Moon Child ☆ by LovelyAnxiety
Moon Child ☆by LovelyAnxiety
"I slowly sat up, my bones aching with every movement I made. I took In a shaky breath as I looked around. For miles, there was nothing but barren ground, the soft...
  • alone
  • apocalypse
The Oasis by rhicyphert
The Oasisby rhicyphert
In a post-apocalyptic world, what sacrifices are to great to make? There is no greater country then America, there is no greater POD then Pod 14. There is nothing that...
  • newhelp
  • fiction
  • future
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Seven by presidentgoofy
Sevenby presidentgoofy
"Be careful who you share your weakness with. Some people can't wait for the opportunity to use it against you." For 16 years, Chloe and her fellow Bleaks have...
  • author
  • fictional
  • fiction
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Black Labyrinth by OnwardMonster
Black Labyrinthby OnwardMonster
At the peak of technological advancement, life on earth begins to fall apart. The world is dying. Three-quarters of the population have died. The rest of the world is j...
  • apocalypse
  • weneeddiversity
  • dystopian
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Vierhonderd by iseeangelsfly
Vierhonderdby iseeangelsfly
Overschot aan meisjes op aarde: Dochters moeten geaborteerd worden. Gebeurt dit niet, dan worden deze meisjes wanneer ze ontdekt worden afgepakt en op de 'Dodenrij', gez...
  • familie
  • liefde
  • abortus
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Part-Time by booksnake9900
Part-Timeby booksnake9900
Food, gas, electricity and other necessities we have grown to accept in our lives, are not so easy to come by anymore. Let me be the first to Welcome you to 2035 the yea...
  • teen
  • battleroyale
  • adventure
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The Rising and the Falling of the Moon (TEMPORARY TITLE) by Sunshinelily1234
The Rising and the Falling of Sunshinelily1234
"...and you, my friends, are going to save the human race..." 4025. Twenty-five years have passed since Myra Williams, a young girl aged seventeen, mysteriousl...
  • action-adventure
  • fiji
  • universe
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The Fire & Ice by ImSophiaaaaaa09
The Fire & Iceby ImSophiaaaaaa09
A fan fiction of The Flash This is about Caitlin Snow and her younger sister, Catherine. In Earth Two, we saw Killer Frost, Reverb and Deathstorm, the evil counterpart o...
  • harrywells
  • theflash
  • caitlinsnow
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Exodus by TheRabster1428
Exodusby TheRabster1428
After the unfortunate and mysterious demise of their home planet, Earth, humanity struggles to survive being forced away from their destroyed world. When most of humanki...
  • exodus
  • lost
  • space
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Neurone 6 by Misakiyata18
Neurone 6by Misakiyata18
Il existe un monde où des gens sont décimés par une maladie neurologique dégénérative intitulé « neurone 6 ». 95% de la population a été décimé ou transformée. Dans c...
  • cauchemard
  • action
  • angoisse
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The Princess of Rennar by user35791882
The Princess of Rennarby user35791882
When word gets out that a Pacifican princess with a genetically enhanced sex drive decides to stow away on a cargo ship, everyone from the Terran Empire to the Trade Gui...
  • cargoship
  • romance
  • genetics
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Project Apple by 12monsterslater
Project Appleby 12monsterslater
In a world where medications are no longer used and the practice of medicine is illegal, 21 year old Maude and her two brothers Lorcan and Nathan are on a hunt to save h...
  • survival
  • government
  • dystopia
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Rebellion by SugoiMcKawaii
Rebellionby SugoiMcKawaii
Food is running out. Water is barely to be seen. What's left to do in a place covered by a shield that you are forced to stay in? Rebel and break out.
  • future
  • stuff
  • scifi
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The Thundermen by KiaraLyana
The Thundermenby KiaraLyana
"Qui suis-je ?" Toutes les nuits, Tao s'endort avec l'étrange sensation d'être observé. Toutes les nuits, Tao se laisse lentement glisser vers le sommeil, tout...
  • horsducommun
  • electricite
  • air
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S.O.U.L by literalbillynomates
S.O.U.Lby literalbillynomates
'Breaking news Biomedical company S.O.U.L have just announced a new drug that shows you your 7 "soulmates" over the course of each day for a week'. 'That's rig...
  • descriptive
  • lgbt
  • fiction
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Novum infernum by uriel-rdz
Novum infernumby uriel-rdz
en una futurista royal woods lincoln es un gran jefe criminal, lori es jefa de una fuerza policiaca corrupta y Chandler es lider de un gobierno totalitario y usa su pode...
  • futurista
  • ciencia
  • ronnie
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Cupid Camera by Alyith
Cupid Cameraby Alyith
a girl buys an old camera at a pawn shop and the camera is secretly special, the secret must stay secret and she finds love through the camera, is she the next Cupid?
  • camera
  • cupid
  • love
The Future Is Not Bright by Suhansolo
The Future Is Not Brightby Suhansolo
#7 in Science Fiction within maybe like 1 week of publication. 2037. The world was falling apart like a string of dominoes. That's called sugarcoating it. It was fallin...
  • future
  • featured
  • council
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