mine and explore the astroids fields in an new and barely explore...
  • fanfiction
  • space
  • stranded
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World of Souls #RPG Certified  by MrKingEmperor
World of Souls #RPG Certified by MrKingEmperor
#RPG Certified #DailyUpdates After being persuaded by his friend to play the most popular and newest VRMMORPG on the market, Hiro Bane finally thought that not only coul...
  • sadist
  • online
  • masochist
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"Потерянный легион. Империя" Иар Эльтеррус. by MarselleEque
"Потерянный легион. Империя" Иар Э...by MarselleEque
Роман «Потерянный легион. Империя» - своеобразное ответвление романа «Отзвуки серебряного ветра», предлагающее читателю ближе познакомиться с некоторыми второстепенными...
  • военный
  • броня
  • роман
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Povestire fără titlu by FlaviaCaprariu
Povestire fără titluby FlaviaCaprariu
Jocuri de putere, minți diabolice și puteri supranaturale. Un cerc destul de vicios și foarte periculos, ar spune JO. Ce te faci atunci când trebuie să alegi între a sal...
  • ura
  • razboi
  • vislucid
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Escuadrón de Héroes © by EscuadrondeHeroes
Escuadrón de Héroes ©by EscuadrondeHeroes
Los humanos han vivido por siglos buscando la explicación para su existencia, algunos teorizan que la vida en el planeta fue por causa de una explosión cósmica, otros di...
  • heroes
  • villanos
  • superheroes
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It Only Takes A Day by Beitel4201
It Only Takes A Dayby Beitel4201
Bombs have fallen everywhere. You follow six kids as they try to survive in there now post apocalyptic world.
  • apocalypse
  • endoftheworld
  • zombieapocalypse
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❝ what's a cute little city boy like you doing in the middle of a ruthless wasteland? ❞ - kim namjoon wasn't sure how he'd survive the wasteland outside of new korea, es...
  • kimtaehyung
  • bottomjoon
  • parkjimin
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The Yuthara Pact by Mstachitus
The Yuthara Pactby Mstachitus
He was never given a name, only a purpose; to "catalogue" all things the Yuthara Pact deemed necessary, a job that often meant delving into the far reaches of...
  • assassin
  • planets
  • space
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Bermuda East by MeganCossey
Bermuda Eastby MeganCossey
Keen to escape mounting gambling debts and a dead end public relations career in the states, an army veteran accepts a job doing communications for the Governor of Bermu...
  • scifi
  • romance
  • speculative
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Gifted by velcrowisawful2
Giftedby velcrowisawful2
Gael Lancing is a single father living alone with his young son Dalton Lancing. But unlike most kids Dalton's age he's different... For years doctors have struggled to f...
  • action
  • bloodandgore
  • action-adventure
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un amor imposible... (Diabolik  lovers y tu) by FridaAtole
un amor imposible... (Diabolik lo...by FridaAtole
___ es una actriz y cantante muy reconocida a nivel mundial ella por un asunto de trabajo viaja a japon muy entuciasmada por que grabara su nuevo disco en el extranjero...
  • kou
  • ayato
  • kanatosakamaki
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SAGE: THE DEVIL'S HAND PART ONE (Completed) by EthiasX
"Revenge is an act of Passion; Vengeance an act of Justice. Injuries are Revenged; crimes are Avenged." -S...
  • edward
  • hiddensecret
  • youngadult
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Affected Paradise (MxM) by CVTSCVTSCVTS
Affected Paradise (MxM)by CVTSCVTSCVTS
It's the year 2071 and a surprise attempt is made on a politician's life by a shadowy figure creating a dangerous and volatile situation. It is left to four unconnected...
  • futuristic
  • space
  • adventure
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Elysium by Ryan_Dare
Elysiumby Ryan_Dare
Nier, the Last Promethian, finds himself in a struggle after his race gets wiped out by the Automata, a faction of cyborgs looking the sweep the galaxy of all competitio...
  • future
  • distant
  • space
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Dreaming of Wormholes by Kschumacher
Dreaming of Wormholesby Kschumacher
Andres is just a regular guy, living a regular uneventful life, when an unusual medical diagnosis thrusts him into the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy. Is this th...
  • aliens
  • scifi
  • unfinished
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Vole in Paradise by annalisaloop
Vole in Paradiseby annalisaloop
The pleasure planet pulls medic Vole Ublion into its mysterious heart, threatening her careful wall of control. Can she let go of her past, and forge a path back to the...
  • spacestation
  • trauma
  • psychadelic
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