Y/N rose was a member of the rose family he is the eldest son of summer rose his sister is ruby rose he lived a happy good life until summer went on a mission. When she...
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The Mafia's Wife (Sasusaku fanfic) by AnimeshipQueen21
The Mafia's Wife (Sasusaku fanfic)by AnimeshipQueen21
She's his light that drove him away from darkness. She's his love that tought him how. She's the eyes that he never had that could see through his heart and actions. She...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • nejiten
  • sasuke
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Kirito X Reader by IzzysaNeRD
Kirito X Readerby Izzy T.
(Y/n) got home from school on Friday, and went home to play a new game called...SAO.(Sword Art Online) She thought she'd be done by 8:00, take a shower, then go to slee...
  • kirito
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Master And Servant (Abused and Neglected Male Saiyan OC X High School DXD) by user44057845
Master And Servant (Abused and DJ Ultra Instinct SSJ Goku
I can't have High School DXD and Fate Grand Orden and Elsword and Sword Art Online,If I can't do this,I hope you will remind me.
  • elsword
  • issei
  • abused
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[ONGOING] My Love For You (Kirito x Reader) by Miya_Megumi
[ONGOING] My Love For You ( Megumi Miyazaki
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE COPIES OR REWRITES OF THIS STORY RATED +14 In 2022, thousands got trapped in this mortal game, including you. Sword Art Online became a m...
  • asuna
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Happier When I'm Gone? by Carat_Trash
Happier When I'm Gone?by ~DiAmOnD~
You were Kirito's best friend. You met him in kindergarten and had always been friends. Nothing tore you apart, until Sword Art Online appeared. Everything was fine unti...
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Anime Oneshots [Finished] by _FliGhT_
Anime Oneshots [Finished]by "Regret"
You know it! A anime one shot! Since I can't decide which new anime fanfiction, to do I will be doing a one shot! I will be doing Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Free Iwat...
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Kirisuna Fluff - Sword Art Online by AnimeRain14
Kirisuna Fluff - Sword Art Onlineby AnimeRain14
Kirisuna Fluff - Sword Art Online I do not own Sword Art Online. Short stories of Kirito x Asuna fluff taken place when they get back to the real world. Most likely afte...
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You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader] by theanomini
You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader]by Theanomini
You have always been a girl who loved video games. You were often considered a 'Legend' and were a naturally great and powerful player. One day, you are gifted the newly...
  • art
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Link Start! (Sinon X Male reader) (On Hold For A Bit) by universewolf28
Link Start! (Sinon X Male reader) TSM 신자 (Sinja)
You, being an SAO survivor. Tries to play a VRMMO for the first time in a year after the incident. But what you don't know is that it is going to be better then what y...
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SWORD ART ONLINE ;Kirito x Reader by Kanashi_Kako
SWORD ART ONLINE ;Kirito x Readerby Ziaine
2022, humanity has finally created a complete virtual environment. ------------ [New Cover drawn by me!] Words per chapter : 1500 Check it out, afterall you...
  • são
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Unending love || Kirisuna by xXAsuna_KirigayaXx
Unending love || Kirisunaby Asuna Kirigaya
First chapter on the account xXKirito_SenpaiXx
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Survive or Die (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) by FREEWARRIOR
Survive or Die (A Sword Art ⚽️🎧🏐
Death game. That's where Ava Moore is. Sword Art Online was a game at the beginning where everyone played, had fun, being with friends, now it's the game that's taking e...
  • survive
  • kirito
  • ava
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A samurai/ninja love story (Kleinxreader) by MarieLecocq
A samurai/ninja love story ( Marie Lecocq
(Y/n) (L/n) is a gamer and got chosen as a member of the beta testing group. She liked being a solo player. She always was one, so why change now?
  • são
  • klein
  • romance
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(OOC) Kirito x reader  {editing} by AnimeFreakshawols
(OOC) Kirito x reader {editing}by KpopAnimeTrash
Your best friends with Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) but you left for Korea because you always wanted 2 b a performer . After the SAO incident u nd ur band have been asked to...
  • kirito
  • são
  • anime
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I Will Always Love You by Raisa_Saffa
I Will Always Love Youby Raisa Saffa Fajaruddin
This story happened after SAO. Kirito is not just an ordinary boy, but he is the crown prince of Japan that no one know he exist. How is going to tell his friends? Will...
  • kirito
  • kirisuna
  • saofanfic
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Fell Between The Cracks (Kirito x Reader) by NicoShiro
Fell Between The Cracks (Kirito ♤Lizzy♤
You were born to a family who dont really care about you. You entered the game sao trying to run away from reality. There you met kirigaya and hana. You lived with asuna...
  • adventure
  • suffering
  • xreader
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The Signs as Anime Characters by KaitlinAnnetteDavis
The Signs as Anime Charactersby Kate :3
Hello there, my friends~ If you're familiar with my "Zodiac Short Stories" or "Behold the Zodiacs" books, then you've already seen a lot of these ^^;...
  • blackbutler
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Black and Yellow ( Harem) by Wolfsun97
Black and Yellow ( Harem)by Wolfsun97
In an parallel universe to the Red vs Blue universe, another version of Kazuki Ito also had a peaceful life until Chibi Wolfsun decided to force him to choose a harem of...
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Siva (Volume 5) The Eyes of Origins by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 5) The Eyes of Originsby John Ethan Reddcliffe
[#1 in Virtual Reality] Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an ad...
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