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Finding Who I Am by neverstop876
Finding Who I Amby neverstop876
This is my story about how I've become the person that I am, and how I'm going to do my best to change my present day and future self.
Path of Oncologist by Kehkehwong
Path of Oncologistby Kehkehwong
Sudden, surprise, angst, devastation of a loss. Taken away from the face of the Earth.
Broken Dreams (Scholarship2015) by haileywenge
Broken Dreams (Scholarship2015)by haileywenge
Never take life for granted because like me, a split second error in judgement can change your life forever.
Saving Lives or Killing People? by polina195
Saving Lives or Killing People?by polina195
A true story of how an accidental murder done by a seventeen year old girl, drastically changes her perception of her dream job.
Finding My Wings - Wattpad Scholarship 2015 by mxrmaiiid
Finding My Wings - Wattpad | Angel Nicole |
A story of an angel who finally found her wings and took flight.
Metamorphosis Through Malady by Megan_McClary
Metamorphosis Through Maladyby Megan McClary
A story of the summer (and fall) that my dad was in the hospital, as well as a little on how it changed me through my own eyes and through those of people around me.
It Runs In My Blood by KristenMarieBrunelle
It Runs In My Bloodby Kristen Brunelle
This is my entry for the Wattpad scholarship of $1500.
With Every Individual You Encounter... (Scholarship2015) by mannat_b
With Every Individual You mannat_b
This is a true story about how my best friend's diagnosis with cancer impacted and affected who I have become today.
Cinderella Turns Peter Pan. by CindyC23
Cinderella Turns Peter CindyC23
My name is Cindy Candelario, but my parents often called me Cinderella. However, the discovery of many things, including myself, has made me realize that I'm not Cindere...
My Unexperienced Life by melmart12
My Unexperienced Lifeby melmart12
I am 19 years old and have struggled with the fact that I have never been in a relationship, never had my first kiss, and stood by while all these experiences happened t...
My story (Scholarship2015) by mariamckiel
My story (Scholarship2015)by mariamckiel
Don't let one person or thing define who you are.
Letter to My Past Self by fadumaaj
Letter to My Past Selfby fadumaaj
I just want to thank my niece, Namaya, and my father for helping me clean up my act and changing my outlook on the necessity of a post-secondary education.
The Grass Less Trampled by beaubeau19
The Grass Less Trampledby beaubeau19
This is a story about how I learned something about myself from a mollusk.
It's all fun and Grey's until someone gets cancer... by ashleesmith2012
It's all fun and Grey's until ashleesmith2012
"I could count on one hand the number of times I had seen my mom cry in my whole life. Tears that were always the result of a sappy movie or a knee whacked on the c...
The Day that Changed it All (Scholarship2015) by jcedolia1
The Day that Changed it All ( Jacob Cedolia
It was a moment in time, a collision of fantasy with reality, that one second where everything changed, and a life was forever turned around: to me, it was the day that...
Little Ex's and Engagments by lovelyhaerts
Little Ex's and Engagmentsby lovely
Arranged marriages have always been looming in my future but suddenly it was way closer than it was supposed to be, Have you ever met anyone who was engaged at 12?
Poverty - A New Perspective by SpaceCadet18
Poverty - A New Perspectiveby SpaceCadet18
My 16-day service trip to Lima, Peru has proven to be a life-changing experience in many ways – not only as a result of my service to those living in poverty but also as...
His Last Breath by JanelleFehr
His Last Breathby Janelle Fehr
A true story about the impact that a dying patient had on a nursing student, and how a 12 hour relationship can change the heart of one forever.