Three by DavidAguilar49
Threeby DavidAguilar49
Wyatt who lives in a foster home after his parents have been murdered takes an adventure that will put our planet in his hands and his best friends Jack and Clover. Wya...
  • apocalyptic
  • youngadult
  • thewattys2018
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Ixthus 2, La Amenaza by PINPER93
Ixthus 2, La Amenazaby PINPER93
****ADVERTENCIA: NO LEER ESTA HISTORIA SI NO SE HA LEÍDO PREVIAMENTE "IXTHUS, EL LLAMADO"**** Naín se ha unido al conocido grupo de los "ixthus". Des...
  • angustia
  • amenazas
  • romance
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UNEARTHED by -sinfulslytherin
UNEARTHEDby -sinfulslytherin
The Nuclear War (2029-2031) ravaged Earth's surface forcing the survivors to discover a new way of life underground in lead shelters. Thirty years later, the ozone layer...
  • nuclear
  • nuclearwar
  • war
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DNA *Open* by YinWithoutTheYang
DNA *Open*by YinWithoutTheYang
(This is a roleplay) Magic has been feared by some, but others have been enchanting by it. One of those people was a scientist called Harvey Redfield. His friends and s...
  • roleplay
  • rp
Star Wars Rebels: Melissa Britger *Revenge* by xmelliedogx
Star Wars Rebels: Melissa xmelliedogx
Melissa Bridger is a twelve years old girl and lifing at Lothal. She ran away from the Empire and since she lost her parents and her brother is she on her own now. She l...
  • sabine
  • zeb
  • kanan
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O Livro das Descrições by MaraDemeter
O Livro das Descriçõesby MaraDemeter
Após a primeira destruição, a sociedade é reestruturada de forma que os casais não possam mais ter filhos. A continuação da vida é feita através de reprodução artificial...
  • distopía
  • future
  • ficção
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THE MOON by FrancescaTempesta9
THE MOONby FrancescaTempesta9
The moon,the visions,the red eyes....what's up with Mark?? The moon has got a big power and Mark too...but nobody know it. Find out how it ends the mistery of the moon...
  • mistery
  • moon
Ciudad Nuclear by PoloFB
Ciudad Nuclearby PoloFB
El mundo no se ha podido recuperar de una gran guerra que ocasionó grandes daños al planeta, esto ha ocasionado que las lluvias sean radiactivas en algunos países y por...
  • biopunk
  • cienciaficción
  • novelanegra
Lunaranuim City by Lena_Robins
Lunaranuim Cityby Lena_Robins
"There's not time for crying and making a fit. This is the really deal Kiki." "How does this even correspond with logic?" "You don't know what'...
  • romance
  • friends
  • robins
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of onyx & ivory. by mollymauk
of onyx & mollymauk
cover by @oberyns. ❝TIME IS RUNNING OUT, REMUS ─❞ ❝AT LEAST WE HAVE EACH OTHER.❞ claws of ice, fingers of steel, there is nothing but ignorance that...
  • death
  • talkthepoc
  • twelve
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PRETERCID by toonerrzoo
PRETERCIDby toonerrzoo
The year is 2321. Well, upland anyways. Down here, underground, it is year 196. Everyone here believes that this is what life is. A place surrounded by dirt. Nobody know...
  • scifi-romance
  • thief
  • scifi
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Visitas Del Futuro '~♡~'Rollplay Fnafhs'~♡~' by Caterine_rose
Visitas Del Futuro '~♡~'Rollplay Caterine_rose
✅-: Inscripciónes Abiertas ✔-: 100% Mio ✅-: Personajes Utilizados Son De Edd00chan ❌-: Nada De Copias O Adaptaciones
  • fnafhs
  • rollplay