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Lucy The Op Player by Twin4455
Lucy The Op Playerby
In her normal live Lucy is a Celestial Mage.She is part of Fairy Tail a guild in Fiore Magnolia. But as Lisanna came back from edolas she was being ignored by her so cal...
  • lucy
  • crossover
  • lucyxoc
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Kirito X Reader by IzzysaNeRD
Kirito X Readerby Izzy T.
(Y/n) got home from school on Friday, and went home to play a new game called...SAO.(Sword Art Online) She thought she'd be done by 8:00, take a shower, then go to slee...
  • fanfiction
  • são
  • kirito
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The Mafia's Wife (Sasusaku fanfic) by AnimeshipQueen21
The Mafia's Wife (Sasusaku fanfic)by AnimeshipQueen21
She's his light that drove him away from darkness. She's his love that tought him how. She's the eyes that he never had that could see through his heart and actions. She...
  • sakura
  • aot
  • sasuke
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Terco Corazón by Yosii_90
Terco Corazónby Yosii_90
Un amor que sólo quedo en los sueños de dos adolescentes que creyeron se volverían eternos en una burbuja que reventó pese a amarse con locura. Es posible empezar despué...
  • kiriasu
  • drama
  • amor
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Anime Oneshots [Finished] by _FliGhT_
Anime Oneshots [Finished]by "Regret"
You know it! A anime one shot! Since I can't decide which new anime fanfiction, to do I will be doing a one shot! I will be doing Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Free Iwat...
  • aot
  • lévi
  • kuroko
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Sword art online : Protection by Chronicle_holder
Sword art online : Protectionby Chronicle_holder
  • anime
  • são
  • asuna
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I Will Always Love You by Raisa_Saffa
I Will Always Love Youby Raisa Saffa Fajaruddin
This story happened after SAO. Kirito is not just an ordinary boy, but he is the crown prince of Japan that no one know he exist. How is going to tell his friends? Will...
  • são
  • kirisuna
  • kirito
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Her Mission To Save Them All || Sword Art Online Fanfic by FourEyedSpectacle
Her Mission To Save Them All || FourEyedSpectacle
"It was Sword Art Online that drove us together and then tore us apart." As the niece of Kayaba Akihiko, Kayoko Akahoshi thought she knew everything there was...
  • orginal
  • romance
  • fanfic
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Kirito x Reader by kc-ookie
Kirito x Readerby kc-ookie
Your stuck in the virtual world of Sword Art Online. You were a beta tester but things were different. *I do NOT own SAO and you but I own other things like the story l...
  • são
  • sao
  • kiritoxreader
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Sword Art Online Volume 18 - Lasting by xGoldenArrow
Sword Art Online Volume 18 - xGoldenArrow
Translator's Notes: Sword Art Online Volume 18 is the final main volume of the Alicization arc. It consists of Chapters 21, 22, and 23, an Epilogue, and a Prologue. Tran...
  • volume
  • vol
  • sword
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SWORD ART ONLINE ;Kirito x Reader by Kanashi_Kako
SWORD ART ONLINE ;Kirito x Readerby Ziaine
2022, humanity has finally created a complete virtual environment. ------------ [New Cover drawn by me!] Words per chapter : 1500 Check it out, afterall you...
  • kiritoxreader
  • reader
  • swordartonline
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SAO: Virtual World, Real Secrets 《DISCONTINUED》 by _FashionDreamer_
SAO: Virtual World, Real Secrets 《 Kandy Kat
At the beginning of SAO, a 19 year old girl named Miyuki joined. She is hiding something from everyone around her. But when she meets Kirito, will she be able to keep th...
  • manga
  • sao
  • fanfic
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The Game - Sequel to "The Legend" by Kirbycake321
The Game - Sequel to "The Legend"by Kirbycake321
Die in game. Die in real life. A risk (Y/N), Sean, Mark, and Felix are forced to take.
  • markiplier
  • são
  • xreader
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Suguha x Male Reader: Love Along The Way by TheRealPrinceVegeta
Suguha x Male Reader: Love Along Prince Vegeta
You were an SAO survivor, and that game nearly killed you countless times while you were trapped, especially when you would hang around your friend Kirito, and his wife...
  • malereader
  • alo
  • suguha
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Y/N rose was a member of the rose family he is the eldest son of summer rose his sister is ruby rose he lived a happy good life until summer went on a mission. When she...
  • harem
  • rwby
  • malereader
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Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Moon Cradle by TaeGirlOfficial
Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Nelle
Moon Cradle (ムーン・クレイドル, Mūn Kureidoru?) Part 2 is the 20th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on September 8, 2017. It is the last volume of a si...
  • alice
  • swordartonline
  • lightnovel
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SAO and Bnha crossover! Second year. by Sophiaslove
SAO and Bnha crossover! Second Sophiaslove
Class 1-A has become 2-A. And after a very long but exciting first year their ready to tackle another! But what happens when this class of twenty becomes a class of twen...
  • crossover
  • sophiaslove
  • mha
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Survive or Die (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) by FREEWARRIOR
Survive or Die (A Sword Art ⚽️🎧🏐
Death game. That's where Ava Moore is. Sword Art Online was a game at the beginning where everyone played, had fun, being with friends, now it's the game that's taking e...
  • swordartonlineabridged
  • ava
  • survive
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You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader] by theanomini
You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader]by Theanomini
You have always been a girl who loved video games. You were often considered a 'Legend' and were a naturally great and powerful player. One day, you are gifted the newly...
  • fanficiton
  • battle
  • sword
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The Best Moments Of Our Life || Kirisuna (COMPLETE) by xXKirito_SenpaiXx
The Best Moments Of Our Life || INACTIVE ACCOUNT, GO TO xXKir...
This is a story of when Kirito and Asuna are married. ~~~~ The first chapters are.... Bad. Ill say that. But I think.. It gets better as it goes. Say Yui never reappeare...
  • asuna
  • kirito
  • anime
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