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The Daughter of Scar by DumbleWhore1999
The Daughter of Scarby Kayla
Scarlette is the daughter of Scar. She never had the easiest life, but that all changes when Prince Ben of Auradon makes his official proclamation and brings Mal, the da...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
Depressed Reader x Dangerous Fellows by LucyAndEclipse
Depressed Reader x Dangerous Garbadge
An abused and hated child, now stuck all alone in the apocalypse.... at least thats what she thinks. (This story won't 100 percent be like the original story line cuz I...
Rebirth : Assassin in Apocalypse [webtoon : Rebirth fanfic] by Cold_-_Blood
Rebirth : Assassin in Apocalypse [ Rin_Chi
the original owner of the fanfic is dreemurr_family sadly, she forgot the password and abandoned Wattpad. she'll create new character and plot but almost same thing hap...
New...(A Danger Force FanFiction) by adilynluvz
New...(A Danger Force FanFiction)by ࿊ adilyn ࿊
Scarlette Gonzalez, ever since she was little, there was always something weird about her. One night, she goes to her secret hideout, where she talks to her grandmother...
Hyperdontia (Foxy Poke'shade original) by foxy_pokeshade
Hyperdontia (Foxy Poke'shade AestheticFox
This is the story of Scarlette; an Anthropomorphic Cat (The year is 4372, all animals have evolved, but humans still linger.) When Scarlette was six, she was diagnosed...
Battlefield of Eternity by ghjdjgg22
Battlefield of Eternityby Mosetta
He had beautiful eyes, the kind you could get lost in, and I guess I did. -tell me a lie she asked -i love you Scarlett has moved back to New York after disappearing to...
Scarlette Tears by ShadowHorse
Scarlette Tearsby Clarice ღ˛
"Who are you?" her voice sounded like that of an angel or how I would imagine it to be. "D'Artagnon." "That's a pretty name," she yawned li...
Holes in My Goodbye by foreverandme
Holes in My Goodbyeby Emer
Scarlette lives like every other teenage girl. For her, nothing can go wrong. Being the confident, popular girl can be such a great convenience sometimes, but when every...
The Christmas Cult (Title in the works) by ariaroselyn_
The Christmas Cult (Title in the Aria Roselyn
Scarlette Wilson is about to become a member of 'The Christmas Cult' as the world calls them. After the death of their (now former) leader Robert Cooper things are hard...
The Mysterious Force by selene_sc
The Mysterious Forceby selene_sc
When Kate Revereen finds out that there is another hidden world around her, she wants to know more. Especially after learning that her best friends-Jessica and Scarlette...
Undefined by hellokrystalfox
Undefinedby krystalfox
Scarlette Fennel, as a daughter of a high standing leader in Leana, had grown up accustomed to the secrets, petty lies, and hidden thoughts of her father's colleagues. T...
No real life (RPW History 1) by nomorelove2000
No real life (RPW History 1)by nomorelove2000
This story is dedicated to someone who I truly love and I am hoping that after I write this story I will forget about him. It is all about a lady who expect to meet the...
Mistaken by shairafaith18
Mistakenby Shaira Faith
Everytime when Scarlette is with Louie, she feels that somethings wrong or she feels uncomfortable but she still follows the wrong path which lead her to the wrong guy a...