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Scar x Reader by Chaosrunner
Scar x Readerby Chaosrunner
Mufasa sat alongside Scar as the two watched life in this world they new continue on. It was strange to think one day they would fight to be king but that held no import...
Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Reader by Gaywoo
Tyrant's Lover | Taka x Readerby Gay. Woo!
Growing up, you were friends with the two Prideland Princes. You left for a couple of months and come back to Taka's behaviour totally changed. Can you figure out what's...
Scar x Reader (lion king) by Peanut_351
Scar x Reader (lion king)by Peanut_351
Scar x reader. they/them pronouns for reader. enjoy! also admire scar's lovely ass on the cover I don't own the lion king or any of the characters (though i wish i owned...
The Cause of Evil : Scar x Reader by hjaramillo
The Cause of Evil : Scar x Readerby Helen
I wanted to do this for a while. And who doesn't love a good Disney villain story. This story is taken back before Mufasa was killed and was king. This was around the t...
Lion King: human Scar one shot story by tsumesakamea
Lion King: human Scar one shot Tsume sakamea
wanted to try to do a love story for human scar so here you go hope you enjoy it