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Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
Your new roommates Damien and Shayne get you a job at Smosh because they're the best roommates ever, duh. But one of them gets you more than just a job, they get you cat...
Smosh summer games: Shourtney by squig7
Smosh summer games: Shourtneyby squig7
Smosh summer games roll around and it's a new year, and new things are learned about one another with the Summer games Beach Edition. Shayne and Courtney have never seen...
Little Padilla 😌 by SnakeySlut
Little Padilla 😌by Paige-Marie Tanner
Shayne X reader. Being Anthony's little sister has its pros but it also has it's cons. As you move out to LA to live with your older brother, you finally meet the talent...
Almost, But Not Quite [Damien Haas] by GeneralEyes
Almost, But Not Quite [Damien Haas]by Amy ✨
Welcome to WriteBack, an app where you could throw back to the 90s and talk to people without knowing their names, addresses, appearances, and more. There's one thing ab...
Smoshcast Quotes  by peachyymomo
Smoshcast Quotes by peachyymomo
lowecase intended the goal was to keep it in almost like a twitter format so it's not punctuated sorry warning there is swearing in this book
A Kimmien story by miss_soupy
A Kimmien storyby soupy
This is my first fanfiction ever so don't be mean, but I'm open to constructive criticism. Basically, Kimmy and Damien both work at smosh and they catch feelings. If smo...
'Hoo Hoo!' ~ A Collection of Shourtney / Shartney Oneshots by WebbyIsAStupidBitch
'Hoo Hoo!' ~ A Collection of kitty
I've seen a few of these around, so I may as well hop on this bandwagon and present to you... crappy Shourtney Oneshots, of Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller, duh. Enjoy!
Soft Place To Land by OliviaDyson6
Soft Place To Landby Olivia Dyson
*Mature Themes* Danielle was an actor from London, who moved to LA for Uni. Things were going great booking jobs for a while until things run dry. And well she got pregn...
Falling, Fallen || A Damien Haas Fanfiction by TheSimpleThings28
Falling, Fallen || A Damien Haas SimpleThingsAlice
[☎️ON TEMPORARY HIATUS☎️] Aspen is a new college graduate and she's about to start her life in the entertainment world. She can't wait to explore the industry and see a...
Super Smosh High School AU by miss_soupy
Super Smosh High School AUby soupy
Junior year is already hard enough, dealing with crushes, SAT scores and annoying classmates. But for seven superpowered teens, things just got A LOT more difficult.
Facing Your Fears by spookyboycontent
Facing Your Fearsby spookyboycontent
A Spooky Season Special in which smosh fans themselves get to Face Their Fears! Starting October 1st
Damien Haas Oneshots ;3 by MoonLitGaming
Damien Haas Oneshots ;3by MoonLitGaming
One shots and/or shots of Damien Haas, of Smosh James. UwU and HooHoo. May contain swearing? My freinds already know I have a problem with...
The New Addition  by SnakeySlut
The New Addition by Paige-Marie Tanner
Kristen Haas (Damien's sister) is trying out for smosh games. She is an exact female copy of Damien. After all these years, she finally meets Damien's best friend. They...
Feel The Same (Damien Haas x OC)  by 100redballoons
Feel The Same (Damien Haas x OC) by 100redballoons
Slow updates Ember Curtis just lost her job and is desperate for a change. She decides to move to California where her twin has been living for the past couple years, wo...
Smosh Imagines by TopGeek101
Smosh Imaginesby TopGeek 101
What the title says(All based on their videos)
Alan&Sarah (JUMANJI) by Jumanji_mad
Alan&Sarah (JUMANJI)by Jumanji_mad
You all know the story of Jumanji. Even with the crocodile, stampede, hunters. One good thing came out of it, Alan and Sarah realised they love each other, but how f...
jumanji-another player by _icecream_666
jumanji-another playerby laura and the weirdo editor
"jumanji a game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind you roll the dice to move your token the first player to reach the end wins" i rea...
Smosh Drama Club by Dorkaliscious
Smosh Drama Clubby Penny Caloway
I was literally watching Smosh Theatre today and I thought why not take the Smosh pit cast and friends throw them into a drama club and make them do plays... so it's a l...
The Hotel from Hell [Smosh]  by PepperoniPlayboi
The Hotel from Hell [Smosh] by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh crew takes a vacation but Ian forgets to book a hotel reservation. They end up staying at a run down hotel on the edge of town. Read the tale of when Smosh's v...
RUNNING FROM GIANTS (EatUrFarkinMeat) by DrinkThyHolyMilk
Giants are titans. Titans are bad. Humans are small. Humans are not prey. Read the story. PEOPLE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY- ANTHONY PADILLA. MATT SOHINKI. IAN...