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Is it too late? (SasuSaku) - ON HOLD - by HarrysOnlyyAngel
Is it too late? (SasuSaku) - ON Andreea
After The Fourth Great Ninja War, everyone decided to settle and create a family. Sasuke can not stand the way he treated Sakura in the past and he considers himself unw...
  • konoha
  • sakuxsasu
  • sasuke
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💡Lost In Time💡(Sasusaku) by TomatoUchiha
💡Lost In Time💡(Sasusaku)by TomatoUchiha
It all started on a game... And that's it They choose to go there then... BOOM! They are both lost in time ●•●•●•●•●•●•●•●•●•● DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto and other N...
  • sakuraxsasuke
  • genin
  • sasusakugenin
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This Girl's Name Is Sakura Haruno [Naruto Fanfic] by chubbybunnykp
This Girl's Name Is Sakura KP
"I'm not your typical girl." "Hn,well typical girls don't walk around with pink hair." "Says the person with the stupid Chicken-ass hair."
  • fanfic
  • sasuxsaku
  • naruto
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Amnesia (Sakura x Sasuke) MAJOR EDITING  by Sasuxoxo
Amnesia (Sakura x Sasuke) MAJOR Therese
#20 Sasuxsaku 16/05/19 #4 Sasuxsaku wtf😍😍 16/07/19 Sakura a trained medic ninja found a red haired girl in the forest hurt and dying but will she save her. Will Sakura...
  • naruto
  • action
  • sasuxsaku
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TheUnexpected|| BOOK 1- COMPLETED《Sasusaku》 by TomatoUchiha
TheUnexpected|| BOOK 1- COMPLETED《 TomatoUchiha
Things happen with a reason given. Fate will change. Destiny itself agree on it. But some other things came to our, that we dont really​ actually expect and didn't see i...
  • sakura
  • sasusakufanfiction
  • harunosakura
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▪FALL FOR YOU▪《SASUSAKU》 by TomatoUchiha
♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡ Little did HE know that she's the killer... Little did SHE know that he's the one that will change her... Little did THEY know that they are meant...
  • uchihaxsakura
  • sasusaku
  • shikatema
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Passionate Misfortune (Naruto Fan-Fiction/ SASUXSAKU) by kpxols
Passionate Misfortune (Naruto -
*I'm currently editing this whole story, so no new chapter for a while. Sorry.* A mission began their fateful encounter. A dark aura played with their hearts...
  • tsunade
  • inori
  • konoha
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A/N: Before you read this please be shure to read the book one in titled: "THE UNEXPECTED" How many times you will escape to it, the time will still come... th...
  • sakuraharuno
  • modernsasusaku
  • happy
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The Vampire I Love by HaruChelly125
The Vampire I Loveby Boku No Dare
Sekumpulan cewek ini adalah vampire Dan sudah banyak memakan korban! Ada yang menduganya?
  • sasuxsaku
  • sasuke
  • sasukesakura
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A Taste Of Power by angelLove2455
A Taste Of Powerby angelLove2455
Sakura has grown into a powerful woman and taken her place in the ninja world . What will happen when Sasuke returns ?
  • sasuxsaku
Hagiko Uchiha by Haileys15
Hagiko Uchihaby Hailey <3
Okay, this is not to be confused with Katana Uchiha!!! This is a SasuxSaku story, and it's about their son Hagiko... Okay yeah... Description: what if at the time of the...
  • sasuxsaku
  • sasuke
  • naruto
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the Past the Present the Future by kayleenmerlin123
the Past the Present the Futureby Kayleenmerlin123
Sakura, Naruto, Hinata , Sai , Ino , Shikamaru ,Temari , Neji , Tenten , and Sasuke go back in time when Kakashi is their age but what happens when our favorite copy nin...
  • sasuxsaku
  • inoxsai
  • naruxhina
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SasuSaku Month 2014 by cheyennekaiser
SasuSaku Month 2014by C.V. Kaiser
It's July so that means it's time to celebrate this mesmerizing unrequited love dubbed sasusaku! Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno are my current main OTP, because I just...
  • sasusakumonth
  • naruto
  • sasukeuchiha
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Brothers of the Storm by GWinchester
Brothers of the Stormby GWinchester
Three years after Naruto Uzumaki leaves Konoha in the pursuit of power and revenge against the village, Kakashi Hatake must form a team of high-ranking chunin to attempt...
  • hinata
  • manga
  • shikamaru
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The Real World <Naruto Fan-Fiction/Modern SasuSaku> by kpxols
The Real World by -
Haruno Sakura was perfect at pretending to be someone she was not. She had two physical bodies; her real self and someone entirely different. Through practice, lies fled...
  • naruto
  • sasuxsaku
  • modern
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The Uchiha Hospital Battle by Mermaid886
The Uchiha Hospital Battleby Mermaid886
Sasuke and Sakura are enjoying life with their tiny daughter, Sarada. When it comes time for her six month check up, Sasuke's resolve is tested and a glimpse of Sarada's...
  • sasuke
  • uchihaclan
  • sarada
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