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Jeff the Killer x reader by Kittypasta828
Jeff the Killer x readerby Kittypasta828
... im not to good with descriptions... Check me out on Quotev! It is just Kittypasta. Please enjoy. I update while I can.
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In Honor of Creepypasta by All_4_Fun
In Honor of Creepypastaby Sola Vitae
Since I haven't seen other people doing this, I am. This is made for all Creepypasta fans out there. If you're not a fan, than please don't hate. I just wanna spread the...
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I'm Fine (BenDrowned) by Jace112
I'm Fine (BenDrowned)by Jace112
'Im fine? Why did I say that? I am anything but fine...'
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❤Creepypasta💘💔 by CPPPpeoples
❤Creepypasta💘💔by CPPPpeoples
What is Creepyasta? What does Creepypasta mean to us..or to you? Here you will fine the definition(s) of Creepypasta as well as opinions on what Creepypasta means to us...
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Unleashed (Jeff The Killer) by Jace112
Unleashed (Jeff The Killer)by Jace112
Annie is walking down Red Avenue and she saw a boy staring at her. He wore a White hoodie, Black dress pants and black sneakers. Jeff.
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BEN drowned by Creepypastafangirl8
BEN drownedby Creepypastafangirl8
this is my first book so sorry if there are grammar errors I'm trying my best >.< I hope u like it
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Ask Creepypasta by rantingjupiter
Ask Creepypastaby rantingjupiter
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Ask/Dare Jeff The Killer! by Oh_Sangwoo__
Ask/Dare Jeff The Killer!by Hannah Johnson
Hello everyone, it's me Jeff, and before anyone asks, NO, I won't kiss Eyeless Jack!
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Save our creepypasta! by The_Invisible_Ghost
Save our creepypasta!by I’m Myself
I do not own any of the stories or characters or photos in this I give full credit to the owner NOW LETS SAVE OUR FANDOM Smile dog:SPREAD THE WORD!~
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#SAVECREEPYPASTA!! by Random_Wolf_Child13
#SAVECREEPYPASTA!!by Çrïñgėÿ Wøłf Čhīłd
You read the title..Not much a story but something to ALL creepypasta Lovers
Creepypasta Express by ToastStuff
Creepypasta Expressby Toast & Stuff
Masky: Wow. What kind of name is that? Toast: The MAJESTIC ONE!!! Nyehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Ticci Toby: Meh. Masky: If I made th...
Creepypasta Memes And Comics (・∀・) by emmmmmnma
Creepypasta Memes And Comics (・∀・)by ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫◟◟◟ ❀◟(ó ò, )
Creepypasta Memes And Comics!! Yote bros #1 in Creepypastamemes ლ('ڡ'ლ) ➬ @ksofties cover creds ❤(ӦvӦ。)
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