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If I'm Louder.  [a Ziall romance.] (EDTINGING IN PROGRESS) by OMG_its_VICE
If I'm Louder. [a Ziall romance.] V I C E
"i...i need to tell you this" Niall said to the interviewer...thousands of people watching us from their televisions. "what is it Niall?" the intervi...
  • sweet
  • romance
  • cute
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Juvie? That's easy. Boys? Now that's a Problem (Under Construction) by ViolentDelight
Juvie? That's easy. Boys? Now Liliana c:
After murdering her best friend's rapists, Avery Scarlett, is sent to Juvie. She thinks things could be worse, but what she doesn't know is that Juvie is only filled wit...
  • pee
  • harem
  • lili-animefreakk
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BTS Jungkook - Step Siblings by kinq_yoongz
BTS Jungkook - Step Siblingsby xxkinq
I never asked to be his sister. "What is wrong with you Y/N?" Why do I feel this way. Will I ever escape this cycle of emotions? Someone please save me! I've f...
  • 2019
  • bts
  • step
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BTS All Song+Lyrics by AngelisaKrystal
BTS All Song+Lyricsby AngeldaDevil
All of BTS's song lyrics in one easy to access whatever you call this. Lyrics translations are not mine! Just here to help folks find all of them. In order. Includes ind...
  • bangtan
  • lyrics
  • scene
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Under A Dark Cloud by Else_Milch
Under A Dark Cloudby Else_Milch
After finally gaining her freedom, Keira is set off to live on her own out in the open world. Until one night happened to screw it all when she gets entangled with The M...
  • scene
  • mafia
  • love
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Instagram : Lizkook [✔️]  by trashlandz
Instagram : Lizkook [✔️] by -ˡⁱᵃ
2nd Book Of Instagram Series A Lizkook Fanfic
  • bangtan
  • boys
  • lisa
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Jimin Imagines by shirtlessbangtan
Jimin Imaginesby adri ☆
Feel free to DM me some requests. My DM's are always open. Have fun reading.
  • taehyung
  • parkjimin
  • imagines
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Likewise, We're Insane (GXG) by so_tell_me_dear
Likewise, We're Insane (GXG)by SometimesImHigh
He betrayed and faked to be fully gay to possibly get in my pants. She left me for a girl she met on a trip. And to think my life was actually GOOD. Aside from my crazy...
  • romance
  • gxg
  • emo
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Grant Me a Wish | m.yg by bainju
Grant Me a Wish | m.ygby bainju
Where (y/n) finds a random lamp then mockingly rubs it, a genie appears, ready to grant her three wishes. However, she struggles in thinking of one. "Looks like I'l...
  • park
  • jimin
  • scene
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On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Imprinting Story) by DimpledMe
On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Angel
Seth Clearwater doubted his chances of imprinting, until Violet Brown,a selfless girl moves to La Push, bringing along her unpredictable father, a painful empty hole in...
  • imprint
  • wolf
  • funny
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The Kinky Burn Book by prosaicwriter
The Kinky Burn Bookby Mosh
Call me Vanilla but i'm here to kink shame. Consider this the NSFW "The Emo Burn Book" Comment/vote/request some kinks you'd like to me review enjoy
  • 2doc
  • meme
  • cringe
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The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
  • brother
  • chuck-wagon
  • letter
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Drowning In Depression {COMPLETED} by overwhelmingshiz
Drowning In Depression {COMPLETED}by overwhelmingshiz
May be triggering. If you are triggered easily please do not read.
  • girlxgirl
  • emo
  • sceneboy
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Say Something 【boyxboy】√Completed by larkin33
Say Something 【boyxboy】√Completedby Larkin
Jude doesn't talk. He can't, even when he wants to. They don't want to hear what he has to say, and they only use their words to hurt him. So why even try anymore? Start...
  • anxiety
  • freethelgbt
  • bullying
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Manner of Death by Houzini
Manner of Deathby Just a human
A Non-Commercial English translations of Thai BL novel written by Sammon_Scene, the author of Triage novel. Contents: 33 Chapters + 2 Special Chapters Synopsis: Dr. Bunn...
  • translations
  • thaibl
  • thainovel
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Stupid. (emo love story) by LitaIsHuman
Stupid. (emo love story)by 💜Lita Gabrielle💜
Kayla is not your typical 14 year old girl. When tragedy strikes her life, she is sent to live with her father. New town, old hatred, cheerleader stepsister. When she ma...
  • emoteen
  • scenelove
  • scene
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That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014) by TheyCallMeSmile
That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014)by CheshireSmile
Marisol Marie Nelson is in her Junior year of high school. She has been bullied from the age 8 till now by the bad boy Jacob Chase Matthews. She has been mute ever since...
  • school
  • scene
  • babies
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Just Me And The Brothers by _how_bout_no_
Just Me And The Brothersby DesignatedLove
Summer Thompson has 8 overprotective brothers. Yep. Eight. This has never really been a problem to the 16 year old but as she starts to develop a liking to towards the o...
  • love
  • party
  • highschool
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Latin Blood Wins~Total Drama World Tour Alejandro LS by RavenRainyBlack
Latin Blood Wins~Total Drama Raven Black
What happens when the 3rd season of Total Drama starts? What happens when there are 3 new constestants? What happens when the 3rd one has some special advantages from Ch...
  • scene
  • heather
  • duncan
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Save Me by imani148dr
Save Meby S.H.
Erika Kingsley fits the stereotype: blonde hair, blue eyes, rich dad. In definition: the spoiled blonde brat. But she isn't. The real her wants to be accepted, but can s...
  • name
  • loss
  • anxiety
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