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What Your Eyes Tell +Satzu-Dahmo by mottock
What Your Eyes Tell +Satzu-Dahmoby mottock
Do eyes tell the truth? What you feel is always correct? Can they understand their self? Can others understand them better than them self? (mature contents, kinda smut b...
The move on process by tstmon
The move on processby tstmon
What will happen if the broken hearts meet together and help each other?.....find out.
Yodang x Sanakeng by LChou15
Yodang x Sanakengby ChewChou
"Why did I even love you??" "Because I'm pretty." Highest rank is #28 in fanfiction
not so simple... [ satzu ] by 99sapphire99
not so simple... [ satzu ]by 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑒 or n̶o̶n̶e̶
Life was simple for Twice after they became a group. No more sixteen. After a few years, JYP surprises them with big news, which brings Tzuyu's nightmares back. Sana wan...
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x Female Reader) by 4four4four4
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x 4four4four4
Park Jihyo became the CEO of her late father's company at a relatively young age after his sudden passing. Everything was going relatively smoothly until something happe...
Call Me Daddy by sunnyjeonghwa
Call Me Daddyby ᷝ
"Call me daddy" "Call you what?" "You know my name, girl" Tzuyu smirked making Sana blush. "D-daddy" Sana and Tzuyu are best fr...
One Shots Presents by diment0r
One Shots Presentsby DimenThor
A bunch of short stories
Not a Robot by Lost_Pengu
Not a Robotby Code
It all started when Sana thought Tzuyu's a robot.
Unrequited Love by Sky_Light18
Unrequited Loveby Zaki18
Sometimes it's hard to believe that the Universe will give you a chance to be so happy and then suddenly take all of it away. And that's the time you knew it'll gonna be...
Arranged Marriage by parkmanokim_
Arranged Marriageby JC
A kpop fanfiction. In which, the twelve girls will lose their inheritance if they didn't accept the engagement that their parents planned. girls x girls [BLACKPINK, TWIC...
Satzu/Cousin by Emerson_Shasha
Satzu/Cousinby Emerson_Shasha
What if you fall inlove with your cousin and Thinking how to escape the feeling? WARNING 20+
My Boss by koolkoolkid
My Bossby Joyce.
When Sana is scared of her boss.
When I Met You.. • SaTzu [COMPLETED] by JLSatzu
When I Met You.. • SaTzu [ ᴀᴛᴢᴜʙᴀʙᴀシ︎
"My Life Has Changed When I Met You." Started:04/30/2020 Ended:04/13/2021 ©jlsatzu
Since First (Satzu ff) by Zheil_Amz_Zheil
Since First (Satzu ff)by Zheil
It is where Tzuyu and Sana fell inlove with each other 'Since first' time they met but they are still young that time and didn't know what is the meaning of love until t...
Happy Pill [Satzu] by DxddyTzu
Happy Pill [Satzu]by 𝑽𝑽𝒊𝒃𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒐𝒓𝒓
Tzuyu's always angry and Sana is her Happy pill Started: 24.03.21 Ended: -- -- -- Highest: #24 Satzu #1 gxg Cover by yours truly a.k.a Me
Bloodline by sugaslove_
Bloodlineby sugaslove_
Tzuyu has always hated her somewhat close friend Sana but things start to spark when Sana does something that was least expected for Tzuyu. This is a story about Satzu a...
Lost In Time || SAIDA by Psychaoticcc
Lost In Time || SAIDAby B L E P
Beautiful, Smart, Rich, and a bitch. That's Minatozaki Sana for you. What she wants, she easily gets, not until she meets Kim Dahyun, arrogant and annoying yet quite the...
DON'T! • Satzu ☑️ by jewelofsatzu
DON'T! • Satzu ☑️by 🐿💎👽
"DON'T YOU DARE DATE MY SISTER!!!" - Chou Sana Chou Sana just wants to make sure that no one will ever hurt her sister, Chou Tzuyu.
I'M HER TARGET  by AquiSon
SATZUration by Tzuminatozaki
SATZUrationby mmonmonii
Drabbles & One-shots (Satzu only) #19: Never Say You Don't - At Idol Star Athletic Championships | #18: Happy SaTzu Day - Sana makes a mistake | #17: Things Change...