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elephant by HoletheFrog
elephantby kiruba
the story of a girl called Amara who takes in an orphaned baby elephant.
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The Night at the Museum (Book 3) by Slytherpuff39
The Night at the Museum (Book 3)by Morganna
Ahkmenrah's tablet is rusting. Nothing like this has been seen before. To understand what's happening, Larry, Nick, and Savanna get Dr. McPhee to ship Ahkmenrah and the...
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JanjaxJasiri by Red-EyeKill
JanjaxJasiriby Asuramaru
Janja and Jasiri don't get along. But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Jasiri...
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The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck in Naruto by Fallen_Angel--x
The Lady of the Savannah|Stuck Distant Stars
Hana was an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. She lived with three roommates and was obsessed with Naruto. One day, she tried a jutsu, and it worked! From that moment...
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Bleeding Love by WhitneyMcCormick
Bleeding Loveby Whitney McCormick
"The first time Wyatt hit me, he said he was sorry and he wouldn't do it again..But sure enough two weeks later he hit my again but harder, a lot harder. The bruise...
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Daughter of Lions by Wolfie_Northern
Daughter of Lionsby Wolfie_Northern
She was raised by lions the day the plane crashed. She grew up with the name Assaggi Assaggi was trained to hunt and survive. With no memory of who she ever was, Assaggi...
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Omega To Alpha by NiceToSeeYouHumanXD
Omega To Alphaby NiceToSeeYouHumanXD
Most werewolf stories are basics off of the Male being an Alpha but what if he was an Omega and the Female was the Luna? Lily, oldest of 3 meets her mate Tyler at a rogu...
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Lost at Love by LadyDawn
Lost at Loveby LadyDawn
By: LadyDawn 2011 Copyright © All Right Reserved This is a love story, It takes place with the lovely Amanda, AKA Arizona, who owns The Southern Trinket Shop in old tow...
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My Medicine Is A Vampire by FuraZaoldyeck
My Medicine Is A Vampireby Fura Ferra
Tahun 2098 di mana dunia semakin terbuka, para makhluk Immortal tidak lagi segan-segan menunjukkan keberadaan mereka di dunia manusia. Tidak ada perselisihan antara Manu...
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Shane Grey Camp Rock 3: Win Her  Back by Believe4Ever14
Shane Grey Camp Rock 3: Win Her Savanna Miller
SEQUEL TO SELENA MILLER What happens after Camp Rock: The Final Jam? Shane and Selena leave camp and Shane and the guys are told to record a new album. How does Selena f...
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The Avatar's Twin Sister Book 1: Water (REWRITE) by DreamingStarz14
The Avatar's Twin Sister Book 1: Savanna Miller
REWRITE @2017-2019 Emma is the twin sister of Aang. Separated after Aang ran away when they were 12 the fire nation attacked and everything changed. Emma was sent into t...
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Lion RP by Fourmentella
Lion RPby Fourmentella
A lion RP where it all takes in the Savanah, and yes, there's also ranks, and you'll have fun if you check this out, give things a shot.
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The dragon's bite  by moonwatcher300
The dragon's bite by Moonwatcher
Savanna is an average teenage girl . . . Or is she? When she was wandering in the dark woods she suddenly comes across a dragon. Then she try's to run away, but gets tr...
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The Forbidden Library (Preview) by mothwing24
The Forbidden Library (Preview)by Peace2TheWorld
When a twister touches down near their school, two eighth graders named Ben and Savanna take shelter inside a hidden trapdoor. Inside, they discover an enormous magical...
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No Way Home (ATLA Fanfic) //Wattys2017\\ by DreamingStarz14
No Way Home (ATLA Fanfic) // Savanna Miller
♪Book 2 of the Other Dimension Series♪ Sadden by the death of her little brother, Savanna is still holding on to her mission and accepts the fact that she is stuck in...
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Fight for love by savannaelvis
Fight for loveby savannaelvis
This is about a girl who takes a trip to Graceland she's having a good time except she's far from Her boyfriend cole but other than that she's having the best time of he...
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Cheetah by Lana123451
Cheetahby Lana123451
Twenty Two year old Bridgette gets a job at a nature research facility called The Savanna. She loves her job and everything goes well until something goes terribly wrong...
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A Way Home by Fifa108
A Way Homeby 🔥 Fia 🔥
When a baby giraffe falls behind on a migration he must face the long hard journey where he will meet different kinds of animals, some of them kind and some of them dang...
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I'm tougher than you think I am (Nico Do Angelo fanfic, on hold) by Lindsey236746
I'm tougher than you think I am ( Lindsey
Nico Di Angelo, the son of Hades, child of the big three. A loner. But, as a new camper arrives, he changes from 'loner', to 'has my eye on someone.' He thinks its easy...
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