Seven Powers by DylanEzekpo
Seven Powersby Ezekpo
Dans ce monde, les personnes ont des dons. Certaines de ces personnes ont des dons plus développés que les autres. Les personnes qui ont des dons plus développés, ont dû...
  • dons
  • serie
  • drame
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Game of Survival : Discovery by nonametk
Game of Survival : Discoveryby No
Riley Addison moves into a small town with her father for a fresh start. Despite its pictorial beauty and its calmness at the surface, she quickly realizes something is...
  • superpowers
  • school
  • science-fiction
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The Quantum Quest by SpeedyShield
The Quantum Questby SpeedyShield
Four brilliant scientists are threatened to help an evil organization that aims to extract a major part of the globe. It's up to their descendants to use Quantum Telepor...
  • usa
  • aroundtheworld
  • southkorea
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Filles du soleil by Lytta-FF
Filles du soleilby Lytta
Dans un monde où l'énergie fossile a disparu, Raffaelina, dix-huit ans, tente de s'adapter à sa nouvelle vie bien trop modeste dans un village aride de Sicile, tandis qu...
  • corse
  • immigration
  • sicile
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ʟɪʟɪᴜᴍ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴠ by EMPIREKOOK
ʟɪʟɪᴜᴍ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴠby BT§ANCTUÆRY
Nous ne sommes en sécurité nul part. TOME Ι: LILIUM CREEV TOME II: IN THE NAME OF JEON
  • fantastique
  • medusa
  • bts
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The Witch Woman's Prophecy by AnniMarjoram
The Witch Woman's Prophecyby Anni Marjoram
After Thamet is orphaned, he ventures out into a strange world of ancient relics where he has to discover the truth about himself and his family, while searching for a m...
  • adventure
  • science-
  • desert
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Earthbound- After the War by Aloso18
Earthbound- After the Warby Aloso18
This story is set after Mother 2 and before Mother 3. After the chosen four had defeated Giygas, they all thought that it was over and they could relax. But when someone...
  • mystery
  • science-fiction
  • adventure
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Trzy Księgi by no_nikt
Trzy Księgiby Emiko Ajer
Uwaga z góry przepraszam za masę błędów! Odpowiednik pisanej przeze mnie książki... tajemnice, fantazja i nieoczekiwane zwroty akcji. Opowieści będzie dość długa i dodaw...
  • science-fiction
  • młodzieżowe
  • tajemnica
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AX_22 by Nik00w
AX_22by Nik00w
O człowieku, który opuścił swój dom dla marzeń. Opowiadanie to stanowi mój projekt gimnazjalny. Jest to jedno z autorskich opowiadań, które trafi do szkolnej biblioteki...
  • 22
  • science-fiction
  • eric
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The Battle-Crown by mirthe_haan
The Battle-Crownby mirthe_haan
A different world they said, a better one. Well, I doubt anyone would believe it. Of course that ain't true. Everybody knew that. But nothing happened, these people were...
  • horror
  • action
  • power
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Myscreth by ParkerTAllan
Myscrethby Parker T. Allan
Everyone knows you can't change scientific laws, but what if everyone was wrong. After an unexpected visit from his old college professor, Mason Grant gets to see firsth...
  • powers
  • friendship
  • otherworld
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Dread by Izzle_McSizzle
Dreadby Elizabeth Mount
  • horror
  • science-fiction
  • thriller
Les visiteurs du temps Tome 1 by user44277662
Les visiteurs du temps Tome 1by Beyondborder
Alexis, un adolescent rencontre une jeune fille venant du futur qui voulait visiter son époque, mais au même moment ils sont témoin des actes d'une organisation criminel...
  • triller
  • science-fiction
  • action
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HMS Valediction by LLMontez
HMS Valedictionby LL Montez
Rampant addictions, psychotic breakdowns, and threats of mutiny keep Commander Janika Lorn up all night. Transporting two-thousand souls safely from a destroyed Earth to...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • military
  • sequal
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Doctor Who [Fanfiction] by MeuuhMeuh
Doctor Who [Fanfiction]by Tommy R.
Les aventures périlleuses du Docteur, alien provenant de la planète Gallifrey. À bord de son TARDIS à la forme d'une cabine téléphonique bleue, il voyage dans le temps e...
  • fantastique
  • docteur
  • tardis
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Aquamarine and The Winter Stone (#Wattys2016) by JoeJupiter
Aquamarine and The Winter Stone ( JoeJupiter
On a world unlike any other, where gems take high precedence in the lives of all, a prince by the name of Anton finds a jewel that begins the wheel of destiny for the fa...
  • water
  • winter
  • knight
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Tales Between the Lines by RainerSalt
Tales Between the Linesby RainerSalt
Destiny in a store, Time the Thief, Schroedinger's Cat, and a storm-inducing butterfly-what do they have in common? And why are they called "The Four Metaphors of t...
  • metaphor
  • humor
  • sciencefiction
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The Hiders by Fantasy_dreamer098
The Hidersby D.A
They are there. Hiding. In the darkest corners of the darkest streets. Waiting for you. Tracking your every step. And when it's right. They take you. ...
  • earth
  • callie
  • thriller
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The Stars Were Watching - Arcadia by Crisfg01
The Stars Were Watching - Arcadiaby Crisfg01
(Check my profile if you want to read the spanish version) In the year 2800, humanity has brought advancements and enlightenment to the known galaxy. United under one R...
  • conspiracy
  • aliens
  • science-fiction
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CODE RED by Sparkybearbomb
CODE REDby Benjamin Allott
I just wanted to stay home and enjoy the holidays, but it all changed, when they came. This is my first attempt at writing, please be kind
  • science-fiction
  • sciencefiction
  • ships
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