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K Project x Reader by NyxieGoddess
K Project x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Requests are accepted at any time in the comments or in my inbox! Highest ranking #45 in Random, #86 in FanFiction
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What's The Color Of Life by Yel_lue04
What's The Color Of Lifeby Yel_lue04
It wasn't this complicated until the Scepter 4 and Homra penetrated the school. Another Fushimi Saruhiko and Oc fanfiction.
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Breaking Point by sleepingxrainbows
Breaking Pointby (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
With having a king for a brother, living at a bar, being an outsider everywhere she went and not knowing where she's going in life, Naomi Suoh is just at the brink of he...
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Cold Heat by vioxsoo
Cold Heatby Finch
My mom once told me that when a boy was being mean to me it meant that he liked me. I guess all moms tell their daughters that, but they all couldn't be more wrong. If s...
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Purple King (K-Project) by Kanato_0
Purple King (K-Project)by Mochi_0
Muri is a girl who lives in a city named Shizume City. She often helps HOMRA with some problems and also visits Scepter 4, but as Totsuka Tatara dies, she broke the con...
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One long life~a K project fanfic [BOOK 1 FINISHED/ UNDER EDITING] by _Youmin_
One long life~a K project fanfic [ Yumi
Saikumi Suoh,going by the name Kumi,is the younger sister of the current third and red king,Mikoto Suoh. With her too-pale-almost-sick-looking skin tone and her icy blue...
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•K Project Facts• by Ashley__Senpai
•K Project Facts•by Ashley__Senpai
here are a bunch of facts about K Project!! it is my favorite anime! So please enjoy!
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El cumpleaños de Andy [SARUMI] by wildyatagarasu
El cumpleaños de Andy [SARUMI]by wildyatagarasu
La misión era un cumpleaños, pero no quería ir solo. Saruhiko usa sus cartas para convencerlo, pero ¿llevarlo al "nido" de los azules, es buena idea? Oneshot c...
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At Peace by Saekki24
At Peaceby Saekki24
Fushimi and Yata finally find peace, but at what cost?
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K Project Oneshots by positively_poland
K Project Oneshotsby Trolly McTrollerton
If you're going to request, at least give me some details, and maybe use manners. Thanks. I'm not good at introducing my writing, so please read and decide if you enjoy...
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SAVAGE [SARUMI] by wildyatagarasu
SAVAGE [SARUMI]by wildyatagarasu
Un pequeño gato rebelde y mal humurado se enfrenta a lo que la sociedad ha catalogado como Alfa, beta y omega. Por desgracia él pertenece a la rama más "débil y men...
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Be King Again|| Mikoto Suoh by sadpoet009
Be King Again|| Mikoto Suohby kai
My life has always been a series of nightmare, after nightmare, the day I decided I didn't want to live in this miserable world, was the day he saved me, it was the day...
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If We Were Still... [K Project] by GraySteel
If We Were Still... [K Project]by V O N
*Told from both Saruhiko Fushimi's and Misaki Yata's P.O.V. A story about friends and the possible relationship in the future. This is an old series that I completed on...
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K x reader by AiAiAndroid
K x readerby AiAiAndroid
Different feelings and relationships with Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, and Mikoto Suoh will steer F/N into a series of interesting events and problems. Things such...
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SCEPTER 4'S Wolf (Fushimi X OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
SCEPTER 4'S Wolf (Fushimi X OC)by asuka_lynnbrown
Even the lone wolf has a thirst for love. I am known as SCEPTER 4's Wolf, and the lone wolf of the Blue Clan. I am also a Strain and one of the rare survivors from the K...
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Forgotten by Arkfall21
Forgottenby Arkfall21
Misaki Yata woke up on top of a rooftop, bloody and batter, unable to think straight, he wanders around a bit before Saruhiko found him passed out from blood loss in an...
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Lost (Sarumi) by ToolaBoola
Lost (Sarumi)by Ms. Boola
Kings and clans were over, so Saruhiko and Misaki kind of fuck around because they had no purpose in life beforehand.
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Sarcasm [ A SARUMI FANFICTION ] by kuro-sockies
Sarcasm [ A SARUMI FANFICTION ]by Ghost
When Saruhiko shows up at his appartment late at night, wounded. Misaki takes of the duty of taking care of him. Perhaps this is just the thing the two need to patch up...
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The White Queen || f.s. (ON HOLD) by ryuunxsuke
The White Queen || f.s. (ON HOLD)by Lily
Do you know why white is so beautiful? Because it can be combined with any other colour. The same goes for the abilities of a White Queen - known as the eternal light, a...
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Oneshots by unique-goddess
Oneshotsby unique-goddess
Oneshot fan-fictions (boyxboy)
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