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Reborn as fellswap gold papyrus by SunriseorSundrop
Reborn as fellswap gold papyrusby Lynn Gonzalez
I am truly sorry if this story is bad because I this is the first one I've ever done and I'm not good at spelling as I am only in 7th grade but here's the description of...
My drawings by sol_ink_slinger
My drawingsby Call me Solar
this is the drawing I made for my stories or just for fun. This is all digital art.
My Top 16 OTPS by TeenInkSans
My Top 16 OTPSby ~FemaleInky~
its undertale, and I have a lot of OTPS*accidentally starts fangirling* opps, anyway, it might even be more then 16, I don't hope so
another world by fushionsans
another worldby fushion dreamurr
This story is where a kingdom's king, queen, and Prince died so the royal scientist became king and his son Fushion who is 15 became Prince , but one day Fushion and his...
Sans x Reader by ALivingMemeGirl
Sans x Readerby Violet82 Playz
Your Grillby's best friend. One day your mom is going to pick you up from school late. Grillby offers to take you to his work while you wait. Since he is your bestie you...
But it refused ( nightmare X child reader ) by Abysslynxplayer905
But it refused ( nightmare X Luna
Dark Darker, Yet Darker by hardina6175
Dark Darker, Yet Darkerby Ineffable_Hustle
The royal scientist and his two sons have gone missing. Several search parties have found nothing except a few crayons.
Ask/Dare Error And Ink ~DISCONTINUED ~ by Melofia
Ask/Dare Error And Ink Melidy lynn Terracciano
hi guys ink here and error here. InK dO wE HaVe To Do ThIs. Yes error we do. UgH bUt I dOn'T wAnT tO. Ask us any questions you like and we will happily answer them oh h...
Horror Land by Wazzupkid
Horror Landby For Technoblade
!you read as Dream Sans! !!the title cover is made by me!! !!all but two characters are not mine!! you as dream sans and his friends get dared to spend 24 hours in a hun...
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Shade!Sans Information  by BonkBeanPot
Shade!Sans Information by Be-an
Notes, facts, and perhaps even stories on my AU! I've been interested in introducing him! :] I don't know where else to publish writing on him. Art by Zora Moyashi | Che...
Amar es. .. by hahahahahahaha_7
Amar es. Invi
Es un libro con historias del día a día de Dream y Geno, su conveniencia y como afrontan sus vidas. Obviamente ninguno es mio créditos a su respectivo autor Esto fue tra...
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Au Sans's Instagram  by Kage_Shikamaru
Au Sans's Instagram by ❤️ Taka is bby ❤️
Once again I was bored. But eh that's not always the exuse
 art book/recreating others ocs!!(still open! read description!!) by freshnsfww
art book/recreating others ocs!!( Nitro Gap
I drew a few things cuz why not and I put them into the art book, if you comment what your oc looks like I will message you a bit of what I think they look like and I wi...
You and I by Maya_1303
You and Iby Maya Hart
I was taken aback... completely surprised...THE JEON JUNGKOOK WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!! "Breathe" I reminded myself... My soul leaving my body to go to heaven...