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Cosmic love. William Lennox. by NicoleEmmaNeville
Cosmic love. William FiftyShadesOfShane🍟
Sequel to Satellite Heart. After the battle, Aria decided to move out of her Witwicky home and move in with Will. Her parents love Will and approve of their relationshi...
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Meteor | Satellite sequel || tłumaczenie by Vanatte
Meteor | Satellite sequel || tł Vanatte
Wiem przecież, że niszczysz wszystko, czego tylko się dotkniesz. Jak mogłem kiedykolwiek być tak ślepy, żeby dopuścić cię blisko swojego serca?
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Icarus' Wings 1st in the Genetic Code Saga by Maddythewriter
Icarus' Wings 1st in the Genetic Miss Maddstar
A ship crashes in Central London smashing through Big Ben. Rose and the Doctor jump at the chance to find out what's going on and when faced with the murderous Slithee...
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Crimson Completes Me (Yugioh 5D's) by ShadowSigns
Crimson Completes Me (Yugioh 5D's)by Faith Hornbuckle
Head, Arm, Wings, Leg, Tail. All pieces brought together in 5 marks to form an existence of great importance. But theres no existence that can live without a beating hea...
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Rust & Stardust by thebrumous
Rust & Stardustby Shar
❝"My name is Atlas King," he whispered into the quiet, "and my little sister has always told me that when you really want something, you pick your favouri...
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Gabbie Hanna (GxG) Short Stories by do_your_intro
Gabbie Hanna (GxG) Short Storiesby Rachel Bazilian
basically just some short stories between Gab and the reader, another character, or an unnamed person's POV (which is what I'll usually do) I hope you enjoy and I hope t...
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Gabbie Hanna Lyrics by EmilySkellington
Gabbie Hanna Lyricsby EmilySkellington
Gabbie Hanna is my queen. All lyrics belong to her. Out Loud ~ Satellite ~ Roast Yourself ~ Honestly ~ Honestly (Encore) ~ Monster ~ Monster (Reborn) ~ She Wrote It Abou...
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Satellite → dy x m!r by favOriTetrash
Satellite → dy x m!rby Niyaa~
To tell the truth, more than the starlight I like the soft moonlight People don't know They don't know the more precious ones I can only see you when the moon is up Star...
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Liza And Gabbie: I'll always be here... by Imagination_Darkness
Liza And Gabbie: I'll always be Grace :)
Youtube, High school, college, moving in together, getting married! and maybe even adoption! youll only find out if you read the book!!1 1# in Labbie!!! I'm weird
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" FOR ALL THE PLACES I HAVE BEEN I'M NO PLACE WITHOUT YOU. " [peter parker x oc] [loosely based on sm:hc] ©-hoceanic- 2019
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My Satellite City Sullivan Stash by blizzardwinter05
My Satellite City Sullivan Stashby Shot Glass
Oof This is some good shit right here He is a fucking meme
EMBR of the Earth by persephonehale
EMBR of the Earthby Elle
Humans have always been curious, thirsting for knowledge beyond their realm of awareness and comprehension. It would be their biggest downfall, but they wouldn't learn t...
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Ask Earth-chan And Friends  by TheForgottenSongchan
Ask Earth-chan And Friends by TheForgottenSongchan
All in the Title
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Triangle by vasculose1982
Triangleby vasculose1982
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Trip by aronsonscheiber60
Tripby aronsonscheiber60
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Library by scorchs1978
Libraryby scorchs1978
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Each by gerickstruminsky84
Eachby gerickstruminsky84
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Bible by korrigum1996
Bibleby korrigum1996
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Drill by kodurite2000
Drillby kodurite2000
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Church by ivyweed2008
Churchby ivyweed2008
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