StarFall by sellersjr
StarFallby Bob Sellers
Star Date: 2228. Welcome to Science Station Barbarossa Six which remains in sustained orbit of Kellios Three as things around it will begin to be torn apart...
  • science-fiction
  • science
  • immortal
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His Girl by NewWriter124
His Girlby NewWriter124
Homeless and helpless, Astrid finds that the only person willing to take her in is one of the worst serial killers in the state. But perhaps its a good thing he decided...
  • mutant
  • science-fiction
  • fantasy
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Space dauphin   by triximi
Space dauphin by Triximi
  • amour
  • dauphin
  • science-fiction
My Anime Game Life! - Sword Art Online by Sins_of_Fate
My Anime Game Life! - Sword Art Aqil Harith bin Zahari
Had it been worth it? Thrown into another world as the protagonist and hoping to change the fate of the world? Clearly, if there was anything worth mentioning, it was th...
  • science-fiction
  • anime
  • comedy
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Necroby by tellsbooks
Necrobyby tellsbooks
MIDNIGHT TEXAS meets CASTLE ROCK and ONCE UPON A TIME When Wulfe Ashby, a thirty-three-year-old detective, is forced to take a temporary leave from his job. He goes on a...
  • dead
  • curse
  • lostcolony
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Best Before 65 by thewearywriter
Best Before 65by Joshua Young
In a bid to end overpopulation, every person in England is granted just sixty-five years of life. On the eve of his sixty-fifth birthday, a day that will bring his death...
  • short-story
  • relationships
  • sci-fi
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In one World or Another by himynam3iskatie
In one World or Anotherby UltimateReylo_
This is a story about a girl who was left on the doorstep of a child's home in 1839. She grew up thinking about who her parents were and why she was left on a doorstep w...
  • originalcharacter
  • fantasy
  • magic
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The Moon Crystal by dragonflynan
The Moon Crystalby dragonflynan
Jade, a young teenage schoolgirl, is staying with her fortune-telling aunt in a small country town. To her amazement, she witnesses a space craft making a forced landing...
  • adventure
  • crystals
  • teenfiction
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Projekty okładek by Nazar2018
Projekty okładekby Nazar
Hej, Dla zainteresowanych, służę pomocą z zakresu projektowania okładek do książek. Miło mi będzie, jak komuś będę mógł w tym zakresie pomóc :) Pozdrawiam!
  • funfiction
  • walka
  • wampiry
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Beyond The Wall || Newt  by __wild_flower__
Beyond The Wall || Newt by __wild_flower__
I was lying down the hard surface with my eyes closed, mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen. I take one deep breath and think to myself if he would do...
  • newtandeli
  • themazerunner
  • fanfiction
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High Intelligence by Iamagalaxypurplecat
High Intelligenceby Iamagalaxypurplecat
11 girls 1 big adventure All girls have powers and will use them to save the world
  • powers
  • mysterious
  • intense
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Le silence est d'or, le silence de la mort by C0NTRADICTI0N
Le silence est d'or, le silence C0NTRADICTI0N
Abigail Kinshington n'aurait jamais dû croiser la route d'Overwatch. Mercenaire depuis des années, elle s'engage finalement dans une mission suicide qui la mène à affro...
  • fanfiction
  • faucheur
  • oc
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Złomy z Galaktyki (Role Play) by Han_Star
Złomy z Galaktyki (Role Play)by Han_Star
Nastały ciężkie czasy Imperium Galaktyczne podejmuje coraz bardziej bolesne działania do całej Galaktyki. Zespół Blue - czyli grupa przemytnicza, ścigana przez Imperium...
  • science-fiction
  • roleplay
  • galaktyka
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The Werewolf of Wysteria by HomestuckPieceOTrash
The Werewolf of Wysteriaby Karkat Turner
This is a short story I wrote for a creative writing group. I based it off of the serial killer Albert Fish. The scenes were created through the information I got from b...
  • science-fiction
  • historical
  • horror
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The Sun Rises by Noah-Writes
The Sun Risesby Noah Hayden
We are no longer bound to the earth. Humanity stretches throughout the solar system and longs for what lies beyond. Private enterprise has pushed the borders of explorat...
  • ficiton
  • futuristic
  • mercury
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The Days Time Forgot by Samfish1777
The Days Time Forgotby Samfish1777
The great war that had been raging for over a decade came to a sudden and mysterious end. Two years later, and the world is slowly rebuilding. In the ruined city of Thes...
  • thriller
  • war
  • philisophical
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Buchbewertungen by jolaninwtk
Buchbewertungenby jolaninwtk
Fall ihr euch wirklich überlegt euch an mich zu wenden. Ich werde hier wirklich ehrlich sein, dass heißt nicht, dass ich jemanden scharf anschneiden werde, doch ich werd...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • buchbewertungen
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Insoumis by PivoineHelianthas
Insoumisby Pivoine
Un nouveau monde. Un monde vert. Un monde dangereux. Un garçon qui lutte contre ce monde. Plein d'ambition. De foi en les siens. Une fille qui vie pour ce monde. Sauv...
  • amour
  • magie
  • mondeimaginaire
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TARKOZA - Saison 1 : Le SayLent by HaazelTorn
TARKOZA - Saison 1 : Le SayLentby HaazelTorn
6582. Le SayLent, vaisseau de croisière qui aurait la taille d'un continent, et la capacité d'embarquer un milliard de passagers, décolle de Meyirion. Il s'agit là du p...
  • science-fiction
  • vaisseaux
  • espace
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