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Cyan Eye [Fontcest] by xXCyanEyeXx
Cyan Eye [Fontcest]by xXCyanEyeXx
After a painful run, Frisk Reset. Ever since they did, Sans had only been getting Nightmares every night. Papyrus tried to help as best as he could, but Sans never allow...
Random Fellcest Story by Iamtrash999
Random Fellcest Storyby Sanstalope
not much happens. *wink wink wink* I'm bad at summaries. this is trash and edge and stupidity. don't read it, it's horrible XD
Brotherly Love  NSFW Underfell by YellowSmileyFace
Brotherly Love NSFW Underfellby YellowSmileyFace
This was my first time writing a story on Wattpad so plz don't judge and if you don't like Fontcest or Undertale I suggest u do not read. Enjoy folks.
sans x papyrus Oneshots maybe by Teenidle_12
sans x papyrus Oneshots maybeby Teenidle_12
idek tbh this is my first ever Oneshot I ever did and story to AND PAPYRUS IS A BOTTOM NO MATTER HOW TALL IN THE GAME HE IS FITE ME!!!!!! In these Oneshots they are hum...
.:Different:.(DISCONTINUED) by _MattKar_
.:Different:.(DISCONTINUED)by Matthew
Sans is struggling with depression, and Papyrus is having a difficult time getting a grip on his feelings for his brother. Both issues put together leads to an angsty br...
Classic Fontcest {scenarios} by error_44
Classic Fontcest {scenarios}by error_44
Warnings: Sans x Papyrus SLIGHT/IMPLIED NSFW. The book itself will have some angst, but I'll put trigger warnings if you are sensitive to them. If you don't like this sh...
Royalfell (Fellcest) {On Hold} by Gonerkid101
Royalfell (Fellcest) {On Hold}by tEmMz
Asgore dies Papyrus becomes the new king Who is he gonna choose as his queen? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A series of one-shots, telling how Sans became Papyrus's...
Do you love me, Bro? by edgysoup
Do you love me, Bro?by edgysoup
I dunno, fontcest??? May have sin-- it will have fluff, and angst Rip Hope this is good I update every one to two weeks lmao sorry guys ó^ò
but Nobody came (Fellcest) by Gonerkid101
but Nobody came (Fellcest)by tEmMz
How Papyrus and Sans deals with Sans running away. Maybe their lives will intertwine again. This is an alternate version to the AO3 story 'April Fools'. In the orginal...
I Wish To Stay By You {FontCest}[[Unfinished]] by Soapsss
I Wish To Stay By You {FontCest}[[ Soaps
Just read, I'm sure you'll enjoy So mostly it's from a roleplay I've been having. I just wanted to randomly post it and see how people like it? It's still a on going rol...
UpperFell  by Inkyexe
UpperFell by Inky
Sans, or Red as he prefers, is the lowest of the low in Ebott City. He does odd jobs around the city for quick cash, that is until he meets Papyrus. Papyrus is lonely an...
escape|Yandere!Papyrus x sans (kind of) by samfreeman3
escape|Yandere!Papyrus x sans ( sammm
This entire story has been created because of a stupid joke me and my friends made a long time ago so...............
my dear brother how I've missed you. by WillNOTbreak
my dear brother how I've missed Lynn Bellmore
king papyrus more know as the lonely king lost his brother but what if ut sans is kidnapped and sent to story shift bye this weird portal that appeared out of no where?
Don't forget ( a Sans x Papyrus story ) by abcundertale
Don't forget ( a Sans x Papyrus abcundertale
they are both brothers and they have secrets they keep away from each other
How to drink ketchup step by step DIY homemade  by so1cool
How to drink ketchup step by the
The ways of 「The Ketchup 」
you're so impatient! || fontcest by coolyWheely
you're so impatient! || fontcestby ✜✕bitch✕✜
papyrus made an anonymous blog for dealing with his impulsiveness and insecurities but he has never been the best at hiding things from his brother ... specially when H...
More Than A Brother by Xx_fontcest4eva_xX
More Than A Brotherby Xx_fontcest4eva_xX
a tale of two brothers on search for their lost friend that end up finding true love instead...
You Make My Soul Flutter by Nabstaton59
You Make My Soul Flutterby Nine
Yes another fontcest I know. This is currently a work in progress so please be patient with me. Also don't forget to re-read every once in a while to see the changes I...
Pitbull x Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson  by rollingusundaa
Pitbull x Dwayne "The Rock" rollingusundaa
Do I really need to give an explanation? You know what you're in for🙄
PAPYRUS X SHIT: The tragic vore love story by papyuses_urinal
PAPYRUS X SHIT: The tragic vore proud sans x ream shiper
H-h-h-h-h--hh-h-hi im wrtier chan !!OwO tt-t-t--t-t-t-tt-t--tt-this is my first fanfic UwU please dont hate GRRRRR i-i-i--i-i-i-i-ii--i hope u like it reader chan q///w...