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Saving Grace by chalupa_tyler
Saving Graceby chalupa_tyler
Grace Stark has grown up sheltered, her only company basically being her father, his assistants, and an AI - at least until the Avengers show up. Still, getting sent awa...
Half A Heart [Book #1] by junixia_7
Half A Heart [Book #1]by 🌸 J U N I 🌸
After being cheated by her boyfriend of 5 years with her cousin Jade is forced to attend their wedding. " One wedding " " A full water proof plan of crash...
saving grace • bucky barnes ✔️ by -unpopularopinions
saving grace • bucky barnes ✔️by spoopy szn
Elias Crimson has always run from her past. When orphaned at age five, her life took a full 180. She was taken to Hydra to be experimented on. She lived in a base in Aus...
A Boy Named Jasper  {Wattpad Featured Novel} by MidnightRose55
A Boy Named Jasper {Wattpad Ruby🔮
For with God nothing shall be impossible. (Luke 1:37) ~~~~~ Jasper is a screwed up kid, yet no one cares enough to find out why. Bruises hide his arms and alcohol stains...
Saving Grace Extras by chalupa_tyler
Saving Grace Extrasby chalupa_tyler
Extra scenes/conversations that didn't make it into Saving Grace. Also includes Grace's Playlist, Grace's Bookshelf, the outline for the book, and a Q&A, where I will a...
Saving Grace by OurSavingGrace
Saving Graceby Hann & Megg
Could you sit, still and casual while your sister was missing? Perhaps dying or being killed? Life runs in mad ways and this is no different... ...
His Saving Grace-Edward Cullen by itsnikki_bryant94
His Saving Grace-Edward Cullenby Nikki🥀
Arianna Swan is going back to Forks to live with her dad Charlie to come out of her grief. She lost her twin Bella in a car that they were in. Bella died on her way to t...
Saving Grace | ✓ by stxllar_
Saving Grace | ✓by ⊱ ⊰
───── ❝ sometimes, it's those who smile that have stories to tell and need healing. and sometimes, it's those who don't. ❞ ───── Drowning is a process, one that Maggie i...
𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 ▷ CONNOR STOLL ¹ by -repxtation
𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 | "You were my one more chance I never thought I'd find." In which Calliope Grace sells her soul ...
The Youngest Carpenter (completed) by magcon_gill
The Youngest Carpenter (completed)by dancer271103
Andrea is the one and only Aaron Carpenters little sister. When Aaron leaves for a year for Magcon her parents begin to abuse her. She can't tell anyone or else she wi...
Saving Sky by callngallangels
Saving Skyby Jade
❝I broke one of my rules.❞ ❝What rule was that?❞ ❝I fell in love with you Sky.❞ ❝You're not the only one breaking rules around here, because I fell in love with you too...
paper cuts by twiliqhterr
paper cutsby sky
hope. that's what they gave me. • one shot || completed 23 july 2020 • * trigger warnings: this story contains topics of detailed descriptions of self harm and bad ment...
Finding Purpose (+18) ✔️ by ZaynismRules
Finding Purpose (+18) ✔️by Elena
***this book contains suicidal thoughts and tendencies, may not be appropriate for younger audiences*** In which she looks for the purpose of life. Lily Carter's parents...
What the Darkness Stole by OhHiThere1234
What the Darkness Stoleby Oh Hi There!!
Dust. There's so much dust. One could almost suffocate in this air. So why do I have such a will to live? There is almost no chance for survival. So why do I still have...
Imperfectly Perfect by distanthuman22
Imperfectly Perfectby R. E. N
When a chronic disease threatens to take away the life of her grandmother, her only known family, she's desperate to save it. So when the eerily opportunity of becoming...
mY sAvInG gRaCe + Harry Potter by emotionalgrrl
mY sAvInG gRaCe + Harry Potterby emotionalgrrl
Kara's always dreamed of a having someone to share her love with like they do in every romance novel. Although, she never once believed that it would be a hell driven r...
Saving Grace by hernamewasmaia
Saving Graceby Maia
What do you do when you wake up in a hospital bed not knowing anything about yourself or how you got there? When you have to spend every minute of every hour trying to...
fake smile by cmann1996
fake smileby cmann1996
A tell of teen love and lose