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The Club Of Books 《Natsuki X Sayori》 by BuffSuki101
The Club Of Books 《Natsuki X BuffSuki101
hi!! this is my first book here its a fan fiction of doki doki if you dont agree thats fine,Hope you enjoy!(cover art not mine)
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Just Monika~DDLC Randomness Book by PennyKawaiiPolendina
Just Monika~DDLC Randomness Bookby ρєииу/ sεяεηιтү
🎶Hey... there's no one else in our way... So look at me and just say, right here, my dear that you love me! And we'll sit here 'till the end of time 'cause I've earned...
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Doki Doki Literature Club Memes that make me miss the Dokis by uraraka_mochi
Doki Doki Literature Club Memes 🌸uwu🍡
Hahah. I need therapy.
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Doki Doki Literature Club King Of Fighters by HororoYen
Doki Doki Literature Club King HororoYen
Hope you like this story my first fanfic I'm not usually a good writer or anything lol I'm not sure if I'm a good writer but yeah
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The Promise (Sayori x Natsuki) by musicxllytxlented
The Promise (Sayori x Natsuki)by ~{Bakamatsu}~
TPN x DDLC AU. Sayori and Natsuki. Two young teens that grew up together in the same orphanage: Gracefield House. They grew up as kids should, happy and free and safe. B...
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DDLC One Shots by peaxchxii
DDLC One Shotsby 🍑 Yume-chan 🍑
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Doki Doki Revival Club by reesecomic13
Doki Doki Revival Clubby reesecomic13
Different Story. Different Dokis'. After the events of the first game, Monika still wanted to give the player the perfect story. Deciding that the old Dokis' wouldn't cu...
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Happy thoughts..... {Sayori x Natsuki} by xxSayorixxxx
Happy thoughts..... {Sayori x xxSayorixxxx
Hey, This is a story I feel like writing because I don't see that much ships of Sayori and Natsuki most of them are with Natsuki and Yuri so yea.
Torture (a ddlc story) by TheSingerWolf255
Torture (a ddlc story)by Thesingerwofl
After Monika deletes DDLC, her friends are forced to hide in the void and find their way out of a game that was soon to shut down, will they escape into reality? Or will...
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Please don't put Sayori in your digital background ( MOSTLY TRUE STORY)  by ParisHamiltonWinter
Please don't put Sayori in your Paris Hamilton Winter
I had always liked Sayori, and felt as if honoring her death with a background would be acceptable. Turns out something happened. Something terrible happened. -This is a...
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Save me (Yuri x Natsuki) by -Cuts-and-Cupcakes-
Save me (Yuri x Natsuki)by Tsu-Chan
DISCLAIMER: Mentions of self harm, depression, suicide, eating disorders and abuse. I do not want to promote these actions, but I want to bring light on to this. If an...
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Bittersweet Cupcake 💞 by ChocoChxn-
Bittersweet Cupcake 💞by Crybaby
Your bestfriend Sayori has forced you in a Club you don't know why but you promised her you would go to any club she suggests because you didn't go last year. Sayori wa...
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¡Doki Doki Literature Club! by flordechocolate18
¡Doki Doki Literature Club!by (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ
¡Hola, Monika aquí! ¡Bienvenido al Club de Literatura! Siempre ha sido un sueño para mí hacer algo especial con las cosas que amo. ¡Ahora que eres miembro del club, pued...
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DDLC Oneshots by cringefest_420
DDLC Oneshotsby cringefest_420
A collection of tiny stories about your favorite ships or greatest ideas for DDLC! I'll write anything you'd like me to, just request.
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Sayori hangs you instead of hanging herself by SayonaraLoqall
Sayori hangs you instead of Kira eats hands
god save me
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Doki Doki Literature Club x Fem Reader|| ㄖㄩ尺 尺乇卂ㄥ丨ㄒㄚ|| by SleepParalyzesDemon
Doki Doki Literature Club x Fem y u m
Inspired by FemaleAuthor9's Monika x Fem Reader story. Natsuki, Yuri, Sayori, and Monika. A ground of teenage girls who love playing video games, but their pesonal favor...
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The game by BuffSuki101
The gameby BuffSuki101
(cover art not mine)
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DDLC Stuff (Fanfics,Fanart,etc.) by Irioucity
DDLC Stuff (Fanfics,Fanart,etc.)by I AM RINGO BISH >:3
I'm just gonna dump all of my DDLC stuff here so ksskksodjdkdjdjqjdi
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Doki Doki Literature Club memes that will revive my love for this game by SSSmolbeannn
Doki Doki Literature Club memes Løcal Trash Can
Title explainz it all
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Oh Doki! (Mixed up DDLC Au) by Ioliveyoualot
Oh Doki! (Mixed up DDLC Au)by Jamie
Ah MC/Player was just playing the game like usual but when he got to the club...things were crazy...
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