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•𝓝𝓸 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂・ by Ah_Goddamit
•𝓝𝓸 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂・by Ann 👹👹
Sangwoo x F! Reader x Yoonbum (workin on it 🙁☝️) What happens when the sexist gay asshole, aka infamous Oh Sangwoo meets a strong female who doesn't fall for his charmi...
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader) by Hope_Bagels11037
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader)by Mel~
Sangwoo x Fem Reader: Y/n was a regular girl, she wasn't particularly smart or popular, but that didn't stop Sangwoo from desiring her. Sangwoo and y/n were both in the...
Broken Goods  - Killing Stalking (18+) by Sasakure
Broken Goods - Killing Stalking ( 🦋
I understand I sound a bit strange; one minute I'm getting turned on by her presence, the next I'm insulting her for trusting me. Trust. The worst thing anyone can ever...
I wish I never found you~ Sangwoo X Reader killing stalking story  by WebheadArii
I wish I never found you~ SUAZO
Your bestfriend Yoonbum is missing, you go out your way to go find him. Good news, you found him, but... - TW: Rape/Abuse -
sangwoo x male reader by killing_bb
sangwoo x male readerby Xspad.e
ok so in this, ima have yoon bum realize he doesnt love sangwoo just so our reader can have sangwoo and not have to share (i dont own any of the characters or killing st...
Curiosity Killed The Cat (Sangwoo x Reader) by Hope_Bagels11037
Curiosity Killed The Cat ( Mel~
Oh Sangwoo x fem! Reader Y/n had a nice normal life, she had everything until he came. a great social life, a loving boyfriend and a lot more. But Something about Sangw...
sangwoo x reader {his slave} by Crazybirb2
sangwoo x reader {his slave}by Crazybirb2
This story includes lots of uncomfortable subjects if you are disturbed by rape, abuse, or Gore please move on You have been warned
parenting Sangwoo x child reader by Izu__Bunny
parenting Sangwoo x child readerby Izuku's Queen
One of sangwoo's victims shows a photo of there sister. For some strange reason he felt attracted to the child. He asked questions and got the information he needed. Soo...
His little pet by Gardenia_jasminoides
His little petby Gardenia_jasminoides
Why are you here? Get help. anyway this is a sangwoo x reader ff. Hope you like it
Forever Mine by moshi_127
Forever Mineby moshi_127
Y/n wished she could leave that house, not that Sangwoo would ever let her.... she was forever his. Of course there'll be smut, violence and all that, this is a ks fanfi...
Two Psycho Roommates Sangwoo X Reader by ShylilDino
Two Psycho Roommates Sangwoo X ShylilDino
The title explains things. Also please don't judge I'm new to this whole writing thing. Anyways, enjoy the story?!
An undying love [Sangwoo X Reader] [Killing Stalking]  by Hideki2001
An undying love [Sangwoo X Reader] Hidekane
[Mature content] [Yaoi] [Gore] #1 on the Koogi tag on 10/18/18 #6 in the Sangwoo tag on 12/20/18 (1/2 endings finished) (Hey guuuys!! This is my first X reader fan fict...
Good Girl by PepperminPatti
Good Girlby Pepperminpatti
18 year old Yang Hye-Jin is the younger sister of Yang Suengbae. She loves helping out in the police station, and wants to be an officer herself, but after the incident...
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Reader by mirkomilk
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Readerby mirkomilk
(Y/n) had never once been down in her captors basement, hopefully it'd never happen, especially not after what he had told her.
Special... by prancing_from_issues
#15 Prancing from issues
"You're special Y/N..." he purred, running his blade over my soft skin, leaving a crimson trail behind it. My eyes burned into his, not buying his words, he wa...
Enough (Oh Sangwoo Ambm)  by Tearsonlyknow
Enough (Oh Sangwoo Ambm) by Bree
Selfish, I will never be enough
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Three Is A Crowd (Sangwoo x reader x Bum) by slytherin_sweetie
Three Is A Crowd (Sangwoo x slytherin_sweetie
Here I will be doing One shots for both genders so i hope you enjoy my kinky freaks~
ill-fated || Killing Stalking Fanfic [On-hold] by himithehomo
ill-fated || Killing Stalking himi
whats worse then stubbing your toe against furniture or stepping on a lego? ah yes, getting reincarnated into the popular psychological thriller, Killing Stalking. ...
Where The Silence Grows (Oh Sangwoo x reader. Killing stalking fanfic)  by _anime_kitty_girl
Where The Silence Grows (Oh Kitsune
(Y/N) a girl with a troubled past spends her days in college going by seeming unnoticed or so she thought. Until one day Sangwoo lays eyes on her, she will soon come to...
Oh Akito by KyDraco07
Oh Akitoby Kylee Neslen
Oh Sangwoo and Yoon Bum's child. his point of view. In this story Sangwoo doesn't die. Dad and Daddy are play fighting but won't play with me. I wish that dad wouldn't...