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The Exposed God by noelicoan
The Exposed Godby Noël
The sequel to 'The Hidden Genius' Naruto and Shikamaru has left Konoha, in the means to never come back, though ten years later, Tobi/Madara/Obito wages war. Will Narut...
  • namechange
  • god
  • suzaku
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An Intuition (ItaNaru) by Shiya_16
An Intuition (ItaNaru)by Shiya-Chan
When Itachi saw Naruto for the first time, his mind blanked. Now, three years later, they're a happy couple. However, Naruto's Jinchuuriki status puts him in const...
  • sasuke
  • ukenaruto
  • sasuino
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[On Hold]The Five Bad Boys by _JK_XD
[On Hold]The Five Bad Boysby PENGU_JK_XD
⚠WARNING ⚠ So none of you will get confused when I come back, I will change the story plot as much as i can because regardless of how much i love the original story it h...
  • naruhina
  • nejiten
  • sasukexino
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La casita de las muñecas by SrtaSilencio
La casita de las muñecasby SrtaSilencio
Un lugar de diversión donde puedes olvidarte de tus prejuicios y entregarte al placer sin temor a ser juzgado. Donde la perversión es el lenguaje que todos hablan y lo...
  • itasaku
  • sasusaku
  • sasukarin
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When There Was An Us(SasukeXIno FANFIC) by BabeInTheSnow
When There Was An Us(SasukeXIno BabeInTheSnow
"I love you Ino..." "You'll always be my fiancée." "I'll always love you Ino..." "You're mine. Forever and always." "I'm gon...
  • inoyamanaka
  • naruto
  • ninjalovestory
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Bitch, Your Ships are Shit. (and your favorite character is too!) by CherryblossomJelly
Bitch, Your Ships are Shit. (and New account @bxtty_
Just a salty, sarcastic bitch rating on crappy Naruto ships (and characters). Everyone hates things. I happen to hate a lot of the Naruto ships. PS- I know most of you g...
  • sasukarin
  • sasuke
  • itaizu
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SuKuRa:reacts to ships (Naruto Shippuuden) by Cuteotakuglasses
SuKuRa:reacts to ships (Naruto SuKuRa Uchiha
OK.. this the first book I made for my opinions..MY OWN opinions.PLEASE THIS ISNT A HATE SPEECH.. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto (Shippuuden) or any of it except the sto...
  • kakanaru
  • naruhina
  • narusasu
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Making New Friends In Another Dimension by unrulymuslima
Making New Friends In Another Muslima Taitt
Ino , Sasuke and Naruto was teleported into another dimension when they ended up in Magnolia , they met a certain pink hair boy , a white hair girl and a blue cat What...
  • yuuki
  • leafa
  • natsu
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One-Shots by YuichiroHyakuka
One-Shotsby Trash
A bunch of one-shots for stuff that can't be made into books; I'll make this mainly fluffy, and I'll be taking requests!
  • sasukexino
  • hiro
  • sasuino
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Slow Burn by inomniowo
Slow Burnby Sorra
One simple mistake has Hinata sent on an S-rank mission. WARNING: CONTAINS DARK THEMES AND TONS OF SWEARING!!!! Inspired by: Superpotatocakes on FanFiction.Net KakaHina...
  • sasuino
  • ino
  • narusaku
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The Sakura we saw that day by HighOnRamen
The Sakura we saw that dayby Sabrina Lopez
Naruto crossover with the flower we saw that day.
  • anohana
  • sasusaku
  • theflowrrwesaethatday
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Bestfriends by mikodevera
Bestfriendsby Blue_Killer257
Here lies a story about a boy who is being hated by people in his home.....they call him.....the nine tails.......he was being trashed,no friends not even one, but he fo...
  • kibahina
  • romance
  • newnaruto
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What If? by Usagi122
What If?by Usagi122
Sasuke x Ino Enjoy!
  • inouke
  • sasukeino
  • sasuino
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Captain's Log by ShippingSociety
A [mostly] complete record of the founding, growth, and life of the Shipping Society, from the perspective of the creater and founding mother, Aka (Captain Noodles). Thi...
  • minakush
  • sasukarin
  • itadei
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I Love Saki! (A Shisui Fanfic) by Aironl
I Love Saki! (A Shisui Fanfic)by Shisui Uchiha
Anyone describes who is Shisui's Girlfriend, Its a mystery so I created a fanfic about it...Its action, romance! see you!!! Enjoy!!!! Want some facts in any anime? Go to...
  • sakushi
  • uchiha
  • sasuino
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choose the unchosen by unrulymuslima
choose the unchosenby Muslima Taitt
Sasuino - Yamanaka Ino is a seventeen year old konoichi who attendents Konoha High ,Ino and Harano Sakura are eternal rivals who share the same feelings towards Uchiha S...
  • shikamaru
  • gaara
  • tenten
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Date by BlackHat_
Dateby BlackHat_
Cerita singkat mengenai 'kencan' mereka berdua pada hari itu ditambah kelemotan dari seorang Yamanaka Ino/Drabble/SasuIno/#DrabbleEvent1/Warning Inside/RnR please?
  • fanfiction
  • sasuino
  • ino
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Naruto: Furcsa párosok! by Sarada443344
Naruto: Furcsa párosok!by Sarada443344
Sziasztok! Ebben a könyvben szokatlan és megszokott párokról fogok véleményt mondani, akiket szeretnek összeboronálni az emberek :D
  • saiino
  • itaino
  • párok
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yin & yang. sasuhina by Mumtaaz_Galant
yin & yang. sasuhinaby mumtaaz galant
She was the only one he ever loved but he was stubborn man never learning to open up. He was not your average bad boy an she was not your average Nerd. No, not by long s...
  • narusaku
  • sasuino
  • sasukarin
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Mandul by BlackHat_
Mandulby BlackHat_
Bagaimana perasaanmu saat orang yang tak kau kenal memvonismu memikul suatu aib yang sangat memalukan bagi diri dan keluargamu? Sasuke, pria tinggi nan tampan ini harus...
  • humor
  • mandul
  • fanfiction
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