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The Difference Between Us // Emison AU by emisonclexa
The Difference Between Us // We still have us
Alison is an overly privileged rich woman with a large mansion and a family that holds a multi-million dollar corporation. She has never believed in love or truly cared...
after the kiss  ➳ sashay by riptds
after the kiss ➳ sashayby nat
"he doesn't deserve you. you deserve someone who really loves you. someone like me.." - the first chapters of this fanfic were written a few years ago and my...
Sashay: Fake It by fuckmeupjauregui
Sashay: Fake Itby ya girl
"Will you be my fake girlfriend?"
That's Not Acting -Sashay by paytonlaynes
That's Not Acting -Sashayby payton layne
When Shay Mitchell films her monthly Q&A, her secrets come out. Sasha is currently engaged to Hudson, the wedding becoming closer and closer. Is it too much for the tan...
Sashay || unwanted by deadalison
Sashay || unwantedby deadalison
a story about sasha and shay
Where do we Stand? - Sashay by EmisonCupcake
Where do we Stand? - Sashayby EmisonCupcake
What happens when the cameras stop rolling? A Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell fanfic
Unexpected Love - Emison FanFiction by Emison4Eves
Unexpected Love - Emison FanFictionby #Emison
Emily's new step-sister Alison moves in. Will they be able to keep their feelings hidden?
Meant To Be (Sashay | AU) by fheperz
Meant To Be (Sashay | AU)by Fepherz
Sasha and Shay are two of the most popular girls in school. Belonging to different cliques, and being on opposite ends of the spectrum. What will happen if the two girls...
The love of Sasha and Shay by longoa10
The love of Sasha and Shayby longoa10
Sasha and Shay have been co-workers on set for almost six years, Sasha got engaged and Shay has a boyfriend. But, what will happen when the final season arrives and it s...
Sashay by beststory101814
Sashayby beststory101814
Here's a sashay story. Sasha was really into Shay the moment she met her. Sasha always tried to hide it but it was hard for her since there getting more scenes together...
Pretty Little Liars || Texts by lovemazex
Pretty Little Liars || Textsby lovemazex
Basically the CAST texting each other, and it's the girls. Some drama yes, and the guys are in this too. There is a lot of profanity, just a warning. I apologize if ther...
Who's this?|| sashay  by darkblxoom
Who's this?|| sashay by darkblxoom
Shay Mitchell's best friend Beck has an friend named Sasha Pieterse, after beck has been showing Shay pics of sasha she's been wanting to text her what happens when Beck...
Sashay : Love win by -Aure-97
Sashay : Love winby -Aure-97
Shay had kept a huge secret but one night after a Pll party she told everything to Sammy and Michaela. What will happened ? Sasha is bisexual and everybody know she is d...
Sashay: I can't do this  by littlelyingwolfs
Sashay: I can't do this by littlelyingwolfs
This story is about Shay and Sasha as they go through they're lives Shay realizes something
Shaycation In Good Taste by 850writer
Shaycation In Good Tasteby 850writer
They fell in love on set. But neither wanted to acknowledge that fact. So they tried to ignore it. But their happiness and peace always lead them back to each other. As...
Emison: I can't fight my feelings by camren_againstreason
Emison: I can't fight my feelingsby Color Outside the Lines
A-Free story about Alison Dilaurentis and Emily Fields falling in love. This story takes you on their journey full of Emison Fluff and Emison Fights. The story gets so m...
This is Real by otpemisonisendgame
This is Realby otpemisonisendgame
A sneak into the lives of the PLL actresses that embody Emison. Are the feelings they are trying to convey through their characters end when the lights in the studio go...
Friends with benefits. by emis0ns
Friends with 𝐚𝐬𝐡
Shay and Sasha act Emily and Alison in the show but Shay can't resist and fall in love with her. Sasha eventually finds out and something happens.... !!This is a joke!!
Emison - Crazy in Love by fernanda426152
Emison - Crazy in Loveby fernanda426152
Até quando o amor e ódio podem andar de mãos dadas? Alison Dilaurentis e Emily Fields nutriam entre si uma rivalidade enorme por acontecimentos do passado que até hoje p...
Swooned by redkicks_x
Swoonedby redkicks_x
"Lesson learned, never engage in a conversation with a drunk blonde... Because it's a hits you harder when you realized that you have fallen, fallen under...