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That One Summer by RedSkittles_29
That One Summerby RedSkittles_29
"I don't think we've met," He holds a hand out, "I'm Chase Matthews, the 3rd" He announces grandly. "And I care... Why, exactly?" I say...
  • romance
  • young
  • summer
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Double Take by capuletsbirdie
Double Takeby hannah
When Jane Saito gets invited by her mother's friend to spend the summer at her beach house in Santa Monica, she meets Mason Jones, the boy she'd forgotten existed. 10 ye...
  • summerromance
  • badboygoodgirl
  • badboy
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Only Love. by laetibrcg
Only laetibrcg
Maya est le profil parfait de la jeune lycéenne de Santa Monica, qui vit encore chez ses parents, et qui a une vie plutôt banale. A la veille de ses 17ans, sa vie va êtr...
  • sensuel
  • amitié
  • 17ans
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Making It Count (Titanic Rose Fanfiction) part 2 by dicaprisunisshinning
Making It Count (Titanic Rose dicaprisunisshinning
Set two years after when the original book finished (making it count (Rose Titanic Fanfiction) part 1) So I advise you to read that one first before this one. Just becau...
  • jackdawson
  • josephinedawson
  • rosedawson
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 Santánico Pandemonium: A Klaus Mikaelson Tale by DiedT0Live
Santánico Pandemonium: A Klaus Rose Thorns
"There's things you don't know about the Mikaelson family..." A old woman began to say. Stefan and Damon Salvatore looked at this woman with interest. "Wh...
  • mikaelson
  • rebekah
  • original
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runner runner // a(nother) Merrell twins fanfic (very, very slow updates)  by ahotdonut
runner runner // a(nother) :)
"I wrap the blanket tighter around me and I I look up at the great, starry sky. An overwhelming sensation comes upon me as I realize that I am truly safe, I have a...
  • wendymerrell
  • running
  • aaronvanwormer
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 A Dream to An End  by sentimentalove
A Dream to An End by ✨
What if a nightmare turned into a twisted reality? Find out as Peach explores in two different dimensions.
  • fiction
  • tragedy
  • santamonica
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Plot Twist by DawnBWriter
Plot Twistby Dawn Booker
New city, New people and a New relationship. What happens when Paige arrives in Santa Monica and strikes up a new friendship with her neighbour. Follow Paige and Adam a...
  • friendship
  • santamonica
  • teen
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Tyler's Point of View by lorivictoriayavor
Tyler's Point of Viewby lorivictoriayavor
This is a 3 paragraph story of Tyler Bruce's point of view in the DIMILY series. I hope you enjoy **DISCLAIMER** i did change the story a bit (i.e. they aren't step sibl...
  • portland
  • dimily
  • santamonica
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Peter Kavinsky ?California State University, Long Beach. by 97storymaker97
Peter Kavinsky ?California State EM
I adore To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I also adore Peter Kavinsky and Noah Centineo. This story, is literally from my imagination. I have taken Peter, Lara Jean and...
  • santamonica
  • lanacondor
  • orangecounty
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Tracy Morgan é uma garota que perdeu tudo o que tinha - inclusive seu pai, morto por um policial, e e sua mãe, que está presa em uma prisão em Santa Monica - fazendo co...
  • policial
  • amizades
  • chuck
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SANTA MONICA LOVE by zinaschultz
Nemo works in a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. His mother, from Mexico, raises her three children alone in the USA. What happens when her eldest is forced to b...
  • bookintofilm
  • sunset
  • shortstory
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Gun Kiss by KhaledTalib
Gun Kissby Khaled Talib
From finding and returning a Derringer used by John Wilkes Booth used to kill Abraham Lincoln, to rescuing a Hollywood movie star from a kidnapper in Mexico, GunKiss by...
  • mexico
  • thrillernovel
  • druglord
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MADNESS by amoressia
MADNESSby amoressia
"Sai cos'è una follia?" Scossi la testa. Lui mi baciò. "È una cosa..." Mi baciò di nuovo. "...che fai..." E ancora una volta. "...di c...
  • nuovacittà
  • mare
  • pazzia
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Friends at First by foreveryoung637363
Friends at Firstby foreveryoung
A college girl named Taylor. Her family was going on a trip to Main. She had the option to go but she is still deciding. She meets a boy named AJ. They end up remember b...
  • friends
  • coffee
  • taylor
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all the things i never said: a non-love love story by mollzmarie
all the things i never said: a mollz
kaz and tate were meant to be all they had to do was meet and the rest should be history but what if all the things they want to say they never say ------- so the story...
  • depression
  • romance
  • lovestory
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Life Goes On by girlwho-writes
Life Goes Onby girlwho-writes
18 year old Faith Adams is an internet sensation. It's summer and schools out. When she meets a special fan, they become quick friends. However, this fan has a certain s...
  • drama
  • justinbieber
  • heartbreak
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End of the Trail by krisel_bae
End of the Trailby krisel_bae
Payton Gram kehrt wieder zu ihrer Adoptivfamilie in Santa Monica zurück. Ihr einziger Wunsch ist es endlich mit der Trauer um ihre geliebten Eltern abzuschließen. Doch s...
  • secrets
  • criminal
  • liar
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The Real Kind of Popular by aurora_is_a_pxnguin
The Real Kind of Popularby Aurora Grace
Alice Hunter is a freshmen in high school, who has caught the attention of multiple boys, new to her school, Alice is challenged with friends, school, and family.
  • boyfriend
  • boys
  • popular
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