Heart of Gold | Sam Uley by SagittarianWolf
Heart of Gold | Sam Uleyby ✦ AIR ✦
Witnessing her now ex-boyfriend cheating on her, Haley Martin packs her things and leaves the town that has brought her nothing but misfortune and the unwanted power of...
  • werewolf
  • imprint
  • thetwilightsaga
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Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley ) by Cherrypop455
Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley )by Fan_Fiction_Addict
Miley Swan is the older sister and has always been very protective of her sister. But Bella seems to hate her making her wonder what has she done wrong. She meets Sam th...
  • paullahote
  • imprint
  • bellaswan
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The Reborn Cullen (Jacob Black) by Katherine-Jesse
The Reborn Cullen (Jacob Black)by FallenFatality
Katherine Cullen was not one to be lied to. She may not be very old, unlike her 'siblings'. She's the newborn of the family, under the rule of not only the Volturi but m...
  • rosaliehale
  • jasperwhitlock
  • carlislecullen
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Thunder |C. Swan| by -imperium
Thunder |C. Swan|by smiling-riley 🐺
"You always told me you'd never leave me, you said I was your one and only." [Charlie Swan x Female OC]
  • eclipse
  • jacobblack
  • carlisle
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Skulls and Bones ▸ Sam Uley by antebellums
Skulls and Bones ▸ Sam Uleyby kayla
In which Regan Hamilton is imprinted on by her best friend's fiance and Sam Uley is really tired of his ancestors deciding who he gets to be. [ wolfpack saga, book one ]...
  • jacobblack
  • leahclearwater
  • werewolves
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different by -astroeilish
differentby maria maria
in which nathalia mikaelson decides to move away from her siblings for a change. finding somewhere different to live and explore. but what she didn't expect was how dif...
  • rosaliehale
  • esmecullen
  • paullahote
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Which alpha? (A twilight love story)  by Evangelia257
Which alpha? (A twilight love Evangelia257
This is a story about a 17 year old girl name Angel from New York. Angel is a shifter, part of the Quileute tribe with two things different. She has two imprinters and s...
  • jacoblack
  • shifters
  • onlyonecanbetrue
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Love Will Take You (Twilight: Paul Lahote) by NalaWoods
Love Will Take You (Twilight: NalaWoods
TWILIGHT: NEW MOON & BREAKING DAWN PT 1 & 2 Nia Swan moves in with her dad and sister in Forks. She also got imprinted by a certain to find out more;))
  • jacobblack
  • edwardcullen
  • edward
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FLOWER ❀ ( SAM ULEY )by - ̗̀ 🔮 ̖́-
" BRIAR CALL BLOOMS BRIGHTER THAN ALL . . . " new moon - ? 2018 | copyright ©️ brujablood
  • brambaby1
  • brambaby2
  • werewolves
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She was only a legend {1} by bubblyjess123
She was only a legend {1}by bubblyjess123
'Hey princess.' 'Princess? bitch I'm a queen.' In which the real queen of blood suckers moves with her adoptive sister to Forks but is in for a shock when her sister fig...
  • alicecullen
  • rosaliehale
  • twilight
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Salvation~ Jasper Hale [1] by Jdavis55
Salvation~ Jasper Hale [1]by ☁️Queen Of Clouds☁️
Anastasia Cullen abandoned as a baby in the forest founded by Rosalie Hale and raised as a Cullen. She's Jasper's blood singer. Jasper has always been cautious with her...
  • thecullens
  • jasperhale
  • samuley
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Wrath → Jared Cameron | ✓ by kolsmikaelson
Wrath → Jared Cameron | ✓by semi-hiatus :)
❝The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.❞ Cassandra Cullen is one of Carlisle Cullen's adoptive daugh...
  • eclipse
  • new-bornarmy
  • embrycall
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Funny ~ Wolf Pack  by Wolf_Queen_101
Funny ~ Wolf Pack by The Angel's Devil
"Let me get this straight. You guys can change into huge fluffy mutts and the Cullen's are vampires that sparkle in the sun. God that is too funny!" {The Wolf...
  • werewolves
  • jaredcameron
  • cullens
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The Imprint - Sam Uley Love Story by 100Trash
The Imprint - Sam Uley Love Storyby TimmyThePhanGirl
What happens when Bella drags Sharna to La Push, trying to find out what Jacob's hiding, and they find out something they weren't supposed to? She get's imprinted on. ...
  • eclipse
  • samuley
  • lahote
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Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint) by insaneredhead
Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint)by insaneredhead
Merida and her family are a sloth of werebears in La Push, they've managed to keep their secret for years...but when Wolf Pack Alpha Sam imprints on Merida that may all...
  • simb
  • samuley
  • jacobblack
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Love's No Sin by Random2Friends
Love's No Sinby Random2Friends
Charlie's daughter is back. No it's not Bella, but Ana. Yes, the beloved witch/werewolf is back along with her three children to find a fresh start. But, the question is...
  • samuley
  • uley
  • charlieswan
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Jacob's Imprint by Alexia247
Jacob's Imprintby Alexia247
The pack is pretty much tired of Jacob moping over Bella. So Leah decides to phone her good friend Jasmine MaxWell who has a secret of her own that only Leah knows. Will...
  • bella
  • originalcharacter
  • twilight
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Norah Lynn Swan by Terran_Ahlyee
Norah Lynn Swanby Terran Ahlyee Joyce
"Norah Lynn Swan, It is my duty to protect you" A/N: This is the official rewrite of The Unwanted Swan Sister. I know I changed WAY to much stuff but I wanted...
  • wolf
  • bellaswan
  • samuley
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Warning Signs [PAUL LAHOTE] ✓ by rebelspies
Warning Signs [PAUL LAHOTE] ✓by h i a t u s
  • werewolf
  • rosaliehale
  • edwardcullen
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Cora Swan ↛ Sam Uley  by stydiabellarkeclexa
Cora Swan ↛ Sam Uley by Aleah
Cora Swan was the name you told you children to stay away from a girl that swore she saw a wolf in the woods with piercing red eyes And by the time she was nine she was...
  • allisonargent
  • rosaliehale
  • jacobblack
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