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Crimson Covered Petals by TheLittleStarTenny
Crimson Covered Petalsby Tenny
Idolish7 HoshiMeguri AU fic Fates. So easy to change. So easy to rewrite. Fate of many individuals intertwine and connect. "Let the Crimson Petals fall once again...
Lonely Risotto (Risotto Nero x Reader Lemon)  by KiraKujo
Lonely Risotto (Risotto Nero x Kira
You're a lonely woman living in Sardinia. Risotto gets to Sardinia before Bucciarati and his gang do. He stays the night in the same hotel you're staying at. Short Lemo...
Don't Call Me A Tomato! (A Hetalia Spain One-Shot) by Magicaltoasterwuvsu
Don't Call Me A Tomato! (A Niente Di Speciale
Sardinia and Spain would make such a lovely couple, but with Belgium in her way she's going to need a bit of help from her sister Sicily. Who's going to get the guy, Sar...
The Day Dreamer by RoxFoxZox
The Day Dreamerby RoxFoxZox
Eleanor Bianchi lives on the peaceful Italian island of Sardinia, she swims in the sea from dusk till dawn, chasing fish and exploring. She's the epitome of a free spirt...
You Found Me. by AlleCapucci
You Found AlleCapucci
Katherine, is a normal sixteen year old girl, that has no idea of what she wants in life. Well, until she meets Aden. Teenager love is always fooling around and fun, bu...
IDOLiSH7 Hoshimeguri Roleplay by FangirlShipperBook
IDOLiSH7 Hoshimeguri Roleplayby Moonrise
I think the title pretty much sums it up. Other than that, this is a roleplay set in the universe (quite literally unintentional pun there) of the IDOLiSH7 Hoshimeguri s...
sardinia | YOONMIN by t_toffee
sardinia | YOONMINby Toffee
park jimin is beyond annoyed to go to a mediterranean island instead of the exciting new york city for six weeks on summer vacation but his opinion changes because of mi...
Nike:The Different Story. by NataschaJacobs
Nike:The Different Natascha Jacobs
God created Lucifer Morningstar,a beautiful angel but he rebelled and God kicked him out of the Heavens. Where he becomes humanities worst enemy the Devil or Hades.Hades...