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Label: Married by XOXOpixie
Label: Marriedby Pixie Al Awesome
The story usually ends with the Happily Ever After at the wedding. This one, however, starts right after. Well that's what life's like. There is no such thing as Happily...
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The Sceptic Truth by ChansBScom
The Sceptic Truthby ChansBScom
Scott Heiland and Preston Knutford are sceptical paranormal investigators. After years of experience and countless cases all explained, they have stumbled across somethi...
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Sceptic Meets Alien by gccgie
Sceptic Meets Alienby uhhhh
All his life, Julian Chastain believed everything within the circle of supernatural was complete horseshit. His outstanding performance in the field of sceptism impresse...
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579    a surviviors story by megalodon34
579 a surviviors storyby hope Elizabeth
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Happiness is a fleeting thing  by Merezeh
Happiness is a fleeting thing by Merezeh
Stream of consciousness piece. Is happiness an attainable life goal? Or an emotion that comes and goes in waves, just like other emotions. Happiness is more rare and fl...
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Ghost Hunters by swankit
Ghost Huntersby swankit
Hugh is happy and excited. Who wouldn't be , after all he is about to start his new series, his dream job. Being a ghost hunter! Seya , one of his partner , the newbie...
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Sceptic by Angel_By_Day
Scepticby Angel_By_Day
Eighteen year old Scarlet always thought she had an almost perfect life: a loving family, wonderful friends, and best of all Blake- her best friend and the one person sh...
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Dear Shane Madej [Shyan] by _squarecube
Dear Shane Madej [Shyan]by _squarecube
After Ryan disappears at the Harmony Library Shane tries to get as much information about it and it's past as possible. Little does he know the letters being sent to him...
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