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renegades,       httyd by braekerofchains
renegades, httydby 🎄◜gemma ◞🎄
RENEGADES ━━ 💫 ❝ i swear, i lived! ❞ httyd universe au pre httyd 2 - homecoming hiccup x oc (based loosely off sod quests) ...
SoD Photos by Flammenstern-lena
SoD Photosby FlammensternLena
My best Screenshots of my Dragons from School of Dragons From my first dragon - to my latest ps: german Strikeclass 🎆 Chaosclass 🔥 Phantomclass 🌌 Sharpclass 🎇 Tida...
Defenders of the Hidden World by Winterwind26
Defenders of the Hidden Worldby WinterTheDragonRider
The Vikings of the School of Dragons and Berk have now faced with a threat that has harmed their home. A device that has destroyed a lake of the Caldera, to reveal a an...
Heart of a Berserker: Hope (School of Dragons) by PedePaulie
Heart of a Berserker: Hope ( Dani
"The truth is too difficult, too sticky and full of nuances. People find it hard to accept that two seemingly contradictory facts can exist simultaneously. They wan...
Sigridd and The School of Dragons by RhiannonRepetti
Sigridd and The School of Dragonsby Rhiannon Repetti (gєєк gιяℓ)
After the befriending of the dragons, Berk's previous foe, the vikings soon realize that there are other threats in the Archipelago. They are in need of more dragon ride...
School of Dragons #2: Finding Tavis by Vinilla54
School of Dragons #2: Finding Tavisby FireFox
This is the 2nd book in the my School of Dragons series. After returning from Icestorm Island and finding out that Tavis is missing, the students and mentors go on anoth...
Aniar and Ash by werecatsrock101
Aniar and Ashby xXBloodyRagDollXx
What if you were an outsider? Aniar Hemmington is the only one in all of Berk that cares for dragons besides Valka. Her life turns upside down once she finds a mysteriou...
Heart of a Berserker: Faith (School of Dragons) by PedePaulie
Heart of a Berserker: Faith ( Dani
"Nothing in my life has been safe since I became friends with dragons or since I met him, but I would not trade either for anything in the world. I don't want to be...
How to train your dragon: dimensional rift by bdewitt
How to train your dragon: bdewitt
A group of friends in a small town play there favorite video game when planet earth's reality borders are seemingly gone and strange things happen as these chosen warrio...
Beginner (A School Of Dragons fanfic) [On Hiatus Currently.] by Skyress1
Beginner (A School Of Dragons Skyress1
It's never easy being a beginner. It's never very fun either. However, NightingaleEagleflight has never really been bothered about being a beginner. Nightingale is an o...
Skylor's New Life [HTTYD] by sodplayercas
Skylor's New Life [HTTYD]by kyrstaann
Welcome to the School of Dragons! A place where you can train your own dragon, meet new people, and fly around with Hiccup and the gang. Hiccup has recently uncovered a...
{*+.Random-Stuff.+*} by 1243_Unknown_1243
{*+.Random-Stuff.+*}by Unknown
I'll put my random stuff here because - Why not ?
Home Of The Dragons by MoonwolfDunei
Home Of The Dragonsby Moon
Wythra was raised as a child by dragons. She and her best friend Sunfern, the deadly nadder, along with her gang, were tasked with protecting the Dragon's Eye and it's l...
Fall in Flames by xXRomanFutureXx
Fall in Flamesby Roman
Shiro is a misfit of the family...and the school. She can't find a dragon she relates to and loves, so she chooses to not be a rider. Shiro was then disowned by her fami...
My Art work for Imperial Defenders Series by ImperialTazer
My Art work for Imperial テイア
This is all my drawings from the Imperial Defenders Series!
The Ice Nomads: Future Dragon Riders by mirkat_forever
The Ice Nomads: Future Dragon mirkat_forever
The Ice Nomads who inhabit Icestorm Island enjoy their way of life-including the Ice Caves hot springs, hunting, and living in seclusion. When an unexpected causes them...