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He Does Drugs by lilliwrites
He Does Drugsby Lilli
Blake loved Carter. Blake was in a gang, Carter's brother was the leader. Rules were; no gang member dates the sister. The sister was off limits. If you so much as la...
My Story on Bipolar Disorder by AmyMedek
My Story on Bipolar Disorderby Amy Medek
This is my story (from junior high), feelings, and advice on Bipolar Disorder.
Letter to My Past Self by fadumaaj
Letter to My Past Selfby fadumaaj
I just want to thank my niece, Namaya, and my father for helping me clean up my act and changing my outlook on the necessity of a post-secondary education.
How Ayn Rand Changed my Life by mris85
How Ayn Rand Changed my Lifeby Matthew C. Harris
How I left behind childish and incorrect axioms of life in light of two books written by author Ayn Rand over 50 years ago.
These Horcruxes (Scholarship2015) by Infatuated
These Horcruxes (Scholarship2015)by Anne Richards
If someone told me that one day, I'd have something in common with Lord Voldemort, I'd probably laugh and ask if it was my horrible taste in fashion, but that's not ou...
My True Story: The School Shooting by XoxshanxoX
My True Story: The School Shootingby XoxshanxoX
This is my story about the day there was a school shooting at my high school; it had a big impact on me and everyone involved, and definitely helped shape me into the pe...
I spent so long dreaming. by JenniferLee349
I spent so long Jennifer Lee
Child sexual abuse is so rampant that chances are, you the reader, knows someone who has endured it. I am one of those survivors and this is my story. I cannot speak on...
Love and a story by melissarowa
Love and a storyby melissarowa
The following is a little story of how I found forgiveness, love and an escape through reading.
To the Most Beautiful Girl in the World by PRIVUS
To the Most Beautiful Girl in 𝓑𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽 𝓚.
"You are nothing short of infinite." • • • Attached is a letter to my future daughter, imploring her to never ever give in, and to always believe in herself...
The Audition by MerryKatie
The Auditionby Katie
Sometimes when you're trying to reach one dream, it pushes you towards where you're actually supposed to be. // This is my submission for Scholarship 2015. This is all...
"For Future Artists" (#Scholarship2015) by kleeder7806
"For Future Artists" ( Katie Leeder
It was the summer of 2013, I had just turned 16 and I’ve never been away from my parents before, until now. (#scholarship2015)
One Page at a Time by AustinFisher2
One Page at a Timeby Austin Fisher
Immersing oneself into a story as surreal and yet so relatable as Harry Potter is to understand the values of empathy, cultural sensitivity, world politics, and self-wor...
I Am by kendra_strahm
I Amby Kendra Strahm
The story of how I became a state archery champion and went on to compete at nationals and world.
Yei Yei (#Scholarship2015) by sling5
Yei Yei (#Scholarship2015)by sling5
To the person who has impacted my life in every way but has expected nothing in return. Yei Yei.
Bubbly by lystrandra
Bubblyby Lystra
Depression is the feeling of severe despondency and dejection, which is rarely associated with bubbly, full of cheerful high spirits; in my case, I became bubbly becaus...
My Life in Progress (Wattpad Scholarship 2015) by LandyPants
My Life in Progress (Wattpad Lauren
A chapter about my Great Aunt for a short chapter of my biography. This is for the Wattpad 2015 Scholarship.
Love: Sometimes, It Hurts by Sharon-Mousel
Love: Sometimes, It Hurtsby Sharon
I used to know everything about love, until I realized I didn't.
The Age of Discovery (#Scholarship2015) by iaintgoodatusernames
The Age of Discovery ( iaintgoodatusernames
Sometimes in life, our encounters with new experiences leave us with more holes than Swiss cheese.
Loveless(Tell Us Your Story) by monkeybaby7
Loveless(Tell Us Your Story)by Katlynn
I've never been in love but now I don't think it's so impossible.