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The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters) by JVernis
The Viking's Hold (First 11 Jany Vernis
This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry! The Vikings! Aelswyn had...
  • viking
  • historicalfiction
  • king
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Sky's Still Blue by AimeeHolly27
Sky's Still Blueby Aimee
The daughter of a Swedish Shieldmaiden sold as a slave. Slipping down a spiral into ruin until the discovery friendship that would change her life.
  • viking
  • vikings
  • saxon
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A Gift of War by AimeeHolly27
A Gift of Warby Aimee
The daughter of a Shieldmaiden and the niece of a great Danish Earl, sent to the newly acquired and prosperous lands of England with her brother, under the care and prot...
  • finan
  • uthred
  • northumbria
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kíng αlfrєd shσrt stσríєs by Russian_Dancer
kíng αlfrєd shσrt stσríєsby ➻ M.J.
A compilation of stories about King Alfred from the History Channel Show, Vikings; also possible spoilers to a future book. Disclaimers •Implied Sexual Intercourse •Impl...
  • alfred
  • vikings
  • ivar
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I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Will my Secret Get Out?? Lucia && Rickson by tinny3038
I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Tinarra
Luke Snowater is a chapion Motorcross rider with a deep dark secret... he is REALLY a girl! Lucia Somers is a minor Supermodel that is leading a double life... As Luke...
  • birthday
  • luke
  • mother
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Lost and Found by TargaryenStarkX
Lost and Foundby E
875 AD - ENGLAND Thora was born Dane, but raised as a Saxon. When Northmen come knocking at her door, she is suddenly thrown back into the grasp of her native people and...
  • emotional
  • sadness
  • historical
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The Rose and The Roman by freeradicalkik
The Rose and The Romanby Lyndsay
The land of Britain has never been one simple to rule, for thousands of years kingdoms fought for dominance between each other but when the Roman's came in, after a few...
  • marriage
  • watty
  • marraige
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covetous » sihtric kjartansson | the last kingdom by happyoctober
covetous » sihtric kjartansson | ♔
"no man should fall for such a bloodthirsty woman."
  • alba
  • aelswith
  • sihtrickjartansson
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No Church in the Wild by NebulousMelanin
No Church in the Wildby T.oxie
[A Last Kingdom Fanfiction - Ragnar the Younger] "may the dread wolf take you..." She threw her lips to the sky and howled toward the heavens, a song for the g...
  • norse
  • ragnartheyounger
  • unrest
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Run For Your Life by ADF7793
Run For Your Lifeby Antonia Dawn <3
With the taste of blood and dirt in her mouth, Lydia began the fight for her life. She began kicking and screaming all while being dragged backwards toward the Devil's H...
  • theta
  • fraternity
  • fear
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a fools fate >> finian the agile | the last kingdom by gmoney212130
a fools fate >> finian the agile | grace
"you may have rescued me but that doesn't mean you shall receive forgiveness" -slow updates -the story line isn't set and if you have any suggestions message m...
  • thelastkingdom
  • dane
  • finian
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BACK & FORTH by g6ypk1
Thank you all. Your reading my work makes my writing worth while. I have rewritten Chapter Four so that a comprehensive and more malleable comprehension of the philosoph...
  • science
  • bradbury
  • sciencefiction
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kingdom fall » finan the agile | the last kingdom by happyoctober
kingdom fall » finan the agile | ♔
"i want my throne back. i want my kingdom back. i want it all, or not at all."
  • historicalfiction
  • northumbria
  • happyoctober
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To beat a god. by Dynamic_Kitten
To beat a Dynamic_Kitten
A adventure story in an world of mythological creatures.
  • warriors
  • mythology
  • magic
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The Infected Series One: Team Fire by balabim12
The Infected Series One: Team Fireby balabim12
Rag-tags, outcasts, never really fitting in for some strange reason. Lassie Mary Smith, Josie Diana Troy, Joshua Ove Clark, Mandrel Zander Acker, Saxon Finn Rocha and Wa...
  • mandrel
  • joshua
  • apocalypse
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My Saxon King : A Poem by musickeeps
My Saxon King : A Poemby musickeeps
  • sighere
  • hidden
  • king
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The Archer by ChristopherCarubia
The Archerby Christopher Carubia
a short story
  • saxon
  • historical
  • warrior
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The Somebody's Secrets by CeciliaAvera
The Somebody's Secretsby Cecilia
Ella Kentucky doesn't know herself. Her memories are a blank sheet of paper. Having to rely on parents who seem to be a hollow shell of what real parents should be, and...
  • school
  • mother
  • somebody
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Sing it to me! by Lovetowrite001
Sing it to me!by Winnie
Mystery Swann is overjoyed when her band enters BATTLE BANDZ, a competition that could change her life. But what doesn't amuse her is the fact that she has to bear with...
  • saxon
  • swann
  • sing
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Roleplays.  by YourLocalDandere
Roleplays. by Someone
Basically a log where I'll paste all the roleplays I do with my friends, so you guys can enjoy it!
  • adventure
  • foxy
  • roleplayer
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