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Two Sentence Horror Stories by RunawayNebula
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby SpiritWolf101
Love a good scare? You've come to the right place. Here's a collection of some two sentence horror stories from the Internet. Hope you enjoy:) Highest ranking in Two Sen...
scary stories by JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
scary storiesby JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
A collection of scary stories. Dont worry they aren't real, as far as you know.... new stories Daily-weekly
67 True scary stories to tell in the dark  by choerrkoo
67 True scary stories to tell in ◡̈
SCARY STORIES Hope you enjoy👽 #177 in non-fiction (August)
Behind You by everythingaftersws
Behind Youby nina ˚✧
Carla notices a guy in her class. They keep bumping into each other and they start to know more about each other. But what Carla doesn't know is that it isn't a coinci...
Creepy Riddles by darkpoetesss
Creepy Riddlesby A Lost Soul
[Highest Rank #1 in #scarystory.] Hell is empty and all the devils are here. I warn you, I ask only to be reassured about the noises in the cellar and the window that sh...
Creepypastas&Urban Legends  by ahsx01
Creepypastas&Urban Legends by ahsx01
(READ DESCRIPTION) Various horror stories (mainly creepy pastas and urban legends). Good luck sleeping... I did not write any of these stories nor claim any of them, all...
The Truth of our Mission- A Zodiac Story by ElishaLilith
The Truth of our Mission- A 𝓔𝓁𝖎ⓢɦᗩ ᒪⒾ𝐋I𝓣𝓱
(Former Entitled: The Nine Rumors of Mystica High) There is a group of 12 people who are sent on missions. One day, they are sent to Mystica High School, where they disg...
Short Scary Stories by gingygirl99
Short Scary Storiesby Brynn
hi everyone! Highest Ranking ~ #1 in horror:) 12-7-16☆
Cursed ✔️ by NiveditasDiary
Cursed ✔️by Nivedita's Diary
Genre: Horror/Mystery 'Sometimes It's Better To Keep Things Untouched' A perfect beach trip. A mesmerising emerald stone. It looked so hypnotic and beautiful. It's jus...
Ember Grove (and Other Scary Stories) by spelunkadunk
Ember Grove (and Other Scary Spelunkadunk
Featured on WattpadShortStory Spine Tinglers, this collection of scary one-shots promises goosebumps in under 2000 words. See the first chapter for a blurb on each story...
THE SILENT ONE ✔️ - bts horror au  by outromono
THE SILENT ONE ✔️ - bts horror au by hoesucc
"a story in which the silent one's vengeance relies within a game in an abandoned elevator" ⚠️ written by: @filmfics on Twitter ⚠️ this is an amazing interac...
The Room Of Gloom And Doom by Zaina_Tjh26
The Room Of Gloom And Doomby Zaina_Tjh26
-There was this girl called Mary. Mary lived with her mother Sarah and her two siblings Josh and Emily her dad went on a business trip and he never came back so she hasn...
Carnival House [COMPLETED✔️2015] by robyncfrances
Carnival House [COMPLETED✔️2015]by 🍂r o b y n🍂
*UNEDITED* highest rank||#75 in Horror It's Halloween and four friends have wandered into the woods to see if the legend of The Carnival is true or not. For years, peop...
50 Creepy Stories by choerrkoo
50 Creepy Storiesby ◡̈
50 Truly Terrifying Creepy Stories That'll Scare You Into Perpetual Insomnia. Website:
True Scary Stories by krissymiller7899
True Scary Storiesby krissymiller7899
Enjoy the scary stories! And to make it creepier, they are ALL true. None are made up! No kidding! Scary!
Silence ✓ by ur_favouritexx
Silence ✓by _CallmeTK_
{Book 1 of The Quiet Series} "He hunts, only if the silence is disturbed." Zeal, a very determined young woman and a mother of one, had to go through challengi...
WOULD YOU SURVIVE... a horror movie? by Young_is_Free
WOULD YOU SURVIVE... a horror Young_is_Free
Do you have what it takes to survive a horror movie? Do you think you can make it out alive? You can find out! In this book you can make your own choices, form your own...
The Grave by Catalysimly
The Graveby Catalysimly
In this short story, Cole is a little kid, who enjoys reading scary stories... in a graveyard. But, one story is just too real. It's about a little kid, but his name is...
The Skeleton Deer by lavenderxfields
The Skeleton Deerby Forest Nymph
Nine year old Maisie is playing in the woods with her three friends, when they uncover strange bones in the moss. But the more they look, the more they realise something...
Ask Me Anything, If You Dare... by RL_Stine
Ask Me Anything, If You R. L. Stine
Seek the truth, if you dare... Have a question for R.L. Stine? Want to know if he ever got scared? His Hallowe'en costume of choice? His favourite scary story? You can A...