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BULLY - Newjeans x Reader by deathkidlvl
BULLY - Newjeans x Readerby
The Student Body President and her friends keep protecting the school bully... No one knows why. * 18+ - MULTIPLE TRIGGER WARNINGS*
Your typical enemies to lovers story• Sunki• by 00SUNK1M
Your typical enemies to lovers ☀️SunnySunSunSun☀️
You know how it is. Enemies to lovers. But this time maybe or maybe not with a twist. You'll find out sooner or later but for now sit back and relax~ "I hate yo...
A Teacher in a Highschool Romance Novel?! by tmazumder05
A Teacher in a Highschool tmazumder05
She is the Homeroom Teacher of class 2-A of Paradise High School Academy. Of a romance novel, that is. That homeroom teacher of the male lead, female lead, second-male...
FAKE NERD (J.JK ff) by KT_3011
FAKE NERD (J.JK ff)by ⟭⟬ Khyati Shrivastava ⟭⟬ "KT"
What would happen when Jeon Jungkook, the school bully, a boy full of himself meets a new student, a nerd , a fake nerd, a Mafia Queen, Y/N?? Will Y/N be able to finish...
Edward and His Bully Troubles  by iwannaleep
Edward and His Bully Troubles by iwannaleep
hi. i'm edward. i know, dorky name-but i like it. i have two older brothers that make my life hell. i endure wedgies, wet willies, swirlies, etc by not only them, but al...
𝙻𝙸𝙵𝙴 𝙶𝙾𝙴𝚂 𝙾𝙽  T̷k̷ (On going) by Taegi_abhishi2D
𝙻𝙸𝙵𝙴 𝙶𝙾𝙴𝚂 𝙾𝙽 T̷k̷ (On ❤️...ABHI...❤️
"ඇයි මට එහෙම කලේ " "ම්...මට..මට සමාවෙන්න" "හිතනවද හැමදේම හරි කියලා" "ටේ ටේ අනේ එහෙම කියන්න එපා " "අනේ අම්මේ ඔයාට මාව දාලා යන...
MY SCHOOL BULLY... (CHARLIGHT WS) by alexzlilshxrkie
MY SCHOOL BULLY... is my bffs brother?.. (background storie) he's been bullying me for years! he hates me so much it's so danm annoying! but I met such a sweet girl this...
ENF/EUF: Mina Falls Down the Stairs by ENFAndEUFWriter
ENF/EUF: Mina Falls Down the Stairsby ENFAndEUFWriter
Mina's first day of school takes a turn for the worse. Cover art by BigFatFeedee on DeviantArt.
Jeon Jungkook: Bullied by multifxnlover
Jeon Jungkook: Bulliedby multifxnlover
Y/N is one of the most well behaved students at her school, whereas Jeon Jungkook is the exact opposite. With their contrasting personalities and statuses, Y/N soon foun...
Changing a Playboy - BTS  ✔ by multi_stAhNi04
Changing a Playboy - BTS ✔by AhNi ♡
Lee Sooyeon, a girl who have experienced a heartbreak. Jeon Jungkook, a school heartthrob. Who once fell in love but got cheated on that's why now he is a playboy. What...
My Life Changed (A Demi Lovato fanfic) by Sidneydog21
My Life Changed (A Demi Lovato Sidney
Demi Lovato adopts Sierra when she finds out that the girl cuts, has an eating disorder, and has a rough life at home.
The World of the Unknown Twins by yuutsuboi
The World of the Unknown Twinsby Vennisse Daniella Tilan
It's about an identical twins, they are seperated since birth and don't know that they have a twin, Each have different worlds and life.. Isabella was adopted by a rich...
Hate To Love You by meadowswoman
Hate To Love Youby Niña
His first love, his bully and now his employee
YOU ARE MY 'SOULMATE' by Lavender_Wanderer
Being timid and reserved, she had no friends; things were not always like this though, but they seemed to change when she attended her first class at her new college but...
My bully is my long lost brother.  by OindrilaChakraborty8
My bully is my long lost brother. by Midnight Murmurs
Kim Taehyung is a 18 years old highschooler. Due to some reasons he can't go to school for 2 years so he is reading in class 10. He has two best friends Park Jimin and J...
The Party by marsargoswife
The Partyby Ella
Inspired by Oh Klahoma by Jack Stauber <3 This is Darwin hurt/comfort (PLATONIC)
Turned Table's by StupidMentalFuck
Turned Table'sby Felix<3
When three boys, Jason, Taylor, and Gavin, get bullied by Carter Hallow for years on end, they finally find his weak spot in Junior year and use it to get back at him. C...
Bully. ( jikook) by swaggy_mama
Bully. ( jikook)by ✎༉‧₊˚ froggy ₊˚.༄ Jikook, Yoo...
❝ im not asking for your forgiveness, im just afraid ❞ Jungkook was no ordinary school bully, he was one of the most feared people in school, and Jimin just happened to...
In between by lvrgirl15
In betweenby lover girl
15 year old Elodie moves to a new school where she develops a crush on a senior . watch as she experiences love , humiliation , jealousy and more .
Life- Lives Of Bullies And Victims by NotLisHere
Life- Lives Of Bullies And Victimsby Xin Chun Lim
Perspectives of different people (not real people!) for bullying! TWs: Bullying, Panik attacks, Swears, Mention of self hurt, Mention of suicide, blood/gore and many mor...