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Losing Herself by LauraCasualty1996
Losing Herselfby LauraCasualty1996
It's always one thing after another in Connie's life but as her health deteriorates will she finally accept help
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My baby by Queenbeauchampxx
My babyby Caitlin Xx
What if Connie walked in on Jacob and Sam after Jacob hit his head
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Thought you'd never ask by KendalRosey
Thought you'd never askby KendalRosey
A Valentine's two parter as requested by carolinehc007. Hope it's okay :) xx
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Together by LauraCasualty1996
Togetherby LauraCasualty1996
Connie is happy with the life she has finally got with Jacob, Grace and their baby on the way. Things couldn't be better for them but with Sam hanging around how long wi...
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Of Course I'm Jealous by xxxxEmxxx
Of Course I'm Jealousby Em
When Grace gives Connie the ultimatum, she realises that she can't stay and break Jacob's heart. So, her and Grace leave for New York to stay with Sam and Keiron. When t...
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The last 24 hours... by holbyhopefletcher
The last 24 Grace :)))
COMPLETED! // Connie can not quite come to terms with what has happened in the last 24 hours... How will she cope with her daughter and partner not knowing what she has...
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Death In Holby City {A Casualty/Holby City FanFiction} by HolbyCityDarzo
Death In Holby City {A Casualty/ Darzo
An unexpected cardiothoracics surgeon is called to the ED when a normal day starts, but the staff of the ED soon notice that their clinical lead is absent. When no one n...
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Love of a paramedic (casualty) by Carolineeexx
Love of a paramedic (casualty)by Caroline
Madison Jones was the girlfriend of Iain dean. That was until, he cheated on her with Rita and broke her heart. Madison left the ED and left with a secret. A secret that...
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Our Forbidden Love *Casualty* by _X_Sammii_X_
Our Forbidden Love *Casualty*by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Aria Beauchamp is Connie's middle daughter. She's been away studying at University. Aria returns when she learns of what has happened to Grace. Aria's return brings bac...
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Not Wanting To Forget {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
Not Wanting To Forget {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Leah was Cal's girlfriend until he died in her arms. She blames herself everyday for his death. The day after he died, she discovered she was pregnant. Now, Leah has t...
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She's Gone by xxxxEmxxx
She's Goneby Em
Connie finds out she has cancer and figures she would hurt her family by staying with them. She doesn't want to hurt Jacob or Grace so she decides to leave them. But wha...
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Love We Crave {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
Love We Crave {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
When Sam went back to New York, he met Lexi Taylor. Sparks flew between them and they began a relationship. Sam gets the call that Connie has been attacked. He decides...
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Us Forever {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
Us Forever {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Hannah Parker left the UK when she was nineteen. She went to New York. There she met Sam Strachan. Three years later, they're back in Holby. Grace doesn't want Connie to...
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Romance In The ED {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
Romance In The ED {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Leigh is a trainee nurse. She gets a placement at the ED while at university still. She wants to do her hardest to succeed without any distractions. Leigh arrives while...
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Craving The Passion {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
Craving The Passion {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Maddison Duffin is Duffy's granddaughter. After the death of her mother, she goes to live with her and Charlie. She manages to get a job in the ED. Maddison soon catche...
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Change.  by Holbyhasmyheart
Change. by Holbyhasmyheart
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A chance of love (casualty) by Carolineeexx
A chance of love (casualty)by Caroline
Emily beauchamp, is a nurse in the ED but she is also the unknown daughter to Connie beauchamp. Emily has a troubling relationship with her mum, ever since she was found...
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Unpredicted Love by StrachampOQ
Unpredicted Loveby Kayleigh Jayne
Four weeks since the cupboard scene, and Connie and Sam's relationship is only growing stronger. What happens when an unexpected surprise is thrown into their new life t...
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Wait For Me by LauraCasualty1996
Wait For Meby LauraCasualty1996
The day that changed everything, their lives would never be the same again. The road to recovery is long and slow, with no guarantees that things will ever get better. A...
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Divided by worldofvictoria
Dividedby victoria
When Grace finds out Connie has taken Hugo under her wing, she is overcome with jealousy and decides to run away. But when her idea doesn't go to plan and her life is ha...
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