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Little Soldiers and Army Nurses (scholarship2015) by EmilyEchevarria
Little Soldiers and Army Nurses ( Emily Echevarria
A dying war veteran suffering from chemically-induced lung cancer, surrounded by his little soldiers and his beloved army nurse. (Cover art by me)
My Life in Progress (Wattpad Scholarship 2015) by LandyPants
My Life in Progress (Wattpad Lauren
A chapter about my Great Aunt for a short chapter of my biography. This is for the Wattpad 2015 Scholarship.
Tell us your Story - Wattpad Scholarship by Wattpad_Scholarship
Tell us your Story - Wattpad Wattpad Scholarship
We are so excited to announce the recipients of the 2015 Wattpad Scholarship. Their outstanding stories were selected among over 500 entries from students across the U.S...
Breathing Underwater by Roses_AreRed
Breathing Underwaterby Rose
The Wattpad Scholarship contest has inspired me to share with you guys a part of myself that I have not shared with anyone else. What you are going to read, should you c...
Springs (#Scholarship2015) by BubblyPenguin
Springs (#Scholarship2015)by вυввℓу
The most successful people are the ones who have failed the most.
My Diagnosis and Journey with Type 1 Diabetes by KristaLucier
My Diagnosis and Journey with Krista Lucier
Two short weeks after my 14th birthday, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Older than the average child that was diagnosed, but still a bit too young to quite underst...
The Evolution of a Raven by taylorretter
The Evolution of a Ravenby taylorretter
"The Evolution of a Raven", or as I like to call it: "How my cousin and a couple of mean girls changed the course of my life forever". This is a brie...
Memories That Last a Lifetime by pereiramyla
Memories That Last a Lifetimeby pereiramyla
Many years ago, my family and I suffered from a horrible accident that forever contorted my way of thinking.
Change from within by costa2018
Change from withinby costa2018
If I were to put you in the best environment possible, would you know how use that environment to prosper and succeed? In other words, if I gave you lemons would you mak...
The Man Made of Stars by Skyclimber600
The Man Made of Starsby Skyclimber600
A young woman, enraptured with words, falls for a man who will never love her.
Get Lost To Be Found by angelapearcy4
Get Lost To Be Foundby angelapearcy4
It may have taken me a 1/4 of a century to figure out who I am and who I want to be, but it took getting lost and finding myself again, in Paris, to make sense of everyt...
My Story- Wattpad Scholarship by NatashaRae2
My Story- Wattpad Scholarshipby Natasha Rae
Losing my favourite passion in life allowed me to discover another, which has changes my life forever.
Running for My Cause by madijedwards
Running for My Causeby Madison Edwards
Completing my first half marathon is something that has greatly impacted my life, as I now know that I can accomplish any goal of mine, as long as I work hard, push myse...
Metamorphosis Through Malady by Megan_McClary
Metamorphosis Through Maladyby Megan McClary
A story of the summer (and fall) that my dad was in the hospital, as well as a little on how it changed me through my own eyes and through those of people around me.
Nothing Lasts Forever | #Scholarship2015 by RopeShipAndSinker
Nothing Lasts Forever | Jen
A true story of growing up in a setting better fit for shrinking away.
Heart Attack by ctang03
Heart Attackby ctang03
This is a story of a girl's encounter with her father's heart attack and how she made the best out of the worst situation. ... It takes years of intense pressure and hea...
Victory Through Submission by CaylaBrown6
Victory Through Submissionby Cayla Brown
This is a true story about my doula work and how it impacts my life. I am a nursing student and love it. I want to make a positive change in the birthing community.
True Story: How a death affected me by acathcartm
True Story: How a death affected meby acathcartm
My grandfather died when I was 9.. Read on to see how his death affected me before and still affects me.